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Friday, January 8, 2010


Getting a fresh set of eyes on your work in progress can be a challenge. If everyone you know has read your work the frustration can be intense. Given that our blog members are a bunch of nice critters, we are offering a chance for ROMANCE writers to have part of their work in progress critiqued each month.

To start off we will look at OPENING PARAGRAPHS.

How it works:

Next Friday we will post a CRIT FRIDAY OPEN message. When you see that, post your first 150-200 word OPENING PARAGRAPHS as a comment. Comments will go to moderation and the first twenty (20) will be collected and reposted to the blog on the next Friday with critiques by our members.

The important dates:

Friday 15th January 2PM (US central time) post OPENING PARAGRAPHS
(or Sydney Australia - Saturday 16th January 7AM)
Friday 22nd January (central time) critiqued paragraphs posted
(or Sydney Australia – Saturday 23rd)

This is NOT a contest - there are no prizes - just honest feedback delivered in a nice way.

Authors will remain anonymous, and we will use comment moderation to insure that no inappropriate comments can be left after critiqued pieces are posted.

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