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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentines Through the Ages

In contemplating what to talk about in regard to V-Day, I considered talking about the origin of the day, or perhaps how it was celebrated in the Regency era. But frankly, there's not a lot of info on Valentine's Day celebrations in the Regency. And the origin of the holiday is under speculation. Not to mention, you can read about St. Valentine and all his possible stories pretty much anywhere on the web, so why rehash?

I did, however, come across The History Chanel's The History of Valentine's Day page in my research and thought I would share the link with you. They do a much better job of talking about the history than I ever could. It has fun stories, games and articles on the rich history of this romantic holiday!

In celebration of this holiday, though, I would love to share with you how my husband and I made our own Valentine history...it was February of 2002, and I was told to pack my bags for a trip. I didn't know where we were going, I just knew it was going to be warmer than NYC. It wasn't until I was handed my ticket at check-in that I knew we were going to Bermuda. I tried not to get my hopes up, but obviously, I was hoping I would get a proposal that week... And I did. On Valentines night, after a beautiful dinner, my [then] fiancee took me out onto our hotel room balcony and asked me to be his wife. And the rest is history... :)

Now I'd love to hear your stories. Do you have a Valentine story that will go down in history? Or do you have an actual historical Valentine anecdote?
Romance me!

-Jerrica, Her Grace of Grammar


  1. What a sweet story, Jerrica!

    I don't have a Valentine's story to share, but I can't ever think of the holiday without thinking of my grandfather. Actually, I think about him on lots of holidays.

    He was born right after midnight January 1, 1920. He was THE New Year's baby in Houston that year and his mother was lavished with all the "New Year Baby" gifts from different corporations.

    February 14, 1947, he married my grandmother and they spent 50 wonderful years together.

    Friday June 13, 1997, he passed away. That's right. Friday the 13th. And as timing would have it, his "viewing" was on Father's Day 1997.

    Born on New Year's. Married on Valentine's. Died on Friday the 13th. Last viewing on Father's Day.

    Somehow his life lived from one holiday to the next.

  2. How cool, Jodie! Wow! What are the odds?? Now you have me wondering if Bella's life will follow in a similar pattern, having been born on Christmas Day :)

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story!

  3. Wow, how interesting Lydia. I have to say that's probably the most interesting story I've come across in a while. How sad that must've been to go to his viewing on father's day.

    I don't really have a valentines story so to speak other than the fact three years ago, my hubby bought me an entire day at the spa, a night out on town and nine months later my third son was born LOL. The Doctor and I narrowed it down to the minute to tell the truth. My son was the best valentine gift I've ever received.

  4. Aw, that's a great story, Melissa! A spa day AND the conception of your little munchkin? I'd definitely count that as a great day :)

  5. I love Valentine's Day stories! I was actually dating my husband's best friend before DH and I started dating. Little did I know my soon to be DH wished secretly that I was his girlfriend and not his friend's. There was a lot of snow on Valentine's Day that year, and DH and his friend came to my house early in the morning and sprayed red paint - a big heart shape - on the snow in my front yard saying 'Be Mine'. Later that month I started dating DH and that was when he told me it was his idea because he wanted me to be HIS. lol Well...it must have been meant to be because this year we'll celebrate 25 years together.


  6. One Valetine's Day my husband walked in with a rose and a big smile on his face. His sister was living with us at the time. Anyway, he walked right past me, gave the rose to his sister and hugged her. Then he turned to me and said, "Oh, yeah. This is for you," and handed me a card. He'd written some goofy poem that made no sense, but had the word red in it. I was a bit put out to say the least. But then he pulled a jewelry box from his pocket and inside were ruby earrings. I decided right then he was forgiven.

  7. Oh, Phyllis, that's such a sweet story! Don't you love it when you find out someone's been pining for you in secret?? ;)

    Samantha, that is hilarious! And I can so see your hubby doing something like that. Love it!

    Thanks, ladies, for sharing your stories :)