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Friday, March 12, 2010

Crit Friday Open - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face . . . or Love at First Sight?

Open for submissions all weekend!

Today we are offering critiques on the scene where the hero first sees the heroine or vice versa. We want to see five hundred words of emotion packed writing giving us a glimpse of how the relationship might develop from the first non-encounter. Is he a handsome stranger across the room, is she a beauty who has a reputation and he thinks he already has her figured out? You tell us. The hero or heroine may or may not have heard of the other person and depending on what they know could determine their feelings and thoughts when they see them for the very first time.

Please keep the scene to 500 words and try not to let the two meet since next month we are going to ask you to submit the first meeting.

How it works:

* Post up to 500 words of your scene as a comment to this message. Also include a working title.

* During the week, your scene will be copied, removed from the blog, and critiqued by at least 5 of our members.

* On Friday 19th March we will repost all critiqued scenes to the blog.

This is NOT a contest - there are no prizes and no winner - just honest feedback delivered in a nice way.

To ensure your privacy, reposted work will not include any author names and you may post more than one work for critique.

Any questions? Just post them as a comment and we will get back to you.


  1. This is a great idea! Wish I had time to do it. Oh well, someday. Hope you all have fun with it.
    Have a great weekend,

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  5. Our submissions have been moved to prepare for critique, but we still have room for more. Would love to see what you have, so please keep the submissions coming. :)

  6. Thanks, Karen. Maybe next time. :)

    Veronica, I love seeing comments on the submissions. I hope more people follow your lead and leave positive comments after we repost next Friday.