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Friday, April 2, 2010

Crit Friday - The Meet Cute. . .or maybe it wasn’t so Cute

I am not sure how many of you have seen The Holiday, but I loved this movie. Two women, fed up with their lives, or more to the point, the men in their lives, and decide to swap houses. Iris (Kate Winslet) is in England and in love with a man who announces his engagement to another woman. She swaps houses with Amanda (Cameron Diaz), who learns her boyfriend cheated on her. The two discover a lot but I won’t say anything further because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who has not seen the movie. However, I will share with you that during her time in America, Iris meets the legendary screenwriter from the Golden Age of Hollywood, Arthur (Eli Wallach). It is from Arthur that I first heard the term “meet cute”. This is what screenwriters described as the first meeting between the hero and heroine in the older movies.

I love old movies and they do tend to have cute meetings and several different (and favorite) ones come to mind. But, the first meeting between the hero and heroine is not always cute. Sometimes it is downright awkward or dangerous. The two could loath each other and bicker immediately. Basically, the first meet can be anything you want it to be because it is the beginning of the relationship. I’ve read some great first meets and it usually sets the tone for the entire book (hopefully) because you want the reader to snuggle down with the book, anxious to see how the relationship develops.

I also think the first meeting can be considered as a re-grab of your reader. I call it a re-grab because the beginning of a story could grab the reader, with a build up to the hero and heroine meeting for the first time. If that meeting is anti-climatic, you could lose your reader. Or, it could be bigger than the reader anticipated and re-grabs them as they cuddle up and continue reading.
Last month we asked for submissions of your hero and heroine seeing each other for the first time (but not meeting yet). Now, it is time to submit that first meeting. Is it a cute meet or a dangerous situation? I’ve used both and several other types of scenarios.

How it works:
* Next Friday 9th of April (US Central Time) we will post a CRIT FRIDAY OPEN message.

* Send up to 500 words of your scene to
ladyscribes@yahoo.com. Please include a working title.

* During the week, your scene will be critiqued by at least 5 of our members.

* On Friday the 16th of April, we will post all critiqued submissions to the blog.

This is NOT a contest - there are no prizes and no winner - just honest feedback delivered in a nice way.

To ensure your privacy, posted work will not include any author names and you may post more than one work for critique.

Any questions? Just post your questions as a comment and we will get back to you soon.


  1. I ADORE The Holiday. I'm totally going to clean up my meet-cute and send it in! ^__^