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Friday, April 9, 2010

Crit Friday Open - The Meet Cute . . .or maybe it wasn’t so Cute

Today we are offering critiques on the scene where the hero and heroine first meet. We want to see five hundred words of emotion packed writing giving us a glimpse of how the relationship might develop from the first encounter. Is it a comedic (cute) situation or is it life threatening or something else entirely? It is one of those moments that could really re-grab the reader?

Please keep the scene to 500 words and try not to let the two meet since next month we are going to ask you to submit the first meeting.

How it works:

* Send up to 500 words of your scene to ladyscribes (at) yahoo (dot) com. Also include a working title.

* During the week, your scene will be copied and critiqued by at least 5 of our members.

* On Friday 16th of April we will post all critiqued scenes to the blog.

This is NOT a contest - there are no prizes and no winner - just honest feedback delivered in a nice way.

To ensure your privacy, reposted work will not include any author names and you may post more than one work for critique.

Any questions? Just post them as a comment and we will get back to you.


  1. Is this the 500 words leading to them meeting? Or where they actually met? This confused me *Please keep the scene to 500 words and try not to let the two meet since next month we are going to ask you to submit the first meeting.*


  2. Uh oh, Lyncee. Looks like we missed something when we copied the information over from last month's Crit Friday.

    What we want is when they actually meet. Last month, we did the first time the hero noticed the heroine or the heroine noticed the hero.

    So please, send us the moment where your hero and heroine first meet each other.

  3. Hi, did you receive my 500 word meeting scene? I sent it last night to ladyscribes@yahoo.com but had to send it after midnight, your Central Time, as I was going to be gone all day today.

    I'm really looking forward to the critiques, no matter what they say.

  4. Thanks for the opportunity. I sent two in, but am not sure if they are exciting enough to enter.

  5. I have a third one - is three too many to submit?

  6. Sorry, Lyncee, that was my mistake. I prepared last months (the lead up) and this months (the meet) and messed up in the wording. This should be the actual meet.

    Carol Jo, I will look for it. I can't wait to read the submissions. They will all be posted next with with the crits.

    Paisley, wow, three. You have been busy, or this is your favorite scene to write :).

  7. Neat idea. I might have a go at this.

  8. Very interesting post. What a remarkable career. Your historicals appeal to me and I'm putting them on my list.

    Joan K. Maze
    writing as J. K. Maze