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Friday, May 7, 2010

Crit Friday: The Perfect Pitch

With the RWA Conference venue now confirmed as Orlando, its time for those attending to dig out their pitch speech and give it some attention.

Depending on your personality, pitching to an agent or editor can produce stress to varying degrees. Sadly, my first pitch was delivered with little confidence. The fact that I was probably suffering from jet lag too might have attributed to my overly nervous state. I’m fairly sure my hands were shaking, but the good news is delivering the pitch didn’t kill me! And the agent was super kind.

While none of us can claim to have the crystal ball to guarantee the agent you pitch to will love your story, we are keen to help you deliver the best pitch you can. To help you gather the information you might need to improve your pitch we’ve included a few links to agent blogs that have discussed the subject in depth.




So, what we are looking for this month is what you have now, today. Rather than make you wait a week, we’d like to see where you are starting from and we will give you another opportunity to repost any changed pitch over the next two consecutive Fridays.

Just in case the posting comments to the blog proves difficult, please email your pitch to ladyscribes@yahoo.com


  1. I don't have my pitch yet, but this is what I have for my blurb. As I'm still working on the story, I haven't given thought to the pitch yet.

    Blurb for fantasy romance novel Mended Hearts –

    Hannah discovers she has astral projection powers after following her estranged father to a new world. She encounters plots to take over her father’s land, a war in the making, and her ex-boyfriend who disappeared the morning after they had sex. Except on this world he is a griffin prince and in search of a wife. Can she forgives those closest to her for their betrayals and believe in her own faerie tale ending?

  2. Hey, Beth!

    I like it! My best suggestion would be that since this is a romance, I'd like to know something about the hero and his story-arc/conflicts, etc. Otherwise it feels a little one-sided. Does that make sense?

    I'd love to see what you have for him. This sounds really cool.

  3. Hey Beth!

    Great excerpt - definitely has caught my interest. I would have to agree with Lydia on the fact that it feels a bit one-sided. If you can give a bit about the hero, that would really make it perfect.

    The only other thing is that there's one typo - "Can she forgives..."

    Other than that, it's great! :)

  4. Hi Beth.

    This sounds like a very interesting story. I really like the twist of encountering the ex-boyfrined looking for a wife. I'm with Jodie and Jerrica though, in that I'd like to hear about the hero's story arc as well. What drives him and motivates him and then I will have the answer to part of what is keeping them apart.