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Friday, May 28, 2010

It drives me crazy!!

We’ve all got pet-peeves; but some of us are more vocal about expressing them than others. Those of you who know the Jodie 1/2 of Lydia, know this is not an issue for me. One of mine, because I have too many list them all, is using your language correctly. I’m not talking about people learning a new language and the difficulties involved with all of that. I’m talking about using your own native tongue, and using it correctly.

My whole life, hearing words like “ain’t” or double negatives has always made me cringe. It just doesn’t sound right and it hurts my ears. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a grammar-nazi. And I believe it’s all right to break the rules from time to time – like for instance, beginning a sentence with And, But, or Or. Honestly, I’m not even talking about the written word, though it’s all related these days. Texts and emails affect speech patterns. I’ve actually heard people say “omg” and “lol”. So what was once texting and instant messaging shorthand has now become part of everyday speech. And I’m fine with that, although it’s a little jarring the first time you hear it. Still, each letter in those acronyms stand for an actual word – so they should still be used correctly.

I know I said I wasn’t a grammar-nazi; and, truly, I don’t think I am. But I do have to share this little story with you because it grates on my nerves every day. In the town I live, they widened a major road not too far from my house. When they did this, it caused some issues for the homeowners on that street. Apparently, some of the homes become flooded when it rains from the run-off from the new and improved road. And that’s awful. I can’t imagine my house flooding every time it rained. You can’t even move, because who is going to buy a house like that?

Anyway, one of the homeowners was furious over this and painted the front of his house with a message to the Powers-that-be in our community.

There was a huge outcry when this gentleman painted his house with this message. My town has a sign ordinance which the ACLU then took on. Long story short, the house is still there and the message still proudly displayed. Now, I would never take away the homeowner’s right of freedom of speech. But I would suggest a good English refresher class. Why is there a comma at the end? A comma?!? That’s completely wrong. A period or exclamation point I can see. Or even nothing at all. But a comma? It doesn’t make any sense. It seems like he meant to say something else and either got bored or ran out of paint.

I drive by this house almost every day. And the sight hurts my eyes. Please, sir! I beg of you, please, fix the comma at the end! Please, please, pretty please. Is it just me?

What drives you crazy on a daily basis?


  1. OMG and LOL in conversation definitely grates on my nerves, but I've developed an intense hatred for text shorthand. A few of them are fine, such as the aforementioned ones. But I can't stand reading something like "r u going out 2nite? I want 2 c u." It's bad enough in a text message, but I'm seeing more and more of it in emails and elsewhere. It makes me want to grab the kid by the scruff of the neck and haul them off to a grammar class. The sad thing is, they aren't all just kids!

    And I feel for you having to see that comma at the end of a sentence EVERY DAY. I would be strongly tempted to go and fix it for him. I just don't think I could handle it.

  2. LOL- great post, Jodie! The grammar pet peeve is probably why I love the Cake Wrecks blog so much. It seems that there are very few cake decorators out there who understand the proper use of punctuation (although it tends to manifest itself as misused quotes, not commas).

    Pet peeves for me generally involve driving. A person who can't figure out a turn signal, driving slow in the fast lane, texting while driving—all of these should be capital offenses, in my opinion. Okay, maybe not *capital* offenses, but they should at least be flogged with a wet noodle.

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


  3. Oh, my God. I'm laughing out loud. Hahahahaha!

    Eric and I TOTALLY say "LOL" and "OMG," but the buck stops there. Oh, wait, we also say "ILU" (pronounced Eye-Loo) in place of I love you sometimes, just because it's funny :) But only if I'm in a real hurry will I do the "C u soon" in a text, but NEVER in an email. It drives me most nuts when I see text speak in status updates on Facebook. Not sure why, it just annoys me.

    As for your guy with the house...I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and suggest that maybe it was a period but the paint ran. Unless it's spray paint...then my theory has a hole in it. LOL! Oops, I mean...Laugh Out Loud :)

    Great post!

  4. Hmm... Pet peeves. I know I have many, but the one that drives me bonkers is know-it-alls. People who speak as if they are authorities on everything really get under my skin. Even if they are the smartest person on the planet, they aren't smart enough to know how off-putting they are to others. These people are also the ones who tend to interrupt because they already know what you're going to say.

    My second biggest pet peeve is when health care workers use the word orientated. It sounds weird and it's used incorrectly. It's a verb. It is incorrect to say, "Mr. X is alert and orientated." I cringe every time I hear it.

  5. LOL -- the comma at the end may be annoying to you, but it makes me laugh. It's like someone telling a story and taking a big breath. . .and then not saying anything else!

  6. LOL, I'm sorry but this is hilarious. Getting the chance to see all of your pet peeves, especially Jodie's, just makes me giggle. I know we've already established I'm weird. I'm pretty laid back it takes a lot to get on my nerves - even when I'm driving. I think the only thing that gets me mad when I'm driving is the guy that pulls out right in front of you and then slows down. Arghh okay, yes, that does tick me off.

    Other than that, not much else. Remember I have bad grammar anyway so I'm used to it LOL.

    BTW, Donna your post made me die laughing! So funny because I can just see everyone waiting to see what he says next and nothing comes out LOL.

  7. Busy day or I would have been here sooner. :)

    Catherine ~ I keep asking my son what he thinks the homeowner would do if I showed up with a ladder and a can of paint.

    Erin ~ I bet you can talk to the lawmakers in NC and get the we noodle flogging law passed.

    Jerrica ~ This guy gets NO benefit of the doubt. I will bring a picture to Orlando on the camera so you can zoom in. It's not a period that dripped or anything like that. It is a comma, comma, COMMA - it's clearly defined. (My son has even had to admit it's a comma and he's tired of hearing me moan about it. He'd love to prove it was dripped paint.)

    Samantha ~ Don't the know-it-alls come out in full force after you have a child? Yeah, that always drove me nuts too!

    Donna ~ I'm glad my little story made you laugh. It nearly makes my son cry, he's heard me complain so much about it. The one good thing - I don't believe my son will ever use a comma to end a sentence. I've probably scarred him for life. ;)

    Melissa ~ So glad I could amuse you. And how silly you are. Do you think this is my ONLY pet-peeve? You have to know me better than that. But if I was to rant about each one, this blog post would be WAY too long. LOL

  8. LOL Lydia, fab post! Perhaps you should use undercover tactics and take a spray can to that house late one night. I guess he realised too late he ran out of space. 'Ooops!' LOL

    I'm with Erin - my pet peeves are drivers just like she mentioned. I pass them every day and still get riled up every time. Bring on the wet noodle for some serious flogging!

    Oh, as for text speak - we recently received an email from a student querying outstanding fees. His words were: How much money 'do i o the uni'. Hmm, eh?

    The small 'i' vexed me (I even found some in several letters accompanying recent job applications! GRR!). But even worse: 'o'. I had to read the two sentence email five times before I got it. Ahhh, 'owe'! How could I have been so silly not to get it right away? ;-)

  9. Cathie ~ Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Your text speak is hilarious. Sadly, I have to interpret similar nonsensical texts from my son. Sometimes I feel like Sherlock Holmes. ;)

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  11. Loved the post. I do wonder, perhaps it did rain, paint ran, or just plain sloppy. Otherwise, I will just become more concerned with the educational system in this country.

    My pet peever - when people from my state of Illinois (or almost anywhere for that matter) pronounce the "s". Grrrr. If you are going to live in Illinois, learn how to pronounce it.

  12. Amy ~ That's hilarious. I never pronounce the "s" in Illinois. And I know people who live in Missiouri say "Missoura". I figure since they live there and pronounce it that way, the rest of the country must be wrong. Same with Louisiana. Most people say "Louise-ee-anna." But those who live there say "Loose-ee-anna." When in Rome, I say.

  13. Maybe he was going to put the state at the end then ran out of paint?

    What drives me nuts are news reporters who insist on using "which" when it should be "that," and vice versa. I can barely watch the news as it is, and this almost tips me over the edge.

  14. Yes, it really *is* a comfort to know I'm not the only one out there who this is annoying! Let's go get a ladder and change it to an exclamation point together!! Thanks for reading my post!

    Anne (sometimes y)

  15. Absolutely, Anne! I'm just so glad it's not just me. :)