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Monday, May 3, 2010


I love words. I love studying them, dissecting them, learning their origins and their roots...etymology, linguistics...I love it all. And it's really exciting when I learn and understand the root of a word that I've known and used all my life, without much thought to its deeper meaning.

I learned the other day that the word "satisfaction" stems from two Latin words: satis, meaning enough and facere, which means to make. Therefore, when you make action, you reach satisfaction.

Interesting, right? In order to be satisfied with one's self or life, one must take action to that end. There is such a great amount of truth in that. Think about a day when you accomplish little. You skip the workout you were supposed to do; you blow off writing the chapters you had planned to write in favor of hanging out on Facebook or watching reruns on TBS; you leave the dishes and laundry for tomorrow...you get the picture. How do you feel at the end of the day? I know how I feel...like doodoo. Why? Because I failed to take action and wasted an entire day.

But what happens when we do take action? How do you feel after that dreaded workout? You're probably not wishing you had skipped it! How do you feel when you complete your daily writing goal? Even if your goal is only 300 words, you'll still feel like you accomplished something. And how wonderful is it when the dishes and laundry are done and the house tidied up? It's great! And at the end of the day you can truly relax and have fun with your loved ones, knowing you were productive.

In the coming weeks I plan to challenge myself to achieve true satisfaction every single day. I have much that I want to accomplish, but I oftentimes let silly things like Facebook get in my way. And the self-flagellation at the end of the day just isn't worth putting off those things that I may dread. I have a manuscript to finish that I've barely even started. I have 30 pounds of baby weight to lose, and I have a house that could use a bit of TLC. Will it be challenging to do these things with an infant and other responsibilities looming? Yes, it will. But I'm up for a challenge.

What about you? Are you satisfied? Are you taking action towards satisfaction? What are some ways you keep yourself "in the zone" and on track to meet your personal goals?


  1. I recently attended a workshop with Cherry Adair on planning your Career while at the Chicago North Spring Fling and it really helped me get focused on my career goals and what I need to accomplish every day. I've encorporated that with my schedule of other things that I need to get done each day and hopefully I can stick with it. Because you are right, I don't feel nearly as good after a wasted day as I do a productive one and lately I've had a lot more wasted because what I need to accomplish is overwhelmingthat I don't know what to do first. I hope it all changes with the schedule.

  2. I agree about feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes, I decide it's better just to do nothing than try and tackle all the stuff I have to do. I need to remember that baby steps are better than no steps. LOL!

    That's great that Cherry Adair helped you get focused...I'll definitely have to check her out at Nationals!

    Thanks for commenting, Amy!

  3. This is an interesting topic, Jerrica. My husband and I had a discussion almost two weeks ago about an action plan to deal with our house. Instead of trying to tackle the mess all at one time, which can take up an entire weekend, we are setting goals of what we want to accomplish within a certain time period and then working hard to keep what we've already done clean. Creating order from our chaos gives us a sense of control and peace.

    I've always been a daily goal setter and was just contemplating this morning my yearly goals in relationship to writing. :)

  4. Samantha, that is so smart! My hubby and I really need to do the same. Our closets are a mess and have been since we moved into our new place in December. We ended up just throwing everything wherever it would fit and now we can't find anything. LOL! I think we'll maybe set out an action plan for the house this weekend.

    Good luck with your goals and thanks for commenting!

  5. That's so true, Jerrica. I've been drifting over the last week or so, instead of getting that satisfied feeling. I've had some problems with my current WIP that I tried to solve at first, with no luck. Then I decided to just set it aside for a few days and work on something else. Only I didn't work on much else. LOL. But the plan for today is to dive back into the WIP and push through it, regardless of what problems try to stop me. We'll see how that goes.

  6. Good luck, Catherine! Seems like everyone is kind of facing this issue in one way or another. Let's hope we all get back on track and *stay* on track! LOL!

  7. As far as the house thing goes, being a small apartment has its advantages. You don't have the room for a mess. My daily goals are one room a day and this might help you Jerrica. That's about all I can get done with a two year old. Of course, you have the regular maintenance stuff like dishes but that's a given.

    And then I set a two hour goal for writing and hour on editing. But often I'll sit for much longer than that to write. I struggle every day to meet these goals and you're right you feel terrible when you don't get anything done.

    Good luck Jerrica here's to getting on track agian!

  8. How did you know I skipped my workout yesterday? :) It never ceased to amaze me that I am such a procrastinator when I always glean so much satisfaction from accomplishing my goals.

    At least I am getting better; I may not have done the arms and shoulders workout that I intended, but I did ride 10 miles on my bike, spend some great time with my hubby and friends on the water, made a fantastic dinner, and even cleaned the kitchen. When I am wishing I had accomplished all my goals for a day, I have to remember to be proud of the things that I did do. :)

  9. Melissa, that's a great idea - one room a day. Maybe I'll try that!

    Erin, LOL! I actually DID my workout yesterday for the first time in 5 days! Ugh! But that's a great point - we must always remember to be proud of what we DID do even if it wasn't all the things we WANTED to do.

    Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

  10. Well said, Jerrica. One usually feels better exhausted but satisfied by all the things you've done than just depressed and disapointed with oneself for all the things neglected.

    For me, the housework doesn't count (which may be why my husband usually does it) but feeling you've pushed hard all week on writing - that feels terrific.

  11. So true, Shelly! I love when I fall into bed exhausted, knowing I made the most of my day :)