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Monday, July 12, 2010

London Part Deux!

I'm back today with more photos from my trip to London. We have about 600, so I'll be posting pics every other Monday for a while! Hope you enjoy today's selection!

Big Ben!

Westminster Cathedral, of course!

I forget what his is called, but it's near Trafalgar Square :)

Inside Harrod's!

Harrod's memorial for Princess Diana and Dodi

The outside of Harrod's

An old pub in Marylebone

These plaques are all over London!

The starting point for our Mayfair tour

A street in Mayfair

See you next time!
-Jerrica, Her Grace of Grammar


  1. Great pictures, Jerrica. They brought back lots of memories. I've never been to Harrod's though. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the plaques about Benedict Arnold. LOL. Especially since they call him "American patriot" when here, in America, we would often call him anything but a patriot. Of course, I was watching a documentary on the History Channel a couple of weeks ago about the American Revolution, and it was interesting to note that up until the point where he defected, he was one of the greatest American war heroes in the Revolutionary War. But I digress from your trip to London. I can't wait until I can someday travel there and see some of these things for myself. The shot of Allsop Arms, actually, calls to me more than just about any of the others. There's something about the weathered look of that building. It might trigger a story idea if I'm not careful. LOL.

  3. These are fabulous pictures! I recall visiting London as a teenager and I loved every second of it -- my favorite was going to the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London. It's done at night to signify closing the tower down, and it's spooky!

  4. Great pictures, Jerrica. I particularly liked the old pub in the midst of all the newer buildings.

    Funny about Benedict Arnold, Catherine. That's so true. And yes, isn't that Allsop Arms photo intriguing. It would be fun to give a bunch of authors a photo like that and see what different stories they came up with.

  5. Beautiful! Loved the old pub! Thanks for sharing Jerrica!

  6. Lovely! My sister and I spent a *lot* of time inside Harrods ;) Thanks for sharing the awesome pics!

  7. Those are awesome. I can't wait to see more.

  8. I totally love these pics, Jerrica! Thanks for sharing!


  9. Thanks for stopping by, everyone! I'm so glad you're enjoying the pics. I have more pics of old pubs - Eric and I drank in about a hundred of them, so be sure to stay tuned.

    Catherine, I know...so funny about Arnold. I bet that documentary was great! The plaques in London are great, though. They have them all over the place, so you know who lived where and when...super fun for history buffs like us :)

  10. Jerrica,
    Great pics. I hope to one day get there.

  11. i was Googling Westminster Cathedral, after taking a tour of it today... your photo is (of course) NOT the Westminster Cathedral. You have, in fact, confused it with the abbey, Westminster ABBEY.