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Monday, July 26, 2010

A temporary breather

Owing to the attendance of half our members at the RWA National Conference in Orlando, Florida the Ladyscribes blog will be temporarily on hiatus until Friday.

Lydia Dare, Samantha Grace, Jerrica Knight Catania, Amy De Trempe, and Clarissa Southwick can be found between sessions near the bar and would love you to drop by and have a chat with them. They will be easy to find - just look for a group of happy women laughing the loudest out of everyone else there!

Those of us not lucky enough to attend the conference will no doubt be just as busy as our sister bloggers. Melissa Dawn Hart is planning to start a new project and spend some time with her three boys, maybe a little adventure is in order. While Catherine Gayle is plotting to thwart her cats by cleaning out the closets and putting things back in their proper places. Julie Johnstone has plans to try and squeeze in a little writing time while balancing the demands of all the fun and festivities that accompanies a famiy reunion in Lake Conroe, Texas.  And me? I'll probably rearrange my writing desk again, check twitter for news of the conference, and wish I'd been able to go.

I hope if you're lucky enough to be in Orlando that you have a fantastic time.

Until Friday.

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