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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Industry Gossip— what’s in the works right now?

Okay so we all get that the industry is changing and at an incredible velocity. So much so, I’m sitting here writing this blog and wondering what news has hit twitter today, when I should be worried about what I’m going to write next instead. With that said, not all of the gossip at the mill is bad these days.

I think some of the best news has come from Kristen Nelson’s blog just after nationals where she summed up the industry news. You can find that post here http://pubrants.blogspot.com/2010/08/rwaorlando-florida-day-2-after.html

I’m so excited to see that maybe there is a turn in taste in the industry. Not that paranormal is a bad thing, just that I’m looking forward to something different. Of course, it bodes well for me that westerns may be bandied about here soon, considering I have a four book western series I am trying shop around. Wish me luck with that one lol.

But as a reader, I must say our pickings for variety have been rather slim, especially in the historical genre. Even you paranormal and regency die—hards, must admit the truth in this.

So when I read this info I got really excited and started searching the book stores each week to see if anything has changed. So far, I only see regencies and paranormals but that’s not to say that soon enough it won’t change. So while I am looking forward to some exotic location in a story, I want to know what do you, as a reader, wish to see different in the industry. This doesn’t even have to pertain to the genres of books. This could be a change in the covers or anything else you can think of. So tell me what would you like to see different in the industry or are you completely happy with how things are at this moment in time? What say yo


  1. My apologies to all the Regency writers here, but I'll admit to being a bit Regency'ed out. I'd love to see other periods, perhaps more ancient Greek & Roman settings - and my personal favourite, the 1920s, which for the sake of my book sales I hope will suddenly become hugely popular!

  2. Ohh Greek and Roman would be a wonderful change in setting, Rae! And the roaring twenties! I'm still waiting on that to become popular in the publishing world. That would be so refreshing. I, too, love the twenties. I think it's the suspenders. So sexy!

    Thanks for dropping by and sharing with us!

  3. I'm right there with you calling for variety, whether it be in setting or sub-genre. I just don't want to keep reading the same thing over and over. Going back to Mockingjay now. Thanks for starting the conversation :)

  4. I used to read Western historicals and loved them, so I'd be happy for them to come back. When I started writing many years ago, Regency historicals were rarer, so I find it interesting that they've taken over the market (I hope they stay, though, since I write them!)

    I hadn't really thought about the Roaring 20s, but that could be fun. I know I love the P.G. Wodehouse books and miniseries in that era. I'd read romances in that setting!


  5. I have to say, I'm a sucker for anything WWII era, whether it is fiction or non-fiction, war related or not. So I'd love to see something done with that. Also, England is pretty well covered in historical romance these days, with not only Regency era novels, but Georgian and Victorian, and even sometimes Tudor-era stories--what about France? Germany? Russia? Why does everything have to be set in England? There is a lot more history out there than one relatively small island nation.

  6. Thanks for stopping by and offering your suggestions ladies, now if only we could get some agents and editors here to discuss it huh? lol Oh and Mindy I love the suggestion about a different country. I would love to see something about France or Germany!

    Thanks again ladies!

  7. Well, I might be a little serving. :) But I am quite happy with both the Regency AND Paranormal craze. ;)

    In all honesty - I grew up reading Regencies and my heart is in those books. I would be writing this genre even if it wasn't hot right now.

  8. LOL and that's all that really counts, Lydia. Is that you write what you love. Are those the only two genre's you read as well? Or do you branch out a little. I read a little of everything, even regency and paranormal. So I'm not against them at all, I would just love to see something set in the Roman era or another country. It would be a refreshing change.

    So glad you stopped in and offered your thoughts. As well as everyone else who stopped in. We do have wonderful followers who love to chat with us. Thanks for coming ladies you make the daily visits an incredible joy!

  9. Just a couple of notes here. I write for Harlequin Historicals and they publish four books at retail each month in North America. One is always a Western and one is always "other," which includes medieval, Roman, Viking, even early 20th century. You can also check out unusualhistoricals.blogspot.com for ongoing coverage of books set outside the Regency norm. (Ancient Egypt, Roaring 20's, medieval Spain, you name it.) Now, here's the real world note. If you are interested in seeing more diverse settings, do seek them out. I write medievals and a few years ago, set one in Flanders. My editor was quite excited and supportive. Based on the royalty statements, readers weren't. Believe me, editors aren't hewing to the Regency world because of personal taste. They'd love to expand, if the readers really are there. (I hear lots of interest in different settings so here is hoping the sales soon follow!)

  10. Right now the market seems to be contracting, so I confess to taking the easy way out. If my story will work in the Regency, that's when I'll set it, or a few years on either side of that narrow period.