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Thursday, August 19, 2010


I do not deal well with the heat. When it gets to this time of year, I wish I was anywhere but where I live.

Here in North Texas, we've had weeks of triple-digit temperatures, day after day after day. Two days ago, we finally had a cool front blow in. Within about an hour the dropped to the mid 80's, and I did a little happy dance. Granted, the cold front only kept it that cool for a couple of hours. After that, we returned to a lovely 99 degrees.

Yeah, that's where it has rested since then, too. Just under that 100 degree mark.

I know there are people who live for this kind of weather. My brother and sister-in-law have been virtually living at the lake during this stretch of time. One of my sisters has spent as much time at a friend's pool as she has at her own home.

But me? I try to stay inside, lock myself in the air conditioning and lock the heat out. Even then, the air can barely keep up with the heat, and I sit beneath a ceiling fan, sweating, dreaming of snow.

You see, I would be happy living somewhere that the temperature never rose above 50 degrees. I'd rather cover up with a blanket than strip off everything that I decently can. I prefer needing a fire to needing to run the A/C.

So why do I live here? Honestly, the only reason is because this is where my family lives. If not for them, I'd be in Alaska or Canada, or maybe Maine. Iceland might work. Siberia, anyone?

Anyone else wishing winter was right around the corner?


  1. Cat, I personally love the heat, especially dry desert heat. Since I've moved to Idaho, I appreciate it even more. We usually have at least one day where it gets to 110F. But our summers are short-lived.

    In summer, I love writing on our back porch early in the morning when the temperature is usually in the 50's.

    For you, I recommend Stanley, Idaho, population 29, I think. It is one of my favorite places. We go there every year in June and it often snows- lightly in the air, not enough to stick. I have been told it gets so cold in winter your tires go flat.

  2. Our summers are short-lived too. I'm not ready for winter, but I love Autumn around here. We have that crisp night and early morning air now where the temperature gets up into the seventies during the day. I could take this kind of weather all year.

    If I could stay inside and under a blanket all winter, I might not mind it as much. But when your nostrils freeze together on the way to your car and you can't turn the ignition because you lose coordination in your fingers, that's too cold for me.

    Hope you get a reprieve soon, Cat. We just returned from the south a couple of weeks ago and it was super hot.

  3. I'm in the same boat, just a little further south in Central Texas.

    I hate it. I'm so ready for winter.

  4. I'm not a big fan of the heat, either! But even worse for me is humidity. Florida was almost unbearable, but thankfully everywhere we went was heavily air conditioned. Even the parks weren't so bad as long as you went quickly from one attraction to another.

    I grew up in Atlanta, so I'm no stranger to heat, but now I'm in NY and I think I don't tolerate it as well anymore. Not to mention, having a baby changed my internal thermometer, so I'm almost always hot. And my poor husband is very cool blooded, so he's always freezing. LOL!

    I think for me a couple days of extreme heat and extreme cold help me appreciate the really perfect days - the ones that Michelle talked about where the temp only goes up to 70ish. Only a few more weeks and we'll have that here! Yay!

  5. I am SO dreading winter and I'm trying to pretend I won't have to deal with it ever again. LOL It lasts at least six months, and since I live in an old house, the cold and wind find their way into every nook and cranny, keeping me frozen no matter how high I crank the heat (and the bills are just as high! LOL)

    Luckily this has been a lovely summer. Normally it's hot and unbearably humid, but for some reason this summer has been idyllic. Hope it doesn't mean winter is going to be twice as bad. LOL


  6. LOl, Catherine, you crack me up :) I've been to Siberia, you know, and I'm not sure you can fathom how cold it gets there. In the middle of July, the nights plunged to the 30's, and I remember wishing I packed a coat instead of a light jacket. But come on, it was July!
    Now Maine... I think I could do Maine :)

  7. I don't mind the heat, it's the humidity I could do without.

    Nice blog. Have a great weekend!

  8. Yes...oh YES I do wish for the coolness of a winter day. But, knowing me as I do, I will long for summer's heated shine as soon as the rains come in :)