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Monday, September 20, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

While I tend to anticipate and get excited about seasonal changes, none can excite me as much as the transition from summer to fall. I love the fall. I love pumpkins. I love corn mazes and hayrides. I love the smell of bon fires as they drift on a crisp, cool breeze. I love switching out my bathing suit and flip flops for long sleeved knits and my dark brown wool Mary Janes. Oh, and I love the return of seasonal treats like pumpkin bread, pumpkin scones, pumpkin lattes...are you seeing a trend here?

I think I'm even more excited about fall this year because I get to share it with our new little munchkin. I've been working hard at putting together her fall wardrobe, and I cannot WAIT to get her first Halloween costume (we've yet to decide what she's going to be - Pottery Barn and the Disney Store are neck-n-neck!)

But even more exciting is this...

12 years ago, when we were sophomores in college, our friend invited us all out to her parents' home in a rural area of NJ for a day filled with pumpkin picking, corn mazing and haunted hay-riding. We decided then that it would become a tradition. And in 12 years, there has only been one year that we did not gather at our friend's home in NJ.

This year, many of us now have children or are pregnant, and I'm so excited to introduce Bella to this great tradition, along with all the other little ones in the group. It is my hope that we'll continue this tradition for years to come, and that all our kids will know about the Annual Haunted Hayride gathering!

This is the group about 10 years ago, I think...

Eric and me being pushed in a wheelbarrow 10 years ago...

And now...
We were a smaller bunch last year, but this is most of the core group...

Bella's hanging out in my tummy!

Do you have fun fall traditions? I'd love to hear about them!

-Jerrica, Her Grace of Grammar


  1. Oh Jerrica looks like so much fun and Bella will absolutely learn to love it as much as you do. Halloween is our real tradition, in my family we go all out with baked goods, cookies, cakes and get together to go trick or treating. Fall is lots of fun and I am looking forward to it this year, although I am sad summer is almost over. =( I hope you have a blast this year!

  2. What a wonderful fall tradition. We don't have any that I can think of. We should probably start one!

  3. I love Halloween -- always have, probably because it's so close to my birthday, so I always think of it as MY holiday. LOL

    I don't know that I have any fall traditions, but I do enjoy that crispness in the air, and seeing pumpkins and cornstalks everywhere. New England is the best place to be during autumn. :)

  4. Your trip to NJ sounds such fun. Have a fab time!

    I love fall, especially those sunny days with a light breeze (such as today!). And while I love the late light evenings in May up here, I think nothing beats an open fire, cuppa tea and a good book while it's dark and wet outside.

    Enjoy your trip. :-)

  5. Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, too. There's just something exciting about getting to become someone else, even if it is only for a day. But sadly, down here in TX, we don't really get fall until sometime in November. LOL. Until then, it is pretty much still summer, save for a few random cooler days. So, come November, I'll be sharing your excitement for autumn. There is nothing I love more than seeing the tree leaves change colors.

    On a side note though, Jerrica--have you heard that there is a pumpkin shortage in the country? Hopefully you'll be able to have all the pumpkin goodies you're craving, but be forewarned: some of it is going for insane prices on the internet.

  6. Thanks for stopping by and celebrating fall with me, everyone!!

    Catherine, what?!?! Oh no! Thankfully, Starbucks still seems to have a plethora of pumpkin treats to choose from...I hope it lasts!

  7. Jerrica, you and I couldn't be more alike! I love the fall too. About six years ago, we started an annual trip to a local orchard. It is a blast. There's a spinning apple ride (manually operated - LOL), a giant haystack, rope swing, corn maze, petting zoo and haunted house. The store has different apples to sample along with treats like apple turnovers, caramel apples and of course, apple cider. Then you can ride the wagon into the orchard and pick your own apples. It's a great day for the kids and us.

    This year I've organized an extended family trip, and I hope it catches on. I know my little nephew will have such a great time.

    And I love all things pumpkin, but especially pumpkin malts. :)

  8. That last sentence is so random, but I really couldn't skip over how much I love those blasted malts. LOL.

  9. When I was young we went to Huber's farm in Indiana for pumpkins. It was before 'farm tourism' really came to be, and it was a really unique destination. Hayrides, pumpkin picking, duck ponds, apple orchards - it was all rather wonderful :)
    We live far away from there now, and no longer adhere to any real traditions, but every now and then a wiff of cool, autumn air will stir those memories back to life :)

  10. Yes, Jerrica, there is a pumpkin shortage. Or at least a canned pumpkin shortage. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/06/01/AR2010060100801.html