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Monday, September 6, 2010

My Labor Day Food Coma

Somehow, despite the fact I'm aiming to lose weight, it seems that my entire life has come to revolve around food. First, my husband and I decided to embark on a NY Cupcake Tour (we've mapped all the NY cupcake bakeries by neighborhood and are testing and reviewing them on our blog!). Then, we found out that a Korean Fried Chicken place opened up in the next town over. It's called Chicken(s) Factory, and it's out of this world! We go at least once a week...sometimes three. Yes, we have a problem.

But nothing can compare to when our friend, Charlie, comes to town. He's a foodie and a connoisseur of alcoholic beverages as well, so his trips revolve around food and drink. We spend half of each day eating and the other half planning our next meals over drinks. Which should explain my current food coma.

So how did this weekend begin? Well, it started on Friday with a trip to Teppan, the swank Japanese/Hibachi restaurant that's in our building. I got my usual: Chicken Teriyaki box and a Philadelphia roll. Okay, not off to a bad start - a light, fresh and semi-healthy meal. Excellent. Of course, we had to follow it up with a trip to the recently-opened Tommy Two Scoops for gelato (Oreo/Peanut Butter combo.) Then a NY slice (or 3) for dinner, accompanied by a couple bottles of fine red wine. My healthy start quickly went down the toilet, as you can see.

While we ate our pizza Friday night, we were inspired by a Food Network show to make specialty grilled cheese sandwiches. So after I made oatmeal/blueberry muffins Saturday morning, I hopped off to the grocery store for all the ingredients. Ancient Grain bread, apples, mozzarella and cheddar cheese and brown sugar ham. After melting a tablespoon of butter in a pan (per sandwich), we grilled the sandwiches then wrapped them in tinfoil and put them in a 500-degree oven for 4 minutes. Oh...my...god. Amazing!

But the highlight of the trip happened several hours after our grilled cheeses when we left the baby with the sitter and traipsed into the city to dine at the famous (and hard-to-get-into) Waverly Inn in the West Village. Hidden on a tiny side street is a sunken-in restaurant that makes you feel as if you're in Ye Olde London. We were led through the Victorian-inspired, dimly lit dining room to the garden terrace at the back. Cool breezes kissed our faces as we dined on macaroni and cheese topped with black truffles, succulent biscuits with honey butter, chicken pot pie, pork chops and Golden Tile Fish and drank fine French wine. Are you puking in your mouth yet? Because I was, and the evening was only just beginning.

From there, we walked about a half mile through the West Village to the highly acclaimed Sweet Revenge, known for their cupcake and wine/beer pairings. Three cupcakes, three beers...all that was missing was my third stomach.

Finally, the food was done but we found ourselves at Pegu Club, a hidden speakeasy-style bar on the cusp of Soho that serves vintage cocktails. After a few sips of a Corpse Survivor, I was done. It was time to give my stomach a rest...we still had Sunday to get through, after all.

You mean there's another day??? Oh, yes. After eating more truffled mac & cheese at our local brunch spot, Amelia's, we took ourselves off to Hoboken, home of The Cake Boss (and no, we didn't stand in the 2-block line that had formed on Washington.) We did, however, stop in at Legal Beans for gigantic iced coffees (we were all having trouble keeping our eyes open, not because we were out late the night before, but because we were so weighed down with food.) Then we popped over to Crumbs Bake Shop, where we were pleasantly surprised by the over-the-top cupcakes we ate (By the way, you'll have to check out www.nycupcakeguide.com to find out all the details on the cupcakes.)

But the main (and final!!!) attraction in Hoboken was Chicken(s) Factory. Korean Fried Chicken is a huge movement in NYC right now. To learn more about it, check out this link (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_fried_chicken). We walked along the waterfront and had cocktails at 340 Grill while we waited for the cupcakes to settle before we headed back to the main strip for chicken. When we probed Charlie to tell us what he thought of the chicken, his exact words were "Shut up." That's right. It's that good. So good that you don't want to talk or be talked to while you eat it.

Thus ended our whirlwind culinary tour of NYC. And now I don't have to eat until next Sunday.

-Jerrica, Duchess of Grammar


  1. Wow. Everything sounds wonderful and you always have the best photos. I should start keeping a list of must-visit for when we're in NY for Nationals next year.

  2. It sounds delicious, especially the Korean fried chicken. Any recommendations for Korean fried chicken here in NYC? If you like great Italian food, I highly recommend Lupa in Manhattan. I love their pastas. Karen K.

  3. Thanks, Clarissa! We are definitely shutter bugs :) And we should definitely keep a running list for Nationals!

    Karen, in the city we highly recommend Kyo Chon at 32nd and 5th Ave. Just be prepared that the spicy is REALLY spicy there. Also, Bon Chon is pretty good and has several locations.

  4. Wow, Jerrica I'm full just reading this! LOL, you'll sleep for days! At least you had a blast doing it and that's all that counts, worry about the calories later. Yum I'm hungry now with nothing in the house that is even close to the deliciousness here on the blog page. LOL. Have a great Labor day!

  5. LOL, Melissa. The calories will be blasted this afternoon in a run!! And it's salads for the rest of the week! LOL! Happy Labor Day to you too!