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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dream big!

*Please note the photos in this post have been removed. I will update with new photos once I have more time. Thank you.*

I’ve always believed you should dream big. If you want something then shoot for the top, that way if you miss you’re still better off than where you started from. So my dream has always been to be published. Not just published but a New York Times bestselling author...Someday.

And I spend a ton of my time writing, so much so, my family often will feel left out. So I struggle for a balance of some kind every day. It’s difficult to do but it’s doable. So while I’m climbing up this hill to success I spend a majority of my time either sitting in my little writer’s corner of the house or on my sofa with my laptop. Wherever there is sunshine, usually. I love opening every one of the blinds in the house to a sunny day. Nothing gets me more in the mood to write than lots of sunshine.

Well, I found this little website where many writers post their writing spaces and it got me to thinking what would my dream writing space look like? Btw I had a blast looking through all the photos and many of them made me thankful of my little tiny nook to the left there lol. http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/series/writersrooms?page=3
Currently my little corner of my nine hundred square foot apartment is extremely small as you can see in the photo above. But I have hopes one day of owning my own home (which is a dream in itself) and have my own study where I can write to my little heart’s content with no distractions from the rest of the house. Although, I’m so used to the T.V, kids, and the everyday rambling of too many people in such a small space that when I do find some peace and quiet my muse will turn off I’m sure.

Either way I’ve decided to dream big when it comes to my dream writing space much like the photo to the right. There are a few requisites for my study that I must have. Number one is a very large window, hopefully with a beautiful view (of the city or the country it matters little as long as it’s mine.) The second thing I require is a modern décor, hardwood floors, clean sleek lines, muted earth tones, and hopefully a water fountain so I can have the sound of trickling water. And lastly, a large wall full of book shelves. Despite that I am going digital soon. I still have a ton of books I need to put somewhere. Currently they are stacked in a corner of the hall closet.

I’ll likely never get everything that I want but I plan to dream big that way I won’t fall too far off the mark. Wherever I fall I’ll be ecstatic that I’m there anyway. This long journey of life has taken quite a few twists and turns but I’ve always had my eye on the target. So why not dream big?

Tell me what big dreams do you have? And do you have a dream writing space you’d like to share?


  1. Melissa,

    My dream is to live somewhere tropical for part of the year. I'd love to rent a place in Belize or Jamaica with my hubby, after our kids have moved out of course, and write with the breeze from the ocean drifting through the open doorway. I'd love the unhurried environment and simplicity, as long as I have internet access. :)

  2. Great post, Melissa!

    My hubby and I dream super big. We have a HUGE vision board with pictures and stuff of the things we want to have or depictions of the kind of lifestyle we want to lead. But a writing space isn't on there...isn't that interesting?? But it should be!

    It's hard to say exactly what I'd want, though. Maybe a shabby chic room? White furniture and whimsical pink chandeliers! I think I have some research to do! LOL!

  3. OMGOSH Samatha what a wonderful dream. I think I have a new dream now lol.

    And Jerrica I am so glad I could give you another project to work on LOL. I love the idea of pink chandeliers!!! Hubby wouldn't let me turn our bedroom pink so I think a writing space would be the perfect place for it huh? Okay so I now I have to rethink my new dream space with caribean breezes and pink chandeliers! And I love the idea of a vision board. I have one for my stories but never thought of one for our dreams. Excellent idea!

  4. Samantha must have been reading MY dreams, because I would definitely love a tropical writing space like she described. LOL And I wouldn't mind having it NOW! (Before winter hits. LOL)

  5. You and me both Donna. She definitely knows how to dream big doesn't she LOL. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I don't think the tropics will ever be right for me, but the Amalfi Coast? Now that I can do :) It's my hubby's and my dream to live as Italians a couple of months a year. We shall see...