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Saturday, October 9, 2010

In Theatres This Week...

Here at Lady Scribes, we’ve decided to do something a little different on the weekends. We are all about good stories, whether they be books, television, or film. So, we thought we’d spending a little time on Sundays discussing the latest releases and finding out what you saw, what you like, and what you’re looking forward to.

Opening this week…

Life as We Know it (PG-13)

Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel

Two unlikely Godparents must put differences aside to raise their Goddaughter.

Nowhere Boy (R)

Aaron Johnson, Kristen Scott Thomas

Biopic on a young John Lennon's life.

Stone (R)

Robert DeNiro, Edward Norton

A corrections official and inmate find their lives intertwined.

Secretariat (PG)

Diane Lane, John Malkovich

Biopic on the Triple Crown Thoroughbred.

It’s a Funny Kind of Story (PG-13)

Keir Gilchrist, Zach Galifianakis, Emma Roberts

A 16 year-old boy checks himself into a psychiatric hospital.


  1. I never know what is coming out in theaters but my kids always do. If I end up going to a movie soon it will probably be Life as We Know It.

  2. We REALLY want to see Social Network! And Life as We Know It is very much up our alley, except the subject matter makes me reluctant to see it since we have a baby daughter. Maybe we'll skip the beginning and just pretend it's a baby that randomly appeared on Katherine Heigl's doorstep from parents that couldn't afford to raise the baby...yes, I like that scenario much better :)

  3. I'm hoping I can talk my 13 year old into The Social Network, otherwise I'll be seeing something else. The critical reviews are off the charts good. Hope that will sway him.

  4. I really loved Secretariat. The race scenes were phenomenal, and even though I knew how it ended, I was still on the edge of my seat. The only thing that bothered me about the movie is that it spanned something like 4 years, and her four children remained exactly the same. At the very least, they should have aged the 10 year old! Still, great movie, worth the $

  5. My daughter and I would like to see Secretariat.