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Sunday, October 24, 2010

In Theatres This Week...

Here at Lady Scribes, we are all about good stories, whether they be books, television, or film. So, we are spending a little time on Sundays discussing the latest releases and finding out what you saw, what you like, and what you’re looking forward to. This weekend's new releases was a bit sparse, but next weekend's seems to make up for that.

Last weekend’s Top 5 films:

1. Jackass 3D

2. Red

3. The Social Network

4. Secretariat

5. Life as We Know it

Opening this week…

Paranormal Activity 2 (R)

Katie Featherstone

A family thinks they've been the victims of recent break-ins and install security cameras only to learn that something more sinister is afoot.


  1. Yesterday I saw Easy A. I liked it a lot. It quoted Mark Twain. Referenced more than one '80's classic teen movie. And had an engaging class. Very cute.

  2. Just saw Social Network last night and LOVED LOVED LOVED it! So good! I would list all the things I loved about it, but there just isn't enough time. So I'll just say GO SEE IT! :)

  3. Saw Red last weekend and loved it. Might have to wait for the social network on DVD since the menfolk don't seem interested.

  4. I really should get out to the theater more often. I will put Social Network on the list to watch since Jerrica speaks so highly of it.

  5. I'm dying to see the Social Network too. I just need to find someone to go with me. :)

  6. I would go with you, Lydia!! Wish we lived closer :(

    Clarissa, definitely put it on your list. It's fantastic!