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Monday, October 4, 2010

It's October...Do you know what that means??

In my house, it means I'm allowed to start playing Christmas music! Finally! Yes, I know to the rest of the world this is a bit early, but not for me. It's actually a bit late in my book. In case it's not glaringly apparent yet, I. Love. Christmas music! I can't really explain my obsession with it. Perhaps it's the melodies that lilt and flow like no others. Or maybe it's the way musicians arrange the songs, always finding new ways to orchestrate an old favorite or make it sound like another song entirely. Or is it the fact that I know almost every word to almost every Christmas song and have since I was five?

Inside the Time Warner building at Columbus Circle

Or maybe it's simply the promise of the season of giving, the season of love and joy, a time for family and friends. A time of reflection on yet another year almost gone, but hopefully well lived.

Well, those are my usual reasons for looking forward to Christmas, but as of 2009, Christmas has taken on an entirely new meaning. Why? Because on December 25, 2009, our little girl was born. I challenge any gift-givers to top that one! Ha!

Merry Christmas to me!

So now it's all about introducing Bella to all the things I love about Christmas: teaching her all the words to all the songs, taking her to Rockefeller Center to see the tree, going to see The Nutcracker in Lincoln Center, trimming the (fake) tree as a family, and one day I'll teach her how to make broccoli casserole, my favorite Christmas dish. Oh, and don't forget the Christmas village!

Last year's village - this is downtown - the residential area is on the other window sill

Of course, I also have the challenge of having her birthday on Christmas, but I figure we'll cross that bridge once she's old enough to care about birthdays :)

Bella in her "First Christmas" outfit

What about you? Are you like my husband and think that I'm out of my ever lovin' mind for playing Christmas music this early? Or are you too getting into the spirit already? Oh, and I'd love to know what's on your wish list! And what your favorite Christmas songs are! You know what? If you have anything at all to say that's Christmas related, I want to hear about it!

-Jerrica, Her Grace of Grammar


  1. Yep, I am with your husband on this one. Christmas music goes on the day after Thanksgiving when I decorate. However, I do try to shop early, but that is the only thing I do. Hmmm, favorite Christmas song would have to be O' Holy Night. I don't really have a wish list.

  2. Jerrica ~ I do have to agree with your husband too. It is a little early. (Between you and department stores, we'll skip over Halloween completely - my favorite holiday.)

    But in all seriousness, I too have a Christmas village. So many pieces, in fact, that I have enough to have a village at the house AND one at the office. It's a little crazy. I should also admit to having a Halloween village. It's a little more fun, thunder, lighting, cackling witches, etc.

    Back to Christmas though, right...? OK - favorite Christmas song ever Bing Crosby's White Christmas. I could listen to that year round. And - since you know I adore old movies - White Christmas was actually written for the Bing Crosby movie HOLIDAY INN, not the more famous/later film WHITE CHRISTMAS.

  3. My daughter would completely agree with you. She sent her brother over the edge playing Christmas music this summer. :)

    I'm not ready yet. I can only take so much Christmas and the earlier it starts, the sooner I'm sick of it. It's not even Halloween yet! So, in the spirit of recognizing Halloween and Christmas, I love the soundtrack for "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

  4. Amy, that's waaaaay too late!!! Seeing as it's my favorite music of all time, I need longer to enjoy it! What if you could only listen to your favorite music for 30 days out of the year! Do you see my dilemma?? As for shopping...well, I don't usually do that until a week or two before Christmas :)

    Jodie, White Christmas is my FAVORITE movie! We watch it every year, and I agree, I could listen to Bing year round. I've also thought of investing in a Halloween village, but it's just too much work to set up/tear down - I can only do a village once a year. LOL!

    Samantha, has your daughter seen Prancer?? The little girl in that movie is obsessed with Christmas and listens to the music year round. I've always related well with her character :)

    And for the record, I do love Halloween, but I haven't found music I like to go with it...so, it's Halloween decor with Christmas music :)

  5. Jerrica, congrats on your Christmas baby! My mom's birthday was on Christmas, and for some reason everyone wanted to combine her presents -- LOL -- so I think she got shortchanged. Once my sister and I were adults, we ended up celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve, so my mom could have Christmas to celebrate her birthday.

    And after way too many years in retail, Christmas music is hard to bear. LOL It generally started November 1, and after 8 hours/day of the same songs, not to mention cranky customers--yeah, it can bring out the Grinch tendencies really quickly. LOL

  6. Donna, that's great that you all celebrated Christmas on the eve so your mom could have her b'day. I'm thinking we might do the half birthday once Bella is older. I think that would be fun :)

    And that's so funny about you in retail. I worked in retail for about 5 years and couldn't WAIT until the Christmas season started. No cranky customers could get me down as long as the Christmas music was playing. LOL!

  7. LOL, Jerrica -- I had employees like you! They drove me almost as crazy as cranky customers!

    I didn't realize how many different versions there were of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" until I worked retail. LOL I still love Dean Martin's version the best.

  8. I'm with the others, this is just waay too early for me. I've worked in retail all my life and in fact, last Saturday was my last day at my job which starts playing Christmas music the day after Halloween so forgive me if it brings bad memories LOL. But around November I'll get the Holiday bug and that's all I'll play. But I'm like Lydia Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday and I decorate my entire house in super spooky stuff. I love it! Oh and the dressing up part - although the costumes we have to choose from now are not exactly what I had in mind. Geez, you'd think not everyone would want to be the "slute witch." but apparently they do. LOL. Oh we're discussing Christmas...I just can't get my head around it until I'm done with Halloween. Sorry Jerr. And no one sings a Christmas song like Bing Crosby. Love that man.

  9. Your baby is adorable and she's a great Christmas present. However, having 2 kids with birthdays in Dec., it's a tough birthday. Tried the half year thing and it didn't work for us. Interestingly enough, the one due on the 26th (born the 10th, bless her) is obsessed with Christmas and I am somewhat as well. But I don't allow Christmas music until we're driving home from the in-laws after Thanksgiving. For me, I want the music to be special but, to each their own. Hubby tries every year to play it on the way TO the inlaws. lol

    I have too many favorites to pick one.

  10. Oh, and you probably have all your Christmas shopping done by Halloween, and your cards go into the mail the day after Thanksgiving, JUST TO MAKE THE REST OF US LOOK BAD! ;-)

    Seriously, though, I love the Christmas spirit, and baking cookies with my young daughter with the Nutcracker playing in the background. Thanks for reminding me of all the happy days ahead!

    Still, with four kids in the house, I have to get through some serious Halloween shenanigans first. In fact, we're decking the halls with cobwebs this very afternoon!

  11. Melissa, see my original response to Donna. LOL! I LOVED working retail because I got to listen to Christmas music all day :)

    Carly, since it's my favorite genre, I have to get more time with it than just the 30 days. It's still super special to me :)

    Beatriz, quite the contrary! Just because I listen to the music, doesn't mean I prepare in other ways. LOL! Last year the Christmas cards barely made it in time, most of our presents are shipped directly to the receiver's house via Amazon about a week before Christmas and the decor doesn't usually go up until right around Thanksgiving.

  12. What an exciting Christmas you are going to have this year with your 1 year old! I love Christmas music too (though October is a little early for me!). Beautiful picture of Time Warner Center! I work right near there (lucky me).

  13. So lucky, Lis! I LOVE going to Columbus Circle at Christmastime! I think it's the prettiest spot in the city! And the market is pretty fun, too!

  14. Christmas music starts on Thanksgiving weekend when the tree gets decorated.

    It's Halloween time and that means spooky music. Night on Bald Mountain and Thriller are on repeat play on my ipod.

  15. I'm the only girl in my household so my dh and sons just look at me a little strange when I get all into Chrissy mode. I love planning our Christmas celebrations. It's my favorite time of year. :o)