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Monday, October 11, 2010

What is your favorite part of Halloween?

As Jerrica pointed out last week, it is October. However, she quickly learned not all of us embrace Christmas so early. Sorry, Jerrica.

So, in celebration of this fun holiday let’s stay in the present.

Halloween dates back centuries and something I will probably blog about at a later date. It has evolved from the pagan practices of the Celts and Druids into how we celebrate now. Today, it is all about costumes, candy, parties and being scared.

Costumes: Just go to any Halloween store and there are all kinds. From the cute princess/fairies and super heroes for the kids, to the more adult version. Some I can’t image wearing, even in my younger years. Mainly because the party I still go to was outside for many years and I had no desire to freeze and end up with pneumonia all for one night of fun. Plus, no matter how warm, I was never one to show so much skin in public. Still, I am amazed at the creativity I see year after year.

Candy: What is not great about lots and lots of candy? When I was younger I knew every single neighbor I basically begged from for a treat. My favorite stop was across the street for popcorn balls. They were wonderful and I have not had one that even comes close to being that delicious. We would also get homemade cookies as well as store bought candy from other homes. My kids were not so lucky. Even though I know most of my neighbors, there are only a few I would let my kids keep a homemade treat from. I simply don’t know the rest well enough.

Parties: On this one night, no matter what day of the week, parties go on and they tend to last late. Some do have their parties the Saturday before, but most bars are overflowing with costumed characters partaking of Halloween style beverages.

Being Scared: This can be accomplished in many ways. Who doesn’t love a haunted house? Okay, that would be me. In high school I worked in one for a few years. That was fun. Going through one and not knowing what to expect around the next corner is not for me. Nor do I like the more modern scary flicks, especially the slasher movies. I personally don’t see a point in a movie aimed at topping the last movie with the most dead bodies, body parts, most horrible way to die, and tons of blood without much of a story. I am lucky to make it through Psycho. I am more of a Hocus Pocus type of girl, or Scooby Doo.

What about you? What is your favorite part of Halloween? Is it the costumes, candy, parties or the goriest movie being released?


  1. Great blog, Amy. I think I like the costumes best, but only when they're on other people. I hate trying to decide what to wear.

  2. My favorite part is putting my dog in a costume.

    My husband's favorite part is trying to buy way more candy than we need, so there is a ton leftover for him to pig out on.

  3. Omgosh I so love Halloween, scary movies and haunted houses, especially the real ones. My kids and I want to go visit real haunted places and stay overnight to see how scared we get LOL. I love that show that visits the most haunted places in America, despite the fact that I don't believe in ghosts. Or let me say I don't believe in it unless I can see it, of which I will gladly search for it and hope I am proven wrong. I would love to see a real ghost LOL. I absolutely adore everything about Halloween.

    When my kids were a little younger and had all of thier friends over watching a scary movie. I grabbed a kitchen knife went outside and scraped it agianst the window, those kids ran out of the house so fast - it was hilarious. And of course they've vowed to get me back for that one. I'm still waiting though. Of course my oldest two are now 18 and 14 so I'd better watch out, they may surprise me one day lol.

  4. My favorite part of Halloween is providing the scares. I love to dress up in a scary costume, turn out all the lights in the house, play some eerie music in the background, light a few candles or have the flickering glow of the tv flashing in the background, and scare the trick-or-treaters. It is always a highlight for me. Granted, this year, my nephew is 3 and will be going out trick-or-treating, so I don't think I can do the scary thing this year. He might never be able to come and spend the night with me again if I terrify him too badly. I guess I'll have to dress up as something friendly this time. LOL.

  5. Contrary to popular belief, I do actually love Halloween and we always celebrate with lots of parties and fall-type events...I even decorate the house a little (with Christmas music playing in the background, of course.)

    There's so much I love about fall in general and Halloween just fits right into all of it. Can you imagine celebrating Halloween in the middle of the summer?? Ugh! No way! There's something about the colder weather, the smell of bon fires, ooey-gooey smores and giant pots of chili while you wait for trick-or-treaters. We love to watch ghost-y movies rather than horror, and we always do a Harry Potter marathon this time of year, too.

    This year, I can't wait to introduce Bella to the fun of Halloween! I'm co-hosting the baby Halloween party in the building and Bella will be the Belle of the ball...literally :)

  6. What I love most is how excited my children get about Halloween. Secondly, I have a blast at our friends' annual Halloween party. In fact, I bought my costume early because I'm so looking forward to the party. They really go all out with a band, awesome decorations, party favors and a real psychic.

  7. I love the celebration of fall--the pumpkins, the Indian corn, the changing leaves, the colder weather. For me, the costumes, candy, and parties are all just a part of my favorite season.