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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

6 of the best e-Readers

If you’ve been thinking of buying an e-reader for digital books you are probably confused by what’s out there. Kindle, iPad, Kobo etc the type of devices to read e-books is growing every day.

Here are 6 popular E-Readers:

Kindle 3
Height: 190mm Width: 122mm Depth: 8.5mm Weight: 0.246kg 
Best bits: Built in 3G wireless “Whispernet” data network for easy download; 4GB of storage (up to 3500 e-book); Built in keyboard for notes; plays MP3 and AAC audio
Disappointments: No support for ePub book files; Battery is sealed into device and isn’t removable.

Height: 184mm Width: 120mm Depth: 10mm Weight: 0.221kg
Best bits: Comes with free preloaded e-books; purchase and read e-books from any source using Adobe Digital editions.
Disappointments: 1GB memory (or 1000 books) but with expansion slot (additional 4GB card); No Wi-Fi connectivity

BeBook Neo
Height: 196mm Width: 121mm Depth: 10.6mm Weight: 0.298kg
Best bits: Wi-Fi connectivity; make notes on text; supports EPUB, PDF, TXT, HTML, RTF, MOBI, CHM, PDB, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIFF, as well as MP3 for music and audio books.
Disappointments: only 512 flash drive with additional SD card reader

Height: 176mm Width: 118mm Depth: 96mm Weight: 0.229kg
Best Bits: Wide range of files supported.
Disappointments: Slow boot up and page turning; No Wi-Fi; only 2GB internal memory
Height: 204mm Width: 127mm Depth: 9mm Weight: 0.29kg
Best bits: QWERTY keyboard, Broad File support (including ePub, DOC, PPT file formats), MP3 player, diary
Disappointments: One reviewer noted a 500page battery life which much less than the manufacturer claimed; No Wi-Fi Support; 2GB Internal memory

iPad Wi-Fi + 3G model
(While not technically just an e-reader I have included the iPad for comparison)
Height: 242.8mm Width: 189.7mm Depth: 13.4mm Weight: 0.73kg
Best bits: Wi-fi & 3G connectivity; up to 64GB memory; multiple uses – email, word processing, internet, music, games; Apps for almost every need. Multiple viewable document types: .jpg, .tiff, .gif (images); .doc and .docx (Microsoft Word); .htm and .html (web pages); .key (Keynote); .numbers (Numbers); .pages (Pages); .pdf (Preview and Adobe Acrobat); .ppt and .pptx (Microsoft PowerPoint); .txt (text); .rtf (rich text format); .vcf (contact information); .xls and .xlsx (Microsoft Excel)
Disappointments: Heavy; Not compatible with Mobi files.

Oh, and incase anyone is without a set of digital scales for comparison, Lydia Dare’s latest release, The Taming of the Wolf print edition, weights 0.20 kg. (It’s available in e-book format too)

So what to choose? I think the first thing to decide is what you don’t need.

1. Will you want to store lots of e-books?
Remember to think beyond your Christmas purchases.
2. Would you like a device that can play music, possibly replacing a little used older MP3 player?
I like combining my tech where possible.
3. Do you have existing e-books that you will want to transfer?
An any-format device would be a good choice.
4. Will you want to use it for anything other than as an e-book reader?
Email and internet capability while away from home can be useful, especially if you don’t have an iPhone or Blackberry.

Of course, your final decision will also hinge on your available budget and while I haven’t listed eReader prices in this post, or every eReader available, at least when you go comparing devices you have a better idea of your needs. Happy shopping.

Heather Boyd
~Lady Wicked

Recently Released historical romance e-book editions on Amazon (available to Australian readers too):

Julia London – The Year of Living Scandalously
Michelle M Pillow – Portrait of His Obsession
Margerite Butler – Becoming Mr. Brooking


  1. Heather, I just love it when you do these bit on the ebooks and e-readers. I have a kindle. It was a gift so I did no research whatsoever to get it. And I am always curious about else is out there.

  2. Maybe I'll bookmark this for Christmas lists.

  3. Clarissa - although I don't need to buy an eReader now, I find tech developments fascinating. I know - I'm a nerd.

    Sheila - hope Santa has a nice budget. :o)

  4. Hi Heather.
    I'm going to get an Ipad. But question about the Kindle, can you only download a book from Amazon Kindle on there, or could I go into Noble for instance, and download a book from that site?
    Great post btw, saves me looking all of this stuff up. Thanks!
    Tam :)

  5. Tam, I've had another peek and I cannot see that the Kindle 3 device can purchase elsewhere. I have the kindle program for iPad and it ignores every other ebook I have. I read every other purchase or downloaded book via the iBooks App.

    Even though most new releases eventually come up for sale on Amazon anyway my preference would be for flexibility to purchase anywhere and also to support the publisher sites where they sell ebooks direct.

    I'd check on this before making a final decision.