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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Here Comes the Christmas Season....

Where I am, in Australia, it’s just a few short hours till the Boyd family Christmas season officially starts. Well, it will be December 1st very soon. Citizens of the US will have another day to wait. (Sorry peeps). I love December - it’s the month I officially have an excuse to sing Christmas songs louder than usual (I’m not a good singer), put up our Christmas tree and decorations, and plan out our Christmas feast.

The choice is always whether to have a hot or cold Christmas - hot or cold as in the temperature of the food. The weather, when you live here on the far side of the world, is usually hot, rarely cool enough to need even a cardi. Quite often we swelter.

My mother is quite the fan of the baked Christmas feast. Yes, it’s torture – but the yummy kind I like. Roast Pork, Turkey, and Ham. Baked Vege’s of enough varieties to bury her special crockery. Fine glasses and silver that only sees fresh air on special occasions. For mum, Christmas is an elegant and a very filling affair. Then there is the most important part of my parent’s Christmas – the desserts! Trifle is mum's specialty – and none of us dare try to replicate the port-laced wonder. It’s sad, but the trifle bowl has been fought over more than once.

Christmas with my family, despite the fine china, grows to a rowdy affair – us girls are grossly outnumbered. My constant supply of water guns to my four nephews, two sons, and one niece I may be responsible – but I’m not taking all the blame. Grandma’s serves far too many sweet things – we’re all on sugar highs. LOL.

Yet what I love most about Christmas is the slowness of the day, the heated debates over who gets the last of the trifle bowl and the happy smiles of my family as they return home.

Christmas singing is interesting feat when you live without snow. There are so many songs from my childhood that I sang along to that clearly lost me on the deeper meaning. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts roasting on an open fire) – the total fire ban makes that a little difficult to manage. I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas – now wouldn’t we wonder if the ice age was upon us then! We sang them all quite blindly, but thanks to some very silly people, we have an alternative:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnJ8jsw4BSo&NR=1 
(Just in case you're confused - thongs are footware not underwear)

So where ever you might be I hope your December 1st is as much fun as mine. But what are your Christmas Traditions?

Heather Boyd
~Lady Wicked


  1. That video was too funny. Since I'm in America, I'm glad you pointed out what thongs are, LOL!
    Your dessert picture is making my mouth water.

  2. LOL! I loved the Aussie Jingle Bells. I can imagine that a lot Christmas songs wouldn't quite make sense when you're sweating and singing about going to Grandma's house in a sleigh and whatnot. That's great. Thanks for sharing it with us, Heather.

    The most important Christmas tradition we have is driving through town on Christmas Eve night and looking at all of the decorations on the houses. Mom always used to take us to do that, and now we're taking my nephew to do it. We sing carols in the car as we go. And we never used to make a big meal for Christmas. Usually, we'd eat the fruit, nuts, and chocolate that we got in our Christmas stockings all day, and wouldn't really want a big meal.

  3. Mindy, when I was a teenager one of the local streets used to be all lit up. Hundreds of people would drive there on christmas eve, wander the street, chat, buy icecreams and a admire the residents hard work. Unfortunately, some people moved away and the others got sick off all of us trampling their street and its all gone now but for one house. I miss the fun of it.

  4. Rula - It's amazing but I dont have a picture of my mum's Trifle. Thats the closest match I could find. Perhaps its because we are not allowed to be alone with it for long and when it does come out I'm salivating. LOL. Must get a picture this year!

  5. Heather, that video is hilarious. I can't imagine having Christmas when it's hot, though. Even Atlanta is sometimes a bit warm for my taste, and it's usually in the 40s (Fahrenheit). But I'm all about traditions. We MUST have a broccoli casserole - it's my favorite and the holiday wouldn't be the same without it. Plus, of course, turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, brown n serve rolls, sweet potato casserole...those are the staples of the meal. We also have the tradition of giving everyone an ornament - my mom is really great at finding just the right ornaments for each of us.

  6. Jerrica, I have to ask, what exactly is in a broccoli casserole?

  7. Our Christmas traditions start next Monday when my Mum arrives from England. Once she's here, I know Christmas is really coming.

  8. Heather, I posted the recipe a couple weeks ago :)


  9. LOL love the aussie jingle bells video! That was awesome! I've never had a warm christmas either but it's not really cold here in NC either. Our traditions include the full course meal like Jerrica's. We do make sure to visit Macdensville every year which is called christmas town, USA and has been viewed on Good morning America before. Here's a link http://www.mcadenville-christmastown.com/
    But we tend to go weeks before most of the crowd shows up. Last year was horrendous. People from all over show up. It's beautiful since the entire town lights up for christmas. Yeah, I'm finally getting into the groove of xmas and its nice to see you guys celebrate on the other side of the world.

  10. Woo hoo. The decorations are up!

    Sheila - I hope your mum has a save trip over and wonderful fun this christmas.

    Jerrica - I'd forgotten about your recipe. Doh! LOL *still pondering what Saltines are*

    Melissa - Macdensville looks so beautiful. Cold but beautiful. LOL

  11. Heather,
    Just had my first Christmas trifle laced with sherry. Like you, I love our downunder summer desserts. Yummy.