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Friday, December 10, 2010

Guest Blogger: Delilah Marvelle

Today’s guest, Delilah Marvelle, loves writing historical romances with the scandalous twists she digs up from history. She is a two time Golden Heart Finalist, an RT Reviewer's Choice Nominee and a double finalist in the Bookseller's Best Award. Her upcoming release from HQN Books, Prelude to a Scandal, is available January 1, 2011.

Are you ready to be scandalized?

Welcome Delilah. Tell us a little about Prelude to a Scandal, the first book in your Scandal Series.

Thank you so much for having me!!!!

So here's the teaser blurb for Prelude to a Scandal.

Having been raised in the jungles of South Africa, assisting her father in the study of mammal copulation, Lady Justine Fedora Palmer sweeps back into London to embark upon her coming out. She quickly discovers animals are far more civilized than the men surrounding her.

When her father's observations are made public, proving buggery is natural to the animal kingdom, all of London is in a huffing outrage, including His Royal Majesty. Her father is imprisoned and slapped with outrageous penalty fees they simply cannot pay.

Lady Justine becomes more than willing to trade her good name and her place in London's gossip hungry society to secure her father's release. There is only one person she knows she can trust: her father's patron, the Duke of Bradford. A dashing libertine, yes, but one she passionately adores for his unwavering kindness, wit, humor, and a willingness to support her father's studies even as everyone else had laughed her father off.

To her astonishment, the Duke of Bradford is not the same man. His newly marred face hides a scandal that is about to test them both...

What is his scandal? Here's a hint. His struggle to overcome an addiction that isn't found in a bottle or a pipe or narcotics, but the very thing that makes him a rake...

Since the Scandal Series is being published back to back, can you share an elevator pitch from Once upon a Scandal (February 2011) and The Perfect Scandal (March 2011)?
Once Upon a Scandal is all about remolding the story of Cinderella by making the hero into the penniless romantic. After all, why should women be the only ones chasing after true love? The Perfect Scandal is about the perfect gentleman who hides behind an illusion of perfection for reasons that have nothing to do with respectability.

We are always fascinated by an authors writing process. How does a typical writing day go for you?
My writing process is freaky. I become a different person and my poor family has to live with it. The truth is, I can’t have anyone in the house when I write. Even if someone were to lock themselves in the closet and hold their breath, I still wouldn't be able to write. It’s hard to explain but I feel like their energy is leaking into my ability to think. I have a hard time transporting myself into a different era when the modern world is breathing on my neck. Once I’m able to get everyone out of the house, I gulp down a Starbucks Vanilla Frappucino (bought in bulk from Costco), sit at my desk surrounded by piles and piles of research books and write. As I write, I verbalize my words aloud in a British accent. It’s the actress in me.
What is your favorite form of procrastination, apart from getting lost in research?

Cooking. I'm a chef by trade and cooking has always been my second love. So naturally I'm always looking for excuses to cook.
We know the Scandal Series is about to be unleashed, but what are you working on now, and what was the last scene you wrote on the story?
I'm actually in the brainstorming process. So I'm not writing very much at the moment, lol. Just thinking about what I want to do and how I want to do.

In honor of the scandal series, I want to know...what is the most scandalous thing you've ever done? Try to keep it G rated, people.

The Lady Scribes would like to thank Delilah for blogging with us today. Stop by her website www.DelilahMarvelle.com to read excerpts, watch her fantastic book trailer, sign up for her newsletter, or visit her blog, A Bit of Muslin, to explore the naughtier side of history.


  1. Delilah,

    Thank you so much for being our guest today. Wow! Your books sound delicious. I'm scandalized just reading the blurb. LOL. Seriously, I can't wait to read "Prelude to a Scandal".

    Hmm... The most G rated scandalous thing I've ever done? I MAY have danced on a table once in my younger years. (I also fell, so I wouldn't recommend it. Very embarrassing.) *blush*

  2. Delilah,

    Since my house is never...ever empty I do most of my original writing at the crack of dawn before everyone wakes up and starts making noise.

    I know exactly what you mean about the difficulty of transporting yourself to a different era. Sometimes, I look back on my life and find it amazing that I ever managed to get any writing finished, and especially my Regency romance. You also said, "As I write, I verbalize my words aloud" and I do that as well, which leaves the other denizens of my--never empty--house thinking I've lost my mind. But that's OK, the muse must be heard to be appreciated :)

    Anyway, I very much look forward to reading your historical romance/Scandal series the premise sounds intriguing.

    Since your release date are January for Prelude to a Scandal, February 1 for Once Upon a Scandal and March 1 for The Perfect Scandal I sincerely hope 2011 is an absolutely stellar year for you.

    Now for the most scandalous thing I have ever done....


  3. Delilah, thanks so much for joining us at Lady Scribes today! Your books sound fascinating! I can't wait to pick them up.

    The most scandalous thing I've done? I met up with some other ladies I'd only talked to over the internet, and we traveled together following a rock band on tour for a few days. Each night, we'd go to the concert, and then after the concert, we found the band at whatever bar they were hanging out at and hung out with them. Then the next day, we'd pack up and move on to the next city. (And I did all of this without anyone in my real life knowing what was happening...)

  4. Samantha -- Whoo-hoo for dancing and falling off the table and making yourself memorable to all who were lucky enough to witness you having a good time, lol.

    Teresa -- it's wonderful to know I'm not a total freak when it comes to writing, lol. And yes, our families may laugh at us now...
    So, um...you forgot to post that scandalous tid bit about yourself. Come on. I need ideas. *waggling brows*

    Catherine -- you go girl! Confessions of a Band Groupie Gone Wild comes to mind, lol. LOVE IT. What's the most scandalous thing I've ever done? Heh. More like stupidest thing I've ever done. Swam naked in a lake during a camping trip. I was actually washing out my clothes and had no choice. It was daytime. I was alone until a group of guys swung by. Eeep was about all I could say. Fortunately, they were all gentlemen. One of them announced as they all turned away, "You have ten seconds before we change our minds." They were laughing like crazy. It was soooooooooooooooooooo embarrasing. Putting on wet clothes in water was damn near impossible. But I did it...

  5. Fantastic guest post and I love your scandalous story, at least you can laugh about it now right? xD. I don't think I have any good scandal stories unless you count cheating with a group of about 6 people on my Operations Management final. We were all sitting in a row helping each other out xP. If it wasn't for them I would have failed that class and I don't even use what I "learned" in there for work, thankfully.

  6. On a dare I drove from Sydney to Newcastle topless. But it was dark, and on a freeway so I'm not sure it's that daring. LOL

  7. Hmm. I don't think I should actually admit the most scandalous thing I've done. ;)

    Beautiful covers, Delilah!

  8. Delilah!!! So wonderful to run into you at the LadyScribes blog :) It's one of my favorite places to pop in to.

    I am eagerly awaiting your books--January can't get here fast enough...well, except that would mean Christmas would also be getting here faster and I still have WAY too much shopping to do.

    Hmmm, most scandalous thing I've ever done? I'm not a lady to kiss and tell...even on myself :)

  9. So I had posted...or at least I thought it did yesterday, only to find out it never posted...grumble, grumble. Just didn't want people thinking I was rude. I swear I'm not!!!

    Sandy -- haha, yeah...NOW I'm laughing. Then...not so funny. It took me weeks to recover. And girl, it sounds like you hang out with some scandalous people. Making you cheat. Shame on them, lol.

    Heather -- that is AWESOME. I bet all the guys were flashing their lights in an effort to see through the windshield at night *waggling brows*

    Lydia -- I like you already. Not wanting to admit to one's scandals means you've done some pretty scandalous things. You go girl! And thank you on my covers. HQN did a FABULOUS job and they really reflect the story. In PRELUDE, the heroine was raised in South Africa and if you look close at the pic, you can see she's wearing South African beads and her gown is nature themed. For ONCE, it takes place in Venice and the story is VERY romantic in tone. For PERFECT, the heroine is Polish and her ruffled outfit is very much what the Polish women would have worn back in that era. So they did a great job making not only beautiful covers but reflecting the story within.

    Heather!!! Wonderful to run into you!!! Thank you for the huge snuggly warm feeling. And lol about not kissing and telling on yourself. Smart girl. :)