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Monday, January 10, 2011

Dreaming of Springtime (in London!)

As I sit in here my apartment, staring out at giant patches of snow and people rushing to work in layers and layers of clothes, all I can think about is getting myself to warmer climes. It's only January 10 and I'm already desperate for spring. But not just any spring. A London spring! This April it will have been four years since my husband and I took our 10-day vacation to London, and I've pined for it almost every day since our return. When I look at the pictures, I still get teary-eyed. Despite being a large city, London has some of the most beautiful flora and fauna I've ever seen. Everything is so green. And to see a swan gliding across a pond in Hyde Park is truly breathtaking. But enough jabber from me, let's get to some beautiful pictures...

These two were both taken in Regents Park.
The daffodils were incredible, sitting under the shade of a magnificent weeping willow!

This was on Hampstead Heath.
This park has acres upon acres of rolling green hills.

This garden is within the walls of Windsor Castle

I can't remember where this is, but I just love the picture :)

A swan in Hyde Park - told ya it was beautiful! ;)

I couldn't believe how vibrant the colors of the grass and flowers were - this picture in Hyde Park shows it best, I think.

And no London springtime slide show would be complete with a visit
to the banks of the Serpentine!

I hope you're feeling a bit warmer now!
-Jerrica, Her Grace of Grammar


  1. They are lovely images of London. I think I've seen it from a different angle today!

    CJ xx

  2. I like the mystery one with the long tree shadows and the distant estate . . . nice pix, Jerrica! Thanks for sharing. Didn't know they let people behind the walls of Windsor . . .

  3. I've heard how gorgeous London is in spring, and your photos just serve to prove it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your beautiful photos and descriptions have got *me* longing for London. My first visit was October-November '95 and what impressed me most were the parks and copious green spaces. Even in the late fall, they were verdant and beautiful. Other than the last day spent mostly at the V&A, we were outdoors park hopping. I'll add to favorite spots, Primrose Hill.

  5. "Lovely" photos. Now, I'm longing for London.... walking along the Thames, watching the London Eye (I'm too chicken to get on), crossing the Tower Bridge, riding the Undergroung. I need to find the nearest pub and grab a pint. ---Maria Ferrer

  6. One of my favorite memories of London was jogging in Hyde Park in the mornings. Thanks for the reminder and enjoy your trip. It will be here before you know it!

  7. My spring fever has just gotten worse. LOL The one time I was in England it was autumn, which was lovely. But I've always wanted to go in the spring--daffodils are my favorite flower, so I love the pics you have up here. Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. Gorgeous! Makes me wonder if I can book flights to London when I'm organising my NY flights for June. Do you think my hubby would notice I've disappered to a second country?

  9. Oh, Jerrica! Such beautiful pictures. Now I'm dying to return to London. *sigh*

  10. Thanks for stopping by, everyone! I'm so glad you're enjoying my London pics!

  11. Love the London picks and I hope I get there someday to take my own.

  12. What a lovely post! I lived in London for five years and miss it terribly. (And your mystery shot is the Orangery at Kensington Palace -- Heaven knows I pushed my son's stroller past it enough times!)