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Friday, January 7, 2011

Our Guest: Tamara Gill

Today’s guest, Tamara Gill, loves writing historical romances set in Regency England. Her first publication from Noble Romance, To Sin with Scandal, released on December 27, 2010. When not running around for her two small boys, Tamara likes to dabble in Time-Travel romance or reading late into the night. Tamara is an Australian author and lives in the beautiful Barossa Valley wine region of South Australia.

Where love is worth risking one's reputation...

Tell us a little about To Sin with Scandal.

One night of passion with the notorious rake, Lord Scandal. Every need satisfied, nothing expected in return. All Lady Miranda Fitsimmon has to do is keep her rendezvous with the man secret from the ton and her heart inured to the memory of their past.
Lord Scandal, otherwise known as Lord Sedley, no longer desires such meaningless liaisons in the ton. His taste for bed sport has changed. He only desires one woman to warm his sheets. And when the woman he thought never to see grace his home walks into his library and expects all her desires to be sated, his resolve to redeem himself is tested.
Can one night of sin give them both what they crave the most? Or will past wounds be too deep to forgive and forget?

We are always fascinated by an authors writing process. How does a typical writing day go for you?

I get up first of all *wink*. Once my boys are at school or kindy I usually come home and fluff about trying to make my hubby believe I’ve done something *grin*, then I sit down for a couple of hours and write. Stop for lunch then start again until its time for school pick ups. I’ll stop every now and then to check emails etc but if I don’t get any words down every day, I start to feel guilty. Once dinner is out the way and I check the Vampire Diaries aren’t on TV, I’ll sit and write into the night once my boys are in bed.

What is your favorite form of procrastination, apart from getting lost in research?

Emails and Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook, or I’ll find something to do around the house. Like the laundry, so often neglected by me.

We know To Sin with Scandal is only just released to readers, but what are you working on now, and what was the last scene you wrote on the story?

I’ve just started edits for my Regency Novella, A Captain’s Order – A Duke’s Command due out with Noble Romance Publishing January 24. With Australia in the middle of school holidays my writing process is a little hit and miss atm, so I’m working on another Regency Novella for Noble, with an ugly duckling who turns into a swan type premise but with a twist of course. As for the last scene I wrote, I write in order of the book, I don’t switch back and forth in scenes like some other writers do. So the final scene with the hea was of course the last scene I wrote on To Sin with Scandal, a nice sweet scene.

Tamara has a copy of her new release to give away if you can answer this question. What is Lord Sedley's nickname? Leave a comment, including your email address, with an answer for a chance to win.

The Lady Scribes would like to thank Tamara for blogging with us today. To Sin with Scandal can be found at Noble Romance and Amazon. You can also stop by her website or visit her blog to find out more about this wonderful historical romance author. She loves visits from authors and readers alike.


  1. Great Interview!!!

    Congrats on your book, Tamara, the cover is fabulous..I'm sure it will be a huge hit!

    My answer is...Lord Scandal.

    Erin Grace...xo

  2. Since I've already got a copy, I won't answer the question. :)

    But thanks so much for stopping by LadyScribes, Tamara, and giving us a glimpse of your process and upcoming work.

  3. Girl, I can so relate to "hit or miss" - I have six and they're homeschooled and there are days I can't get ANY writing done. But what a wonderful problem to have! ;c) And, m'dear, "Lord Scandal" sounds delicious! LOL. (That's my answer, btw.) I hope your book is sailing off the shelves!


  4. Your books sound really good. I love Regency. Lord Sedley's nickname is Lord Scandal. I begin to feel guilty too if I don't write every day. BTW-I have relatives in Australia and visited your beautiful country in 2001-02. I visited Sydney, Cairns, and Melbourne. We had a large multi-national family reunion at an Italian club in Sydney. Good luck with your books from another Noble author.

  5. Tamara,

    Thanks so much for visiting us here at Lady Scribes. I have to agree with Erin Grace on your cover. I said, "Wow" as soon as I opened the page. It's beautiful.

    Your novella sounds great, and I love that it's an eBook. I just got an iPad for Christmas, so I'm looking to buy some new books. Yay!

  6. Great interview Tamara :-)
    Answer: Lord Scandal

  7. Answer: Lord Scandal
    What a cool nickname! I have this book on my wish list. Looks interesting.

  8. Thanks so much everyone for dropping in today, I would have been in earlier but the Aussie / us time difference can be a pain. I hope you enjoy reading my nibble as much as I enjoyed writing it! Thank you Ladyscribes for having me, great blog. Xx

  9. I love the premise of the story, Tam, congrats on your new release. My first published story was a Regency novella also. Lord Scandal I believe, is the answer.

  10. Hey Tam,
    great interview. And lucky you living in the Barossa Valley, I'm jealous!
    Answer: Lord Scandal
    Good luck with your new projects.

  11. Hi Tamara.

    The answer, of course is 'Lord Scandal'. Good luck with this one, and all your releases to come.

  12. Thanks, Maggie, Jess & Stevie for dropping in! The Barossa Valley is a lovely place to live and of course Maggie, Regencies Rule!!! Tam :-)

  13. A day late but ... story of my life *sigh*. Great interview Tam, lovely story - you are on a roll - good luck with both the new books. Answer: - Lord Scandal!
    Jo xx

  14. Thanks, Jo! You're forgiven. ;)

  15. well, I shall copy everyone else who said 'Lord scandal' is the nickname of the hero...the book looks seductive I want to read it!

  16. Thanks so much for a great interview Tam and Heather,
    Can't wait to read about Lord Scandal aka Lord Sedley,

    Suzi Love

  17. Thanks Tanya & Suzi for dropping in, and good luck with the draw everyone who left a comment, winner will be announced soon!! Tam :-))

  18. *insert drum roll please*
    And the winner is Suzi Love!
    Congratulations. I'll forward you a copy soon.
    Enjoy. :)