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Monday, January 17, 2011

Santa Brought Me a Dragon

I wonder center beads are blogs. (I wonder if Santa reads our blogs). You may recall that either in late November or early December I blogged about the different voice-recognition software available. At that time I was most interested in Dragon one (strike one) of those I highlighted in the blog. Well, that is what I got for Christmas. Paragraph (new paragraph).

(I)in fact, everything you're reading has been to in (dictated). I have gone back and corrected with italics. I don't want to hide all of the mistakes that were actually in my Dick Tatian (dictation). I have made (played) around with this a lot since it was given to me (and) find I do need work. It turns out I the (talk a) little too quick and not enunciate enough. Of course, it didn't help that I have pulled my (had a cold when I) first started. In fact, I still knew (do). Perhaps I should wait until only the (my head) clears before I really get to know this program.

However there are some happen but (habits) I do need to develop. A good example would be that when you need a new paragraph I need to say "new paragraph". If I would just say "paragraph" I would get the word paragraph.

I also need to get into the habit of sending (saying) punctuation. It is so easy to ramble on our story or any type of document were (we're) dictating without ever putting .,? or Or quotes (period, common, questionmark or quotes). So while the program is fairly easy and very few mistakes made in the long run, I still need to be careful and watch it appears this rain (it appear on the screen) while I am typing. I made the mistake of losing (closing) my eyes and rambling on for a story and when I read the words back on this green (the screen) it was not clear because I was not enunciating.

If you have used Dragon speak or any other voice-recognition software what are your thoughts? Once I get the hang of things I am sure I will be using this quote (quite) in lot in the future or (for) creating a story.


  1. Amy, Thank you for the update on this. I am very interested in getting something similar for my disabled son. But I think he would find it frustrating and wouldn't have any idea how to find and fix the mistakes.There's definitely a learning curve.

  2. Amy, thanks for sharing the mistakes it made with us! That seems like it could be frustrating, at least at first, but it could be very helpful in the long term.

  3. Clarissa, there is a learning curve but I believe the program grows with the dictator as it adapts to works, phrases and tones. I am still playing around with it.

    Catherine, it was a bit frustrating at first, but I can see where it will be very helpful in teh future, once I get a better handle on dictating.

  4. LOL I had a hard time following the blog for a second, I thought you might have taken too many cold medicenes at first, Amy. Good luck with the program at any rate, I'm sure it's frustrating though. But it's great that you updated us on this. Thanks Amy for the info,