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Monday, January 24, 2011

A Stroll Through Providence, RI

Last week, I took you, dear readers, on a spring tour of London's green spaces. But this week, I'm bringing it back Stateside. Several years ago, I had the privilege of visiting the great city of Providence, RI, and I was in heaven. This was even before I realized I wanted to be an historical romance author! I've always been drawn to cities that are rife with historical landmarks, so I guess it's no surprise I ended up writing about history. There's something magical about walking down a cobblestone street that you know has been walked on by people who lived hundreds of years before you.

One of the original thirteen colonies, Providence was founded in 1636, and its history has been well-preserved. I don't know all the names of streets or houses below, but I hope the pictures will provide some inspiration for your day!

The oldest Baptist church in America

Can you spot the grammatical error on this plaque??

The interior of the church was beautiful -
it's amazing how well maintained it is after more than 200 years!

A really old house of some great importance -
I believe it belonged to one state official or another.

I loved this street - it truly felt like I was in Colonial America!

I wish I had more pictures from my trip to Providence, but I hope you've enjoyed these and gotten a feel for what a wonderful city it is!

Happy Monday!
-Jerrica, Her Grace of Grammar


  1. I lived in Rhode Island and Providence has always been one of my favorite cities. The history of its streets is amazing. The East Side is full of colonial housing and architecture, the RISD Museum is fantastic, and the Historical Society is really top notch.

    Thanks for the pics. Now I'm homesick. In a good way.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Anne! So glad you're homesick in a good way! :) I think we'll definitely have to go back sometime and see the city again!

  3. I've not yet been to Providence but I visited Newport last October and adored it. Thanks for the great virtual tour.

  4. I live in New England, and I love how history is such a natural part of every town. It's beautiful to see it everywhere I go, and I've got to be better about taking more pictures! Thanks for inspiring me. :)

  5. What beautiful pictures. Would you believe I've never visited Providence? Guess I should make the trip, huh?

  6. Beautiful pictures Jerrica! This is going on my to-be-visited list as well.

  7. I lived in Providence for four years while I went to Brown University and RISD. Part of the Brown Commencement (as the sign noted) is held in the Baptist Meeting House, where only the graduates assemble---TV monitors show the ceremony to the assembled guests on the Brown campus. I believe that hilly street is Benefit Street.
    Downtown Providence was a dark, train-track filled mess when I went there. The renovations on the downtown are extraordinary. Sorry you didn't show some pictures of that.

  8. Hope, I ADORE Newport! That's one of my favorite cities!

    Donna, I agree on all counts. And I'm so glad I could provide a little inspiration to your day :)

    Lydia, you should totally make the trip - I'll meet you there! :)

    Melissa, definitely add it to the list. I'm sure you'd love it.

    Anonymous, it was my first and last trip to Providence, so I wouldn't have known if it was newly renovated or not. This was about 5 years ago, though, so maybe they weren't even done then? If you have a blog where you have pics of that, I'd love to see, so please stop by again and let us know.

  9. I too have been to Newport, but never got the opportunity to see Providence. It looks like a place I could get attached to. Loved the pictures. Be assured that if possible, I will visit this city!

  10. Thanks, mom :) Glad you liked the pics.