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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dream Girl

I’m a dreamer. It’s true I set goals for myself and pursue The Dream, but what I mean is I have a lot of vivid dreams while I’m sleeping. I’ve heard others talk of creating novels from a really fantastic dream they’ve had, and I’m envious that their dreams are so organized. Mine are mostly silly, but I’ve had some great laughs thanks to my unconscious. (If you are a dream-analyst, save your interpretations. I’m married to a psychologist. I’m sure I’ve already heard them all. LOL)

The other night I dreamed I woke up with a giant, red big-toe. Only on my right foot. It was the size of a small apple. No pain or anything. I only noticed it because I looked down. I could have been walking around with this colossal toe for days for all I knew. The part I find really funny was my reaction. I just shrugged and said, “Look at that. I need to paint my toenails.” No biggie. My second thought was what shoes I could wear to work since our dress code prohibits open-toed shoes.

I love how our brains work in that space between sleep and wakefulness. One night I dreamed my husband and I were in our old kitchen talking. I don’t know the topic of conversation, but suddenly he looked at me with this very intense expression and said, “Ten.” Huh? And he began repeating himself. “Ten. Ten. Ten. Ten. Ten.” I remember being confused, maybe shaking my head, then I was awake in our bed and I was still hearing the word. It took me a minute to realize it was my husband snoring softly and each exhale sounded just like he was moaning the word "ten".

Then there was the dream where I found a man in full clown make-up sleeping in a twin bed in the middle of a kitchen. The covers were pulled up to his chin and his big clown shoes stuck out from under the covers. My friend and I stood on each side of the bed gazing down at him. She and I looked up at the same time and I said with wonder in my voice, “It’s a clown! A professional clown!” I'm not sure why it was significant that he was a professional rather than an amateur, but there you go.

Once I dreamed I was at a cocktail party listening to a rambling philosophical discussion with these very sophistocated folks in formal wear when a piece of food became lodged in my mouth. They kept right on talking as if nothing was wrong as my jaw locked and I looked like a fish blowing kisses. They didn't even blink when I dug my fingers in my mouth to forcefully dislodge it. I wonder if that dream was the adult version of sitting down to take a test only to discover it is written in Swahili. You know, the anxiety one. Or where you go to school or work and you forgot to put on pants.

My favorite dream is a recurring one I have where I’m walking around in a house I’ve never been in before, and I keep discovering hidden rooms. When I reach the secret rooms, there is a moment’s hesitation and anxiety, but as I open the door, I’m filled with positive feelings and delight. I tend to have these dreams when I’m on the verge of personal growth, so I think it’s my unconscious telling me everything is going to be okay. Don't be afraid of change.

And finally, I want to share a “scary” dream my daughter had when she was four. I had to fight hard to keep a straight face when she told me she dreamed a gang of leprechauns kept grabbing her and tossing her in a bed of poison ivy. I know I shouldn’t laugh at the expense of my child, but it was really funny! I’m also happy that the scariest things in her life are mythical shoemakers with a preference for beer and contracting an itchy rash.

Do you have any recurring dreams or a funny dream you recall?


  1. Great post! I rarely remember my dreams but they have a magical quality to them when I do, so they're special.

  2. I've had dreams that have turned into stories, and often I'll go to bed thinking about my characters - hoping that my subconscience mind will solve whatever problem while I'm sleeping. That hasn't happened in quite a while, not that I'm thinking about it. Hmm. My subconscience mind has abandoned me! I need some good dreams. Stat!

  3. I almost never remember my dreams. I don't know if I have good dreams or bad dreams, funny dreams or wacky dreams. It is such a random and rare occurrence for me to remember them that I could probably count all of the ones I remember on one hand.

    That said, in my family, we have a propensity to not only talk in our sleep, but we walk in our sleep. A few of the sleepwalking experiences have turned out to be downright scary (my mom walking out the front door and heading for the highway as a girl, my brother walking to the kitchen and pulling out a knife before setting it down on the box of Cascade and telling us he was going to the bathroom). The only time we know of that I went sleepwalking, though, was a really hilarious experience. I had two roommates, and for some reason, I got up and told one of them that I had his sheets and I had to finish washing them for him. Don't ask me why I would have been washing his sheets to begin with. I couldn't tell you. My subconscious mind certainly seemed to think I needed to finish with them and return them to their owner, though.

  4. Anon:

    Thanks for stopping by today and for getting the ball rolling. I was beginning to think I was all alone today. :)


    I do that too when I'm wrestling with a spot in my manuscript. Sometimes it works, but what works even better is getting in the shower. I guess all that scalp stimulation wakes up my brain.


    Even in your sleep you are responsible. I love it! :)

  5. I rarely remember my dreams but once in a while I do and if it's about my current wip then I find it was very vivid and usually gets me out of the stall I was in. But that's very rare.

    I do have a recurring dream - or nightmare I should say - about my last wreck that was some fifteen years ago. But the memory of that crash continues to plague me. It's coming less and less over the years though. So I'm hoping time is finally diminishing the experience.

    I'm sure I've had some silly dreams and whatnot but like I said it's very rare that I remember them. Great post and I think I giggled with every new paragraph.

  6. I have the most vivid, exhausting dreams. There have been several occasions where I have put in a full day of work (we're talking field work - digging, sawing, etc.) only to wake up and have to go do it in real life. Now that *sucks*.
    The ones are love are the flying ones (magical!) and the few that I have had were my deceased Papa comes and talks with me. I always feel wrapped in warmth when he shows up in my dreams :)

    My hubby, on the other hand, hardly ever dreams. He simply enjoys blissfully peaceful sleep every night, the lucky duck!

  7. Melissa:
    It sounds like your dreams are working hard for you helping you with your wips and sorting out such a scary event in your life. I'm glad the bad dreams are decreasing.

    Man, that would stink to work all day then all night through your dreams and then all day again! My husband is a sound sleeper too, and he is super lucky.

  8. Samantha, you dreams are so much funnier than mine. Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Samantha, I'm so jealous of your fun dreams. I don't dream often, or maybe I just don't remember them often, but I *hate* to dream. Which is weird, because in real life, I dream a lot!! LOL! 98% of the dreams I've had, though, have disturbed me in one way or another. Not that anything bad happens - it's just the *mood* or something. Not to mention the lack of color...I don't like the idea of a black and white world!

    However, like Lydia said, I've had some dreams that have helped me sort out character problems. But those *dreams* are usually in that early morning/half awake/half asleep state, so I can't really call them dreams...just my brain working overtime for me, I guess :)

    Great post!!

  10. Clarissa:
    My dreams are wacky for sure!

    I can't believe you don't dream in rainbow colors. Well, just tell your mind you've had enough of the black and white stuff and to get with the program.

    Am I in the minority in remembering dreams?