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Monday, March 28, 2011

My Picks

I know, this time of year the mind automatically goes to the NCAA and brackets. Those aren't the picks I am talking about however. In fact, this is the first time in years I haven't filled out a bracket (hangs head in shame). I am referring to workshops. Yep, RWA has announced the lineup of workshops for their Annual Conference this summer in New York City.

This will be my fourth conference and what I find interesting is how much my focus had changed since that first one. I am sure it has everything to do with being published, growing as an author, and becoming more comfortable with a blog. That first year, and probably the second, I was all about the CRAFT workshops. Learning about creating stronger characters, story structure, deep POV, etc. Now the workshops I have chosen have the designation of CAREER, RESEARCH and PUBLISHING. In fact, after glancing through my list, there is only one CRAFT workshop and it is Familiarity Breeds Success: Recurring Characters, Places and Themes in Your Historical Series presented by Sarah MacLean and Lauren Willig. There are two reasons I chose this. One being each book I have written has been set up with either a series or trilogy in mind. I also wanted to attend because I had been in a workshop where Lauren Willig was the presenter and a got a lot out of it. I also absolutely love her Pink Carnation Series.

So, have you looked over the workshops being offered? Do you see a pattern in those you are interested in? And, has your focus changed over the years as mine has?


  1. Amy,

    I haven't had time to look, but I have noticed a change in the workshops I attend. Most of my picks are related to publishing and promotion since I have my first book coming out Feb 2012.

    One thing I recommend is attending the PRO conference for yet-to-be-published authors. I got a lot out of it my first year. In fact, I miss attending. I loved the sense of hope and excitement the speakers generated.

  2. Not going to New York, but I hope you take lots of notes and come back and share with us! :)

    I know craft is always good--but I go to workshops to be entertained and inspired. I love listening to experienced authors speak.

  3. Hi, Amy.

    I won't be at conference this year, but I've always enjoyed the publisher's spotlights. You never know what interesting tidbits you'll pick up.

    My interests have evolved over the years too. I started out like you did, going to every craft lecture I could squeeze into a day, but now I'm much more likely to select publishing workshops. I think it's a natural progression when your books become available to the public.

    I'll miss seeing everyone this year. Hope you have a great conference.

  4. I just looked at this last night actually and began narrowing down my interests. This year there are only a few publisher spotlights I might attend, there's Bob Mayer and Michael Hague that could be good too. Delilah Marvelle is doing her Sex Through History session again and I'll definately be going to that. Now I look at it I've picked research and craft sessions but the speakers are what interest me the most.

  5. Great blog, Amy. I never look at the track (Craft, publishing, etc) when I choose mine.
    I'll be doing my own picks in a couple of weeks, so I don't want to give them away here.

  6. Samantha, I agree, the PRO session is great but every year there is always a workshop I must see going on too and I am leaving and coming back. Oh, if only I could arrange the workshops that best fit my schedule - LOL.

    Gillian, when I am looking at the workshops I do pay attention to who is speaking also. Sometimes I will decide on a speaker over a topic.

    L.J. - you are't going to be there? That makes me very sad! I'll miss you.

    Heather, I was interested in the Sex Through History one also, but I think there was something else that I wanted to see at the same time. Maybe I will take a peek at your notes ;)

    Clarissa, I can't wait to see what you will be attending.