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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Seven Greatest Joys

I’m not given much to introspection. I like what I like and don’t often look for hidden meanings. But as I was struggling to decide on my blog topic this week it occurred to me that I should write down what I enjoy most because lets face it taking stock of the good things helps negate all the bad things happening in the world. So here’s a little glimpse into the seven greatest joys in life:

No 7: Tim Tam’s and Latte

Ok, it’s rare that I ever have the two things simultaneously. For those of you who don’t know Tim Tam’s are chocolate covered biscuits made in Australia. They are HUGE here on the far side. I suppose the reason the two never meet in one sitting is that the latte’s never make it home and the Tim Tam’s never last. What can I say … Tim Tam’s and Latte’s rock!

No 6: My Location

I could wax lyrical about my current house but really any house in this area would do. You see I live on the edge of beautiful Lake Macquarie. We’re not waterfront but we have awesome lake views. Lake Macquarie is a clean saltwater lake, deep and very popular with sailors and skiers alike. I spent my childhood swimming and sailing the waters and there is a wonderful peace and excitement about being here.

No 5: Castle / Star Trek / Sherlock

What can I say – I’m a huge fan of these shows. But quite honestly it was hard to narrow them down. I love Rick Castle (Nathan Fillon) for his humor, Jean Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) for his passion, and Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) for his sheer quirkiness. If you haven’t caught up with these shows you really are missing out!

No 4: My Books

I don’t mean the books I’ve written myself. I’m referring to my obscenely large book collection. I’d go off and count them right now but I need to keep typing. Suffice to say I have eleven bookcases on one floor of my house and untold editions tucked away on another. I’m not stopping to count up the PDF’s and digital editions in my Kindle or iBook App either. Do I feel guilty about having so many … of course not. I’m a book addict and proud of it.

No 3: My Cat – Morpheous

Morpheous is pretty special. He was a re-homed cat, we got him aged four and boy is he different. For one thing his paws never stop flexing. I can’t sit him on my lap without being pricked by his claws and he has this sad tendency to drop to the hardwood floor right behind where I’m standing. I’ve never stepped on him though because he tends to land with so loud a thud that I get worried he might be scrambling his own brains. Crazy cat!

No 2: My Writing

I must admit that having a valid excuse to daydream is wonderful. Up until 2008 I didn’t write fiction at all. Having an outlet for my wild imaginings has really settled me. I feel fulfilled in a way no other paid job has.

Wordle: Heather Boyd

No 1: My Family

You can never tell your family too often that you love them, that you admire them and wish them the very best. However, I’m making a fair attempt at it, if only within the confines of my house for my image conscious boys. With my husband I’ve never tried to hide how happy he makes me. I am shamelessly in love with my childhood sweetheart and I let him know every chance I get.

So tell me – what are the seven things that bring you the most joy?


  1. Great list, Heather. Thanks for sharing them with us. And I have to share with you--I was in the grocery store a couple of weeks ago, looking down the cookie and cracker aisle to find some snacks for my nephew, and I ran across Tim Tams. That is the first time I've ever seen them here in Texas. I've been wanting to try them for years and years--so now I can. I may have to get a box to share with my nephew. Depending on how good they are, he may not get any though. LOL.

  2. What a great list!! And yes, Tim Tams have finally come to America, thanks to Pepperidge Farm, I think! I really need to buy a box of them!!

    Okay, 7 things I love:
    1) My hubby and daughter - they keep me entertained :)
    2) My cat, Dr. Snuggle - I've had him for almost 12 years!! It's hard to believe he's that old, but he's still so handsome and spry!
    3) My nanny - she helps me clean up after #1 and #2
    4) Cupcakes
    5) In-home washer/dryer
    6) Starbucks
    7) My iPad

    This was so fun! Thanks for letting me play :)

  3. You MUST bring these fabled Tim Tams to Nationals - I'll trade you a few cupcakes for them!

  4. I'm so glad to hear that Tim Tams are in the US... There should be worldwide Tim Tam adicts like me. :o)

    Great list Jerrica. I could have had an eighth joy for ipad too but seven sounded better!

  5. Plain and simple! I like your work!


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