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Monday, March 7, 2011

RWA + NYC = Woohoo!

I'm sure many of you know by now that I am a New York City resident, and as the resident NYC resident, I've been nominated to do an NYC tour series here on Lady Scribes in preparation for Nationals this summer.

It's a common misconception, in my opinion, that New York is expensive. Sure, the cost of living here might be higher on the average, but it's still not as expensive as say, being at a Disney resort. This is a living, breathing city, and a lot of it is made up of low and middle income families. So trust me, you won't be forced into eating outrageously over-priced hamburgers. That is, as long as you follow my advice :)

The biggest rule that you must follow is this:


You might be lured by the giant, familiar neon signs that boast the names of your favorite restaurants. "Oh, I know that place! They're inexpensive and have food that I love!" And then you'll get inside, ask to be seated and once you're cozily ensconced in your booth overlooking Times Square, you'll realize your mistake. The chain restaurants know that tourists will always run for what's familiar and so they mark up the prices considerably, knowing you probably won't walk out once you've already been seated. Olive Garden, Ruby Tuesday's and Red Lobster are massive staples in the city's center, but you'll find the markup on your favorite dishes to be anywhere from $3 to $6. Or pop into Fridays and you'll pay almost double for their standard hamburger.

So where should you go for that yummy non-chain hamburger? THE COUNTER! This primarily west coast build-your-own-burger joint finally comes to NYC, and while it's not the cheapest fare you'll find, it's darn good food and worth every penny. You'll leave feeling satisfied, and you won't be kicking yourself for paying $15 for a meal you could get back home for $8. Plus, it's a short 4-minute walk down Broadway from the Marriott!

For more info on The Counter, and to see their menu (which has way more than just burgers!), visit http://www.thecounterburger.com/

I'll be back in two weeks to give my suggestions for great Italian restaurants in Hell's Kitchen!

-Jerrica, Her Grace of Grammar


  1. Great! I'll be at Nationals and will need recommendations for sure!

  2. I love NYC and I hope that I'll get to be there for RWA this summer. There are so many great places to eat--every variety of food available--and it doesn't have to cost a lot. I can't wait to see the rest of your recommendations!

  3. Jerrica, Thanks for doing this wonderful series. I can't wait to see what you come up with :)

  4. Yes, thank you, Jerrica!I'm more than happy to have a little guidance. :)

  5. I must be odd because if I am someplace new, I won't go to a restaurant where I can get the same food back at home, unless I absolutely have to. Where is the fun in that? The Counter sounds like a place I will be visiting and I love how you can get a burger in a bowl. Can't wait to see what you recommend for Italian - my favorite food.

  6. Check out Eataly, the mega-gourmet Italian food restaurant/food court at 23rd and Broadway on the N & R subway lines in Manhattan. You can spend a little ( gelato, sandwiches, pizza, etc. ) or more ( fish, steak, etc. ) at this spin-off of the original based in Italy. It's huge and very, very delicious with several restaurants, counters, take-outs. It's great for vegetarians and meat lovers. I love the vegetarian restaurant. Karen K.

  7. Address correction on Eataly: Eataly is actually located at 23rd and 5th Avenue. The subway information is correct. Karen K.