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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Casting call: Romance characters needed

The life of a romance writer is, at times, a hard slog. Right now I’m up to my eyebrows in edits, grappling with pesky comma placement and the like. It’s tough but rewarding – the best job I’ve ever had.

One of the best parts of writing is setting up the next book, or next series. I particularly like picking images that represent the characters I wish to write about. With an image of a real person, especially actors, it’s easier for me to describe expressions and choreography between them as the story plays out.

But sometimes it doesn’t work, and I can’t find the right image to match to vague impression in my head. It drives me insane. Unfortunately, even with edits hanging over my head, I’m at that point now.

I’m writing an regency romance series, based around one estranged English family. My family has three brothers and one sister – all dark haired, ages between twenty-one and twenty-nine.

The eldest is Leopold – tanned, serious, but with dimples when he smiles
Next is Oliver – pale, artist, and barely civilized, tallest
Third is Rose – uptight, terrible temper when pushed, a neat freak
Last is Tobias – weathered sailor, scoundrel, and a really bad influence

The problem is I can’t picture them clearly. So … care to help?

Below are twelve images, male and female, to get you started. Match the image below to one of the four characters above and put your votes into the comments. If you have a better choice I haven’t listed, please, please, please post a link to the image you think is better or give me a name and I’ll add it to the bottom of the post later in the day. I'd love to get some faces to the names:

Clive Owen
Jake Gyllenhall
Hugh Dancy
Gerard Butler

Chris Hemsworth
Alex O'Loughlin

James McAvoy
Xaviar Samuels
Emily Blunt
Emma Stone
Gemma Arteton
Karen Gillan
Before you start suggesting other candidates there are two things I should share:

1. Colin Firth was, of course, considered but he IS Mr. Darcy to me and I just can’t recast him in any other role
2. Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt do nothing for me. So sorry.

Ready? Suggest away.

Heather Boyd
~ Lady Wicked


  1. Ha! This is so fun. Okay, here are my picks...

    #1 Alex O'Laughlin
    #2 James Macavoy
    #3 Karen Gillan
    #4 Hugh Dancy

  2. Hey, I like that combination. Thanks Jerrica!

  3. Here you go!

    Leopold: Clive Owen
    Oliver: James McAvoy
    Rose: Emily Blunt
    Tobias: Jake Gyllenhall

  4. Hello Lady Scribes! Lydia told me I must visit--and I can see why!

    Heather--I'll offer up an alternate. Paul Walker was the model for the hero in my upcoming May Regency. His dirty blonde incarnation was perfect for my bad boy, Lord Stephen Manning, but I've seen pics of him with darker coloring.

    I don't think I can attach a pic here, but .... Go forth, Google and enjoy!

  5. After careful consideration, because I'll have to live with these characters for years, I have finally nailed down my characters. Drum roll please...

    Leopold - Clive Owen
    Oliver (by popular demand) - James McAvoy
    Rose - Karen Gillan
    Tobias - Hugh Dancy

    I did give Deb Marlowe's offering - Paul Walker - serious consideration but I thought he was perhaps a tad too pale beside the other brothers. :o)