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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Guest Blogger: Suzie Grant

Sharpshooting – Women on Target
Today’s guest Suzie Grant, writes western romance with thrills. She still remembers sitting at her grandfather's feet watching cowboy shows like Gunsmoke, Lonesome Dove and Bonanza. Her love of the Wild West started by the age of four and has grown ever since. Cowboys, wide open spaces, the freedom of the west and family are what draw her to this genre. That and the fact that when a cowboy falls in love - it's for life. Suzie still believes in the happily ever after and currently resides in North Carolina with her own real life hero, three children, and one shitzhu named Peppy Le'Pew. Take a journey with her into the lives of a dying breed of man and the unforgotten way of life called the Wild West. Contact her at suziegrantauthor@gmail.com or Twitter

I have a theory that most women are more opinionated than men, simply because we know what we want. Women have been the backbone of families for centuries. I truly believe in the saying “behind every man is a good woman” and we’re finally getting the recognition that we deserve. Wars have been fought over and because of women in the past, but there is little doubt that women are often the driving force behind much of our history. One of my favorites are Annie Oakley, who could shoot the head off a running quail when she was twelve years old. How can you not be fascinated by a woman who thumbed her nose at society’s rules and became successful on her own terms?

They called her Little Miss Sure Shot. Oakley soon became well known throughout the region. During the spring of 1881, the Baughman and Butler shooting act was being performed in Cincinnati. Traveling show marksman and former dog trainer Francis E. Butler, an Irish immigrant, placed a $100 bet (roughly equivalent to modern US$2,000) with Cincinnati hotel owner Jack Frost, that he, Butler, could beat any local fancy-shooter. The hotelier arranged a shooting match between Butler and the 21-year-old Oakley, to be held in ten days in a small town near Greenville, Ohio. After missing on his 25th shot, Butler lost the match and the bet. He began courting Oakley, and they married on June 20, 1882.

A real life fairy tale I’d say.

So in light of celebrating the strength of a woman’s will, and after contemplating this crazy roller coaster ride called the publishing industry, I’ve decided to self-publish my western series called the Devil Ryder series. The Devil’s Daughter was released on the fifth at Amazon.

It’s a scary chance to take, but I’m certain I’m not the first or the last to do something uncertain in my life, and I’m fairly certain that no matter what happens in this new venture in my life — I’ll be just fine. Who knows, I may surprise myself and learn something new along the way? What else have I got to lose?

So I’m sighting my target, taking a deep breath, and pulling the trigger.

Have you ever done anything risky in your life? And what other historical female figures have inspired you to take a chance? The Devil's Daughter by Suzie Grant

A bounty hunter facing his past encounters a criminal on the run from her own.

Blaze Marie Austin is no longer the little girl forced to be an outlaw. Seeking a chance at redemption, Blaze tries to repay the man who saved her life by helping him save his ranch. Only her savior’s estranged son returns home, accuses her of betrayal and ignites a passion she can’t deny.

Gade Ryder has returned to Eden, Texas, after a twelve year absence at his father's insistence, but he has no intentions of staying. That is until he's asked to investigate a gang of rustlers stealing from the family ranch. He can’t decide if he’s accepted the job out of misplaced family loyalty, or if the mystery of the devil’s daughter compels him to stay in the one place he never wanted to be. Confronted by the memory of his mother’s suicide and the father he blames for her death, Gade finds himself seeking comfort from the one woman he knows he shouldn’t trust.

When the little criminal is accused of murder, Gade realizes his growing attraction for her could not only cost him his freedom, it may well cost him his life.

Amazon buy link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004V4GN52 Special thanks to the Lady Scribes for letting me join them here and Heather Boyd for my lovely cover art. For more info visit http://www.suziegrantauthor.com/

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  1. Tears of joy are streaming down my cheeks as I'm writing this comment. I am so happy & proud of you! I can barely see to type..LOL. If anyone ever deserved it, it's you!! Take it and run wild with it like your spirit my love! Congrats!! I love you so much! It couldn't have happened for a better person than you dear! <3

  2. LOL my biggest fan. You can't hide under anonymity here, girl. I know who you are, Christi. Having lots of support is such a blessing and you're the best friend in the world. Love ya! And thanks!

  3. Congrats on the new book! Can't wait to see how it sells! You really deserve it due to your hard, hard work!

    Love ya always!

  4. Suzie,

    Thanks for sharing your new story with us today. I bet western fans all over are rejoicing. Good luck!

  5. Suzie! I'm so happy for you! And I'm so glad I got to read an advanced copy of Devil's Daughter. I have no doubt it'll be a success. You are SO bringing westerns back :)

  6. Oh wow! Your book sounds really good. I got a kick out of your dog's name Peppy :-)

  7. Oh Suzie! The Devil's Daughter sounds wonderful! I'm wishing you all the success you deserve. Your opening paragraph brought me right back to watching Gunsmoke and Bonanza with my grandfather. I can't ever see John Wayne without thinking of my grandpa.

  8. Interesting blog, I like your candor in presenting yourself as a lover of westerns, very refreshing. Yes, westerns interest me also and with the resurgance of western movies in the past 10 years your direction of western romance will appeal (i think) to a great deal more people than you imagine. I loved watching the westerns of the 50's and 60's, and still do. Looking forward to reading your book and love the shitzhu name. Pat

  9. Thanks so much everyone! Ranik one of my favorite guys - you're a sweet heart! Thanks for stopping by!

    Thanks Samatha and Jerrica, I've enjoyed learning so much from both of you!

    Sandra, the name peppy just fit perfectly as he's black and white. Who didn't love the real Pepe' Le Pew the cartoon. Wasn't he adorable? lol Thanks so much for stopping by. I had a blast writing this book.

    Ava! I couldn't agree more, I loved watching John Wayne with my grandfather and he was religious with his devotion to westerns. There will always be a special place in my heart for the older western shows and movies - because of the memories I suspect. Thanks so much for stopping by!

    Pat, I agree, I think there are a lot more western lovers out there than the publishers would have us think. I do believe there is a market out there for us. And I hope maybe it comes back in a big way. But if not, there is that small core of us who will love it no matter what. I'm so glad you all came by to see me today! Thank you so much and hopefully I'll be seeing more of you soon!

  10. Suzie, Your book sounds very interesting. Me? Dangerous? No, nothing comes to mind. I'm more of a sit-in-a-quiet-place-and-write type of person.Good luck with your new release ;0

  11. I knew you would know it was me..there's nothing anonymous about me haha! I love you Mel!

  12. The winner of The Devil's Daughter is Pat. Could you please email me at suziegrantauthor@gmail.com so that I can send you a free copy of the book. Looking forward to hearing from you, Pat!!