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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just a touch Smurf'ed

It all seemed so harmless in the beginning...

When I was young, I used to watch a little TV show about Smurfs. I loved that show and even managed to acquire my own little Papa Smurf figure that I still have today (although it seems to have disappeared – must search small boy’s room).

Fast forward to the present and I’m revisiting my love of little blue men via the Smurf’s App on my iPad. Originally, I got the adventure game for my youngest son. Unfortunately, playing the farming game becomes slightly addictive and now I’m wrestling my iPad away from youngest son so that I can plant and harvest crops, put funny smurf hats on family photo’s, and make the little guys do my evil bidding!

Village West
Village East

Sigh. Playing the game is like having minions. But imagine my surprise when I saw the following movie trailer while waiting to watch Hop at the cinemas.

Is there possibly a Smurfs Support Group or Smurf Counseling Hotline? I might need them this year! LOL

Heather Boyd
~ The Wicked Smurf


  1. I LOVE the Smurfs, Heather!! No counseling needed - you enjoy those little blue guys :) They need all the help they can get against Gargamel! As a matter of fact...I should probably get in on the game, too. Thanks for the recommendation! LOL!

  2. I was addicted to the Smurfs as a kid, too. And I completely understand the addiction to a farming game. I was stuck on FarmTown on Facebook for over a year.

  3. Whenever I think of the Smurfs, I always think of my nieces who first introduced me to them. Great memories. Thanks, Heather.

  4. I saw a giant smurf in the Macys Thanksgiving parade this year & started yelping and jumping up and down. My nephew said what is it & I explained & told him when I was his age I loved smurfs so much that I had a smurf trapper keeper.

    He just shook his head sadly...as in why am I with the crazy people?

    Glad to know there is still smurf love out there :)

  5. So glad to see I'm not alone in my Smurf obsession. LOL

  6. LOL loved the smurfs! I haven't seen Smurfs in years! Brings back great memories. Thanks Heather for taking me down memory lane.