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Monday, May 23, 2011

Following those Dreams

At one or more times in our life, we have had dreams. Really big dreams! I was reminded of that this weekend as I attended the auditions for Footloose (I will be doing makeup for the show). It was two days of watching one talented person after another come in sing, dance and read for a part. I know I would never have the guts to do that. I did participate in theater in high school, but I was much braver back then.

Given the show is Footloose, we had a lot of teenagers and those in their early twenties walk through the door, and there was more talent than we knew what to do with. I also know a lot of these kids will be going off to college (or are in college) and still have big dreams ahead of them. Some will be majoring in Music, Musical Theater, Dance, etc., with hopes of using their amazing talents as their career. Unfortunately, only a handful will actually make it. Regardless, their life is still ahead of them.

There are also a lot of people in the age group that may not be looking to the stage for their future, but are probably more grounded in the dreams: doctor, lawyer, teacher, etc. They are more likely to achieve their dream than anyone going in any creative field.

Authors fall into the creative area. We write manuscript after manuscript after manuscript. I know I have more than a couple gathering dust. I had to hone my craft, so to speak, before a publisher wanted something I had written. I only know of one person who sold after they had written only one manuscript. That is a rarity, as we all know.

For all of the writers, singers, dancers, artists out there, it comes down to being in the right place at the right time. A performer needs to audition for a show they fit. They could have the best singing voice on the planet but if they are 28 and auditioning for the role of Annie, well, it isn’t going to happen. You would be better off looking in the role of Grace. And an author needs to now her market also. I write historical inspirational romance so I would be fool to submit to Harlequin Blaze. If I wrote erotic romance, I wouldn’t bother with submitting to Bethany House. Either way, I would go from slush pile and into the garbage. Well, maybe I would get a rejection letter too, but I would have made it clear to the publisher that I didn’t do my research.

There is a show for everyone just as there is a publisher and agent for everyone. The trick is in finding them. It just may take an awful lot of time. So, it guess it comes down to how important your dream is to you will depend on how much you are willing to invest.

And, I am a firm believer that it is NEVER too late to follow that dream. I penned a portion of my first novel (which was never finished by the way) at the age of twenty. Soon marriage, then children became more important. I am older now and my children are of an age that they no longer need my constant supervision and I have more free time on my hands. When that occurred, I returned to the idea of novel writing. As soon as I began typing those first words that dream of long ago came back to me and I was determined to see it realized. Twenty years later (after penning those first words when I was so young) I had a completed novel.

Do you have a dream you are still pursuing? What is it? And, have you dreams changed over the years? Did you want to be one thing in high school, but wanting something totally different today?


  1. Wonderful post, Amy. I agree that it's never too late. It's also important to stand strong and not let negativity or doubt from others drain the energy and drive needed to pursue your dream. That's one I struggled with for a long time...and it took me on many detours. I'd say maturity has given me strength.

  2. Thanks for an inspirational post, Amy. :)

  3. Amy,

    Like you, I didn't start to pursue my dream until later in life, but it was the exact right time. I think having trust that everything will fall in place at the right time is key. Nevertheless, that doesn't mean sitting back and doing nothing. Success in anything takes hard work and a desire to become a master of your art.

  4. Rula, you are so right. We cannot leg negativity stand in our way or nothing will happen. We simply have to believe in ourselves even if nobody else does.

    On a side note, the cast list went up today for Footloose and I am surprised to see my name on it. I didn't audition, I just joked about having the guts one day to audition for a show since I hadn't done anythign since high school. Hmmm, I am rather curious and still wonder if I will have the guts to do this. I am hoping it is all a joke so I don't really need to think about it.

  5. Hairdresser. Instead I got a government job pushing papers around my desk. The closest I come these day is giving my kids buzz cuts during summer.