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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday, Monday

Do you like Mondays? Do you suffer from repeated Mondayitis?

The Urban Dictionary defines Mondayitis as:
The seemingly contagious disease that effects people on Mondays. Symptoms include not showing up for work or even calling in, usually triggered by over celebrating Sunday Funday. Home cures include late night breakfastses, sleeping late and half-hearted pledges of sobriety. Usually lasts until Friday Eve.

Yesterday morning, I was trying to work out why Monday’s have such a bad reputation. You see I’m a morning person: up at 6am most days without an alarm, unable to sleep in unless I’m sick. Yet I seem to be burdened with a bunch of morning grouches in my life. Admittedly they are all male—primary schooler, teenager (now legally able to drink) and my darling beloved (don’t dare use a different title-he reads our blog LOL)—so that might be one reason for the surliness. Yet yesterday every man in my life hit me with a bad attitude. Oh geez.

Eldest son, the teenager, grunted he was tired and started plotting to take a day off college later in the week. Scary-bright 9 year old boy growled over his brekkie cereal as if I’d asked him to kiss a girl (he’s at THAT age) not get ready for school where he’s hardly ever bored.

Me? I was bouncing-keen to get stuck into writing after the weekend off. Right up until the moment my husband asked me what my problem was. Men! Can’t a woman be happy that two out of the three men in her life will be exiting the house? Can’t a woman be impatient to lose herself in her fantasy world (that actually makes a little money) instead of looking at ironing?

To say I came crashing down to earth in a big way is an understatement. It is almost impossible to stay upbeat in the face of universal (my universe) disapproval especially when your family has a problem with you being happy. *sigh*

But Monday seems to be the day that sets the tone for the rest of my week. And I think I’ve worked out why. The secret seems to be that I love my job.

Instead of chanting, “I don’t like Monday’s” ala Boom Town Rats, I’m thinking of what mischief I can get my characters into in the next few days. Although I treat writing as a job I also find it a great deal of fun.

So if you are a morning person, and an even rarer Monday lover like me, I’d love to hear how you cope with your gloomy dissenters?

Take care.


  1. I'm just like you, Heather! I love Mondays. As a matter of fact, I pretty much love every day of the week! Since hubby and I both work from home and mostly have our own (dream) schedules, we can make Monday feel like a Saturday if we want.

    And I'm a morning person too. Maybe not 6am (unless the baby wakes us up that early), but I'm usually up by 7 with no alarm, and I always hit the ground running. Eric is a little slow in the mornings - not a grumbler, thankfully - but I make fun of the fact that I can make an entire meal in less time than he can make the coffee. LOL!

  2. LOL Heather! I'm a night owl so I'm not at my greatest during the morning hours, although I am far from grumy either. I'm like Jerrica's hubby - a little slow lol. I have a house full of men as well and yes, they all tend to be grumpy in the mornings. It must be a male thing. I hope the rest of your week goes by better!

  3. Hm, depends on the Monday I guess, and how the weekend went.

  4. Mondays are a toss up for me. The good part is I start my day in my home office unless I have a meeting. That gives me time to figure out what my week probably looks like, though things can change on a dime. I like that moment after the house is empty when I can pour another cup of coffee and breathe.

  5. Jerrica - Yay!!! I'm not alone.

    Melissa - Today should be fantastic. They are ALL going out. Alone time. Woo hoo

    Jenna - I hope you have great weekends then, leading to great Mondays in the future.

    Samantha - last male just left the building. Coffee brewed, view soaked in. Ah. The Serenity!