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Friday, May 27, 2011

There's Nothing Like a Great Cup of Coffee

In my experience, there are two kinds of writers in the world. No, I don’t mean pantsers vs. plotters. No, I don’t mean night people vs. morning people. No, no, no.

I mean those who drink coffee and those who don’t.

I think the typical image of a writer, is that of someone plugging away on the laptop in a darkly lit room with cigarette smoke swirling about on one side of the computer – and a cup of coffee on the other. For years – and I mean YEARS – I was part of the contingency of writers who never drank coffee. (And, yes, there are large numbers of them out there.) In fact, I found it to be vile stuff. Oh, I loved the smell of coffee, but the taste…? Bleck! I would have rather swallowed tar.

But over the last few years, that has changed. Somewhere along the way I became a coffee drinker. Don’t ask me how – actually that is a very long and drawn out story that I’m sure only I find interesting. However I will tell you that I was more surprised than anyone how much I have come to love the stuff. I’m getting closer and closer to the typical image of a writer, sans the cigarette smoke and the darkly lit room, of course.

In all things, however, I tend to be a bit spoiled. Therefore, I’ve never learned to make coffee. Ignorance is bliss, after all. If I learn how to make it, I’ll have to do so all the time. Heaven forbid. No - I much prefer to buy my coffee, so it’s just the way I want it. Usually I get a very complicated latte, tailor made just for me. But recently Starbucks started selling a Mocha Coconut Frappuccino. I was in HEAVEN! I mean serious HEAVEN. Mocha AND coconut?


Ok. I know that image of the writer plugging away on their laptop does NOT include a Mocha Coconut Frappuccino. But now that I’ve had one, I think I will throw a huge temper tantrum if they ever take it off the menu.

And don’t even get me started on their Cake Pops! Heavenly goodness on a stick. Three flavors – Birthday Cake, white cake with pink frosting; Tiramisu, exactly what it sounds like; Rocky Road, chocolate cake, nuts, marshmallows and chocolate frosting! I still can’t decide which is my favorite. I’ll have to keep testing them.

Are you a coffee person? What is your favorite coffee? Do you make it yourself, or buy it like me? But most importantly – no matter if you are a coffee person or not - have you tried a Cake Pop?


  1. Coffee is essential to my well-being - and everyone else's. If I do not have my morning coffee, I kill people.

  2. Not a coffee girl--and wait, I thought it was heavenly, moist cake-y-ness on a stick?


  3. I had not even HEARD of a cake pop until you mentioned it. LOL. I might have to try one soon, though. And if I can afford to buy from Fourbucks, I mean Starbucks, then I do on occasion, though it has been a while. During the holidays, they tend to come out with my favorite drink on the planet: Peppermint Mochas. You can order them year-round, so if they ever take your Coconut Mocha off the menu, you can still get one. But I'm not just a coffee drinker, I'm a caffeine addict. If I don't get my two cups of coffee a day, then I get horrible headaches. So it is a necessity to brew my own. (Which, I must say, is not difficult at all, my dear.) I'm a big fan of a good, smooth, dark roast. That's what I drink on a daily basis, and I keep my Peppermint Mochas in mind for special occasions--since I can spend less than the cost of one on enough Folgers to get me through a month. LOL.

  4. Viviane ~ That is hilarious. I don't think I'm that bad. BUT years ago when I was on the Atkins diet, I would have killed for a piece of toast. I mean that. I would have KILLED anyone who tried to keep me from a piece of toast.

    Deb ~ LOL! For the rest of you... Poor Deb Marlowe was with me one night when I decided I had to have a Cake Pop! She listened to me gush and gush about their wonderfulness until we got to Starbucks and they were out of the tiramisu!

    Catherine ~ Peppermint Mocha sounds awesome! As for making my own - I still don't want to learn. I'd just rather someone make it pretty and then give it to me. ;)

  5. Mmm I'm on my way to grab a great cup of coffee right now! But now I'm hungry too! Great mouth watering post

  6. Love this post, Ava! I'm a Starbucks girl, myself. Eric and I stroll the baby up the block several times a week for iced coffee. Although, at home, we have a super fancy Jura coffee/cappuccino/espresso maker, so we concocted our own yummy iced confections years ago: 2 shots of Starbucks espresso, sweetener of your choice (Eric does raw sugar, I do half a splenda), half&half (or chocolate almond milk for me), 4 ice cubes and, if we're feeling naughty, whipped cream on the top. Of course, I make Eric do this most mornings because, like you, I'm a spoiled princess. LOL!

    LOVE the cake pops, too! YUM!! I think the Birthday Cake is my favorite :)

  7. I am NOT a coffee person. We have a 4 cup coffee pot in the house for when my dad visits. When he worked from home, he finished a 12 cup pot a day.

    Maybe because my dad drank so much coffee, I never liked the smell or taste...not even in ice cream. I've lived this long without it and see no reason to change.

    Although I am tempted by those cake pops. MMMMmmm.

  8. I'm a big coffee drinker. I don't like it flavored. Hazelnut especially makes me gag, but I used to force it down when I visited one of my patients because coffee time was the best talking time. I like my coffee with Splenda and cream best, not milk. I'd say I'm a high maintenance coffee drinker. :)

  9. Suzie ~ I hope you enjoyed your coffee!

    Jerrica ~ I do LOVE the birthday cakes ones. The outer icing reminds me of the pink circus cookies I used to eat as a kid. But the heavenly cake inside is soooo much better than the cookies were.

    Beth ~ You have GOT to try the cake pops. Seriously - the are to die for.

    Samantha ~ :) Like you, I'm not a huge hazelnut fan. But I do love a little Irish Cream...with or without the coffee, if I'm being completely honest.

  10. Mocha coconut frappuccino. Hmmm. Haven't seen one of those here, so perhaps it's time for a trip to NC.

  11. Let's just say, that all of your descriptions of a writer have fit me at one time or another. I am still a coffee drinker and have been since possibly high school, but maybe it was college. I could easily drink a pot a day - no sugar or creamer. However, give me a Raspberry Mocha (yum) and that cup of coffee is tossed. As for the cakes, I've seen them but so far I've resisted the temptation. I am afraid once I get started, well . . .