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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The End of an Era

Now that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 has been out for about a week, it is starting to sink in for me.

There's no more new Harry Potter anything on the horizon to look forward to. Oh, sure, there is Pottermore, but we don't really know what that will be other than supposedly all of the books available in digital format, do we? Okay, fine, so I haven't yet been to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, so I can look forward to that someday, I suppose.

But my point is that for well over a decade, Potter fanatics like me have always had something specific and concrete on the horizon. There was a new book coming out, or another installment of the film franchise was in the works, or spoilers were leaking about potential titles or who might die. There was always something we were on the edge of our seats, waiting anxiously for.

And when that something was released, you can bet your socks (or Dobby's, as the case may be) that there were oodles of us in line well before the midnight release. Who cares that it's a kids' movie? Not me. What's that you say? The books are meant for teenagers? Guess I'm a teenager at heart.

Without that something specific and concrete coming, a strong sense of loss has settled in for me.

This world that I've come to know and love will always be there for me to read or watch again...but there's nothing new. No new chapters to fill in. No unanswered questions left to be answered. (Well, I could argue that there are still plenty of questions that need answers, but that's for another day...)

Is anyone else grieving the Harry Potter saga like I am right now? And how are you dealing with it? Any suggestions on what to replace it with?

(And is there anything you particularly loved or hated about anything along the way? We're all here to vent with/cry over/hug if needed.)


  1. Catherine,

    Harry Potter is for everyone! It's the perfect family story. I have lots of friends who've read the books right along with their kids, and it gave them a way to connect. (My daughter is a little too young yet, and my son didn't like Harry Potter.)I think that is what's so great about the series.

    I saw most of the movies. The last one was fantastic and satisfying. I cried. (No surprise there!) I would be interested in seeing what happens to their kids now. I loved that they showed what happened later. Who knows? There could be more books about the kids' experiences.

  2. Samantha, it is a great way to connect. My sisters and I read a lot of the same books and talk about them, but we've never talked about books more than we have the Harry Potter books. Mom hasn't spent much time reading since we were all little kids, but the four of us have had a standing date to see each of the movies on opening weekend--and now that the last one has happened, she is talking about reading the books.

    I kind of like your idea about a new series with the kids' experiences. :)

  3. This is the exact reason we keep putting off going to see the last movie. If we don't see it, it's not over. LOL! I agree, though, that it's been such a great way to connect with people. My sister and I are both fanatics, so we've gotten to share that love of HP with one another. And I think we'll probably take another trip to Orlando in the somewhat near future - it's seriously SO awesome! I just don't want to go in July next time! Blech!!

  4. Jerrica, I'd imagine that spring or fall is probably better for Orlando weather. Yay for more sisters sharing a Harry Potter obsession.

    I couldn't make myself hold out on the final movie...even though I was disappointed with the last couple before it. I actually saw HP7P2 twice on opening weekend. LOL. When you DO go see it, be sure you've got plenty of tissues. Just sayin'. Of course, I'm sure you already know to do that, having read the book.

  5. I remember reading Deathly Hollows aloud to my son and I remember being soooo choked up during the epilogue that I could barely get the words out. Last weekend my son and I saw HP7P2 and then we came home and read the epilogue one more time. (This time I was able to read it without tears streaming down my face, however.)

    But, yes, it is sad that there is no new Harry Potter anyting to look foward to. Definitely the end of wonderful, exciting era.

  6. LOL, great post, Catherine. I wasn't too big into Harry Potter but my kids sure were. And I feel a little lost, a certainity that I will no longer be able to go and watch these movies with them. It doesn't help that they're all grown up now too. My oldest literally grew up with Harry Potter so it's difficult for me to let go of that. It was a great era for fiction and it brought so many young kids to reading that it makes me sad that it's over. Perhaps another J.K Rowling character will emerge for the young generation to look up to again. We can only hope. Reading is such an adventure and pleasure I'm just glad to pass it on to my kids.

  7. I loved, loved, loved the last HP! I can't wait to share them with my boys, when they are old enough to read, but they have to get their own books because I'm not sharing mine! I am sad that there is no new HP stuff forthcoming, but not TOO sad, since I can always go visit Harry and company anytime, by re-reading the series. It never gets old... :)