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Monday, July 11, 2011

Top 5 Reasons E-Reading Rocks!

I used to be somewhat against the idea of reading books on a screen. After all, I spend most of my day looking at a computer, so the thought of looking at a smaller one in my leisure time was a bit off-putting. But then I got my iPad, and I downloaded the Kindle App, the iBooks App and the Nook App, as well as a PDF reader, and since then I haven't had the need or desire to touch a paperback book. Except for research, but you'll read about that in a minute.

So, for those of you still on the fence about e-reading, here are my Top 5 Reasons why E-Reading Rocks!

1. Dictionary. I remember when I first started reading Regency romance and I had no idea what 30% of the words meant. Since it was pre-Kindle days, I was forced to read near a computer so that I could pull up Dictionary.com when I needed to. And I'm sure many of you are accustomed to even using *gasp* an actual dictionary. Like, a paper one! But in an e-reader, all you have to do is touch the word and the definition appears at the bottom of the screen! It's brilliant!

2. Bookmarking/Highlighting. No longer do I have to worry about losing my place in my book. Not only can I bookmark the page virtually, but I can also highlight the last word I read! That's invaluable. I'm reading a paper research book right now and this morning I re-read almost two whole pages because I didn't know exactly where I was. So annoyed. And now wishing I had purchased that research book for Kindle.

3. Thousands of books in one, compact place. I think back to just a couple years ago when Eric and I would travel. I would toil over which books to bring, because I could only fit so many into my suitcase. And ironically enough, I hardly ever find time to read when we're traveling. But still, no less than 5 books went into my bags, taking up valuable space that could have been used for another outfit or another pair of shoes. Now, of course, I don't have to worry about that. I don't have to toil over titles, either. All my books are in one of my reader apps on my iPad at all times.

4. Instant Gratification. I think it was Barbara Vey at Nationals who said she was in the airport and asked a woman about her Kindle and what she was reading on it. The woman listed off a couple of big names like John Grisham and Michael Chrichton. (Don't quote me on this!) And then Barbara told her what she did and the woman launched into the list of romance authors she had on her Kindle. When Barbara started reccommending other authors the woman might like, she immediately downloaded all of them! Right there in the airport. No writing it down on scrap paper (that could get lost) and perusing the shelves of B&N ad naseum until she found the titles. Nope. She had them all within minutes and she didn't have to move a muscle!

5. Lending. Okay, this one I haven't done yet, but I used to lend out my paperbacks and bite my nails until I got them back. I was very anal about the condition of my books. I don't break spines, I don't dog-ear pages, and I most definitely don't write in books (autographs are okay.) So it was always with great trepidation that I lent my books. But now...I no longer have to worry about my precious books when I lend them out. If they have the lending option, I can send them electronically to a friend. No dog-earing or spine-breaking even possible! Yay!

So those are my top 5...What are yours? Do you have an e-reader(s)? If not, does this list of features make you more likely to jump on the e-reader bandwagon?


  1. Brilliant post, Jerrica.

    I have both a kindle and an ipad with all the apps, but I prefer the kindle due to the backlight issue. I love, love, love my kindle for all the reasons you listed. And it's sooo light. It's so nice to carry it in my purse and always have something to read no matter where I'm at. No remembering to put a new book in my purse. No wondering where I put the last set of books I bought from the store. It's all right there on a handy/dandy little screen. :)

  2. I completely agree Jerrica! Love these reasons! I just noticed my book shelf the other day and I actually considered selling my titles and cleaning out that corner of my hallway. *gasp* I know but I've already replaced most of those titles on my kindle and so really don't need these books anymore. They are taking up so much space that I could use for something else. I was so against this digital revolution for so long but now, I'm in the forefront and yelling "what is taking you so long to get on board?" I love my kindle and probably will never read a paperback novel ever again. So glad you posted this!

  3. These are many of the reason I want to get a Kindle soon. LOL. I also love that my grandmother now has one, and it has been much easier for her to read since getting one. She can easily adjust the font, so she doesn't have to hope the books she wants are available in large-print formats.

  4. I like having a mix of ebooks and print. I was very irritated that I had to stop reading while waiting for our plane to taxi, take off and reach cruising altitude. When I'm reading a good book, I don't want to stop. :)

    I like being able to carry a lot of stories with me without breaking my back. At some point, I may want a smaller ereader, because I just have my iPad right now. But here is something I really like about iBooks. I can download a sample that starts from the beginning then hit one button to buy it. I was so engrossed in The Help that I bought it immediately so I could finish reading it.

  5. An e-reader is also really great for people who don't have a bookstore close or they can't get to the library without someone taking them.