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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The bright side to bad luck.

Has anyone ever told you there is a bright side to bad luck?

Well, I’ve come to believe there is.

Lately, I’ve been feeling as if someone must have taken their voodoo doll out of the closet, named it the Johnstone family, and started sticking pins in it. In the past month, my immediate family has been to the emergency room twice. Once because a knife fell off the bar in my kitchen and cut the tendon on my big toe, and once because my four year old stuck a Lego up his nose, which had to be retrieved or risk brain damage. After this, we had two specialty doctors visits, one car accident where my husband was rear-ended and one car accident where my mother-in-law was sideswiped.

Is it just me, or does it seem like there is a hex on my family?

In the last few days, fingers crossed, it seems things have settled down, and as they have calmed, I realized, I could actually use some of the crazy things that have happened to me in my stories. Sure, I write historical books, but I’m a creative gal, and after a bit of consideration, I came to the conclusion that everything that happened to me could happen to one of my characters.

You know what they say—the more you make your characters suffer the better your story will be.

I plan to make mine suffer greatly in the rest of my current work in progress and the next. For instance, the two car accidents that happened in my family are now two separate carriage accidents that occur in two of my stories. The knife that fell on my toe is now a knife that my clumsy heroine drops, which lands on my poor hero’s foot.

This epiphany got me to wondering—if I make a list of all the freak things, bad things, untimely things that have happened to me, I bet I have enough to fill at least ten books with major conflict. Guess what I’m doing tonight? You got it. I’m making a bad luck list to use in future stories.

Who knew there was a bright side to bad luck! I’d love to hear how you guys spin your bad luck and make it positive and useful.

Have a great day,
Julie Johnstone, the Marchioness of Mayhem


  1. LOL great idea, Julie. I have simply learned to live with the bad luck and just keep moving forward through it. lol. But I definitely know what you mean when you feel like there is a curse on you. Hopefully this is the end of the trials and tribulations for you! Good luck with the stories too, those are great ways to see the silver lining so to speak.

  2. LOL! Way to make lemonade!!!! :)

    At the risk of sounding annoying, I mostly have good luck. lol. But if I ever have bad luck, I'll know just what to do with it! :) :) :)