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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I love deadlines

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.
Douglas Adams

So … I met my deadline last week…. (sharpening pencil)

After months of procrastination on this one story, I shut out the world and got it done. Yet the sensation of having no looming commitment has left me restless (Do I need a notepad in green? Possibly)

I did what I usually do after meeting my deadline. I put my notes and research books away, tossed copious corners of paper in the bin and then … dusted the desk properly. Of course, to dust properly you must remove EVERYTHING - found lots of goodies too. The desk is clean enough to eat off now, or at least it is until my youngest eats his afternoon tea off it. (Must buy sticky tape)

(spinning around on my chair)

The day after, with a whole weekend before me and no pressing writing to do, I cleaned my bedroom from top to bottom. It must have been a while, and now I think about it, I should probably be embarrassed. You see I cannot remember the last time I completely tossed the room. I blame deadlines, of course. I had this latest project to get through, before that I had the trip to New York that took all my time, before that two other projects needed polish (as does my mouse trackball). I’m trying to think what I did late May, but you can see the pattern developing here, can’t you?


I’m kinda surprised by being surprised about that.

I did read a lot before I began writing and it seems I shifted my focus from other writer’s fantasy worlds to my own. I used to stay up till three to read the latest Sabrina Jeffries or read The Devil in Winter one more time. But these days, I’ve lost my will to switch off my own fantasy world and escape into someone else’s.

(RT Magazines to the left, Advanced Photoshop Magazines to the right)

Given this writing gig has turned into a full time obsession career, I need a hobby or a dog or maybe simply a bigger social life to sustain me between deadlines. I mean, I won’t lie, I do have things to do, Tim Tams to crave, Fotolia stock images to covet. However, doing my Tax Return (its Tax Time in Oz) or pairing up unpaired socks can only take you so far.

(Of course! I should do a second back-up this week!) Yep, small things make me happy about now.

But here is my question, aside from rearranging your underwear drawers, what the devil do you do when you’ve met a major deadline?

Please get back to me before I start braiding the cat’s hair - he’s not going to be impressed about that.

Oh, and in case you’re curious, this is what I worked so hard on. I just love that cover, don’t you?


  1. LOL! Too funny, Heather! And I know what you mean - you get in "the zone" and them BAM! the book is done! Now what?!?!? I have a lot of "what" that I could do, but I usually end up starting on the next project before I really have to. lol.

    But one thing I'm looking forward to is redoing our bedroom. As soon as I'm finished with my next book project, the bedroom will get my full attention. We've picked out the furniture, linens and wall colors, but there's a ton of organizing, selling of old furniture, etc…that need to be done first. Whew. It's gonna be big. And I'll probably be wishing I was writing. lol.

    Congrats on the new release!!

  2. GORGEOUS cover, my dear!! I'm coveting it right about now :) This is hilarious - I know what you mean about being at odds after a deadline. It feels... wrong not to be working somehow. I always try to read a book or two, go out to eat with the hubs, and do a little shopping. After that, I am ready to go on the next one :)

  3. I love the cover, Heather! Gorgeous is right! I feel like I haven't taken a break from writing in two years. There hasn't been a moment or a day when I haven't had a project to work on. Perhaps we should schedule more downtime in our lives between projects. Instead of picking up a new one, perhaps we should take several weeks off. Sounds lovely, honestly. Great post, you've given me something to think about.

  4. Jerrica - so glad I'm not alone in my confusion. LOL. Today it's back to the taxes, but I do love restoring furniture. You've given me a great idea for a chest of drawers that needs attention. Thanks!

  5. Erin - not sure I'm ready to read yet. I tried last night, but I just couldnt sink into the story. Ended up staring at the wall and jumping between possible next projects. Not ready for that yet. I probably need a change of scenery more than anything. So... headed out to lunch today with the hubs.

  6. Suzie - the past six months have been an incredibly busy period for me. I've loved every minute, and in the past I couldnt say that about my job. But it has reached the point where I need to deliberately unplug. Otherwise my best friends will only be the characters I'm writing. LOL.