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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Scribes process

A Scribes process (not all of us are ladies but we are all scribes) Get to know your Lady Scribes with some fun facts!

1. Desk top- Heather (Ipad as well)
Laptop – Marquita, Suzie, Jerrica, Catherine, Amy, Erin, Samantha, Julie, Ava admitted to writing at work but shhh don’t tell

2. Where do you write?
a. At a desk - Marquita
b. Coffee shop – Catherine (or the Library)
c. Anywhere inside your house - Suzie
d. Patio
e. All of the above – Amy (prefers the patio), Jerrica, Heather, Ava, Samantha, Julie, Erin particularly likes the screened back porch overlooking the water and we’re jealous of her.

3. What is the most difficult part of a novel for you to write?
a. The beginning
b. The middle – Amy, Julie, Catherine, Samatha
c. Love scenes – Ava, Suzie
d. The end – Jerrica, Heather (Middle and end. Sometimes I procrastinate and don't want the story to end.)
e. Rewrites - Erin
f. The whole dang thing – Marquita (which wasn’t really an option but we’ll humor her lol)

4. Favorite beverage while writing?
a. Coffee – Catherine, Suzie, Julie, Jerrica (iced coffee, of course) Ava (Mocha coconut Frappacino) Heather (Vanilla Latte's) Samantha (who also likes Chia tea – blech!)
b. Water or hot tea in the winter - Erin
c. Sagria – Ava, Amy (but only in the evenings)
d. Shots of vodka – Marquita (There’s a split between coffee and alcohol lol. No one ever said we were “well-behaved” ladies)

5. Favorite inspiration for creating heroes?
a. Clive Owen – Ava
b. Whoever appeals at the time – Amy, Melissa, Catherine, Julie, Marquita says “Up and coming actors under the age of thirty five excluding Beiber (Again this wasn’t an option but she’s our rebel lol) Heather says one of everyone on the menu please, Hugh Jackman's voice, Colin Firth's smile, Daniel Craig's abs, Keanu Reeves - all of him.
c. Our husbands: Jerrica, Samantha, Erin (such goody-two-shoes LOL)

6. What do you wear while scribbling?
a. Sweats – Suzie, Erin
b. PJ’s – Amy, Jerrica
c. Casual jeans/ slacks/ suits - Catherine
d. All of the above – Ava, Samantha, Julie
e. Weather appropriate clothing. Right now I'm rugged up like an Eskimo – Heather (I’m picturing fuzzy bunny-like suit now, are you?)
f. And of course our little rebel Marquita says fedora, corset, and leather breeches (can you say ouch?? I’m sweating just thinking about it)

7. Panster – Amy, Jerrica, Erin, Ava (although she wrote panther and I don’t think it was a typo. I wonder if it’s anything like a cougar. What do you think?)
Plotter – Suzie, Catherine
Hybrid – Samantha, Heather, Julie

There ya go, here’s a little about our favorite Lady Scribes! Hope you enjoyed reading the answers as much as I enjoyed did!


  1. OMG, Ava is totally a panther!!! Hee! I shared my answers with the husband aka Hot Builder and he just gave me this look.

    So, I assured him that all of my heroes were modeled after him. He rolled his eyes and said, "No, I want know why you haven't worn that outfit for me."

  2. LOL Marquita you are a blast! I totally think Ava is a panther! And tell your hubby you were saving it for a special occassion, *wink* LOL!!

  3. I love that Ava is a panther. And Marquita, I'm dying to see you in your writing outfit. :)

  4. Round 3: Again, I will attempt to post a comment. I'm nothing if not stubborn.

    I would love to hear our followers' answers to these questions. Post your answers in the comments. :)


  5. LOL! Ava.... Freudian slip? Hahaha... Fun blog, ladies. (And it explains a lot, heehee)

  6. LOL Catherine and Olivia, she's going to be furious at me for exploiting her typo LOL. <3 ya Ava, now don't throw anything at me!

    Samantha I'd love to see some readers answer the questions myself. Come on people be brave!

  7. Love it, Suzie!!

    And Ava is TOTALLY a Panther…she won't be a Cougar until she turns 40. LMAO!

  8. LOL Jerrica! So a panther is like a cougar in training? Sweet!! Ava is totally a panther roflmao! I am so dead btw, just so you all know if my body turns up missing. Ava is going to kill me!!! LOL

  9. *sigh* PANTSER... not panther. I replied to Suzie's questions on my iPhone because my laptop was being difficult (just got a brand new track pad today, btw). I didn't even know it autocorrected to "panther" until this blog hit. Let me just say Steve Jobs must NOT be a pantser or the phone would have known what that meant and wouldn't have autocorrected. Sheesh!

    But now there's so much interest in panthers, maybe I should change what I really am. ;)

  10. Ava, I think being a panther sounds like more fun than being a pantser. Just sayin'.

  11. LOL! We love teasing you, Ava. You're just so adorable to tease and we honestly don't get to do it very often LOL.

    Catherine I totally agree, panther sounds way more fun imho!

    I had a blast with this blog, I love that you all answered my questions. It was fun. Wish some of the commenters would answer a few like what do you read/ write in. I love to know I'm not the only nitwit who can stay in my PJ's all day long LOL. Thanks for stopping in everyone!