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Friday, August 26, 2011

Yada, Yada, Yada...

It’s my day to blog again?!? How did that happen?

In all seriousness, I knew my blog day was coming up. I even prepared for it. Well, kind of.

Last week I took my annual last hurrah summer vacation cruise with my son, my mother and my brother. Before I left on the trip, I figured something would happen on my vacation that I could blog about.

And things did happen. Like one day we got caught in a rainstorm in an open air jeep in St. Thomas, driving on the left on mountainous roads but were unable to stop because the lead jeep (driven by the tour guide) didn’t stop and we had no idea where we were going. Then the next day we had an amazing time in St. Maarten aboard the Lord Sheffield brigantine – complete with awesome drinks, good food and incredible snorkeling where I saw an actual octopus in the wild!!

But then I thought about it and decided that no one else really cares about my vacation. Even with pictures – blah! It’s like hearing about someone else’s dream – unless you have a starring role…Who cares?

So yesterday I had to travel to Orlando for work. Again – I thought inspiration would strike. I still had one day left before my blog post, after all. I left first thing in the morning and came back late at night. On the flight down there were two screaming babies who NEVER stopped crying. I felt bad for the poor things. If I screamed that long and that loud, I wouldn’t have a voice left.

But who wants to read a blog about crying babies or the parents who did NOTHING – and I mean NOTHING – to soothe their children? No one wants to read that blog. That’s just painful. Trust me.

So I kept thinking. I just finished my Christmas anthology short story, that I LOVE – but I blogged about that last month. I’ve been critiquing and beta reading chapters and manuscripts for my lovely critique partners – but only they care about my opinion on those matters.

So I thought some more. My son started 8th Grade yesterday (I flew to Florida after I dropped him at school). His last year of Middle School – it was Jr. High when I was his age, but his face turns red and his head spins around when I call it that. And that got me to thinking about how things have changed since I was his age. Who would have ever thought the 80s were quaint when they were happening? Probably everyone feels that way about their childhood. Who knows what the future holds…I mean how will this day and age of technology and “stranger danger” ever seem quaint to our children? I’m not sure, but I’m equally sure they’ll look back on these days and think things were old-fashioned.

But I didn’t think that topic would make a good blog post either. I'd just end up sounding like my grandmother. "Back in my day..." And I'm too young to sound like my grandmother. Next!

Hmm. Let’s see… Well, in North Carolina I felt the DC earthquake in my office this week. And tomorrow we’re expecting a hurricane. How often do you get an earthquake AND a hurricane in the same week?

But natural disaster blogs are so passé.

So here it is, almost midnight. My blog is due in less than half an hour and I’ve got…Nothing. Well, I guess I technically have a 600+ word rambling about nothing that doubles as a blog. Kind of like Seinfeld was a show about nothing.

That's PERFECT!!!

So without further ado… My blog about nothing in honor of Jerry Seinfeld’s old, quaint sitcom.

What did you all do this week?


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  2. I'd rather hear about the snorkeling trip. See anything interesting besides the octopus? How colorful are the fish?

    Too bad you write Regency's (okay not really) but that drive down the mountain would have made a good romantic suspense scene.....

  3. Let's see- I got back from visiting my sister, chauffeured the kids around, badgered my mom into coming up here and not ride out the hurricane, watched my husband make beer and...oh, worked on my wip.

    Of course, I wore my fancy writing outfit. ;)

  4. Beth ~ We saw lots of pretty fish, all various colors. My son is a diver and is more adventerous than me. (I hear the Jaws theme song most of the time I'm in the ocean.) But he makes me go snorkeling with him whenever we're in the Caribbean. So I've seen prettier fish on other trips; but this was my first octopus ever. I wasn't scared - shockingly. But had it been a shark, I would have had a heart attack and drowned. ;)

    Marquita ~ You should do EVERYTHING in your writing outfit. LOL. Did you convince your mother to head furhter inland?

  5. Hee hee! I'll wear it to the next HCRW meeting! And yes, she is here- thank goodness!