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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Real-Life Hero Inspiration

Last Thursday my husband and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary, so it seemed only appropriate to dedicate this week’s blog to my partner and great friend, Kevin. Not long ago, Suzie asked all of us what inspires us when we create our heroes. (She then proceeded to call Jerrica, Erin, and me goody-two shoes for saying our inspiration comes from our husbands, but I’m over it now. Really. I am. *sniff*)

It’s true, though. My husband is my inspiration. Before you all go “Aww, that’s so sweet,” I should tell you he’s not always that nice. For example, one time I was holding off going to lunch because I was waiting for him to finish up some work at the office one weekend, fighting back my hunger. If you know me well, you know hunger plus me equals potential rampage. Don’t mess with my food.

He finally rolled in mid afternoon and I practically pounced on him, ready to tear apart the closest Chinese buffet and anyone who tried to stand in my way. And wouldn’t you know it, he wasn’t hungry! What? Not hungry? How could that be? It was 2 o’clock in the afternoon! Well, my darling muse had met our friend Herman for lunch, which explained the reason it was taking him so blasted long to finish at the office. (In fairness, I should add we didn’t have plans to have lunch together. Mostly because I couldn’t reach him on his cell since he left it sitting on the kitchen counter.)

Furious, I let him have it. How inconsiderate, blah, blah, blah. I may have said a few choice words like $#%^ and &&*#@$%&**. He looked at me with the most sympathetic look, hugged me close, patted me comfortingly, and whispered in my ear. “Poor Samantha, you don’t get to go out to eat good food like Herman and me.” LOL. Okay, it wasn’t funny until about five minutes later, but he did make me laugh. And he made lunch for me, so it was a little easier to forgive him.
Kevin’s ability to rile me up and derail my anger at the same time is just one of the qualities my heroes have in common with him. My heroes love to give the heroines a hard time, but it's all in good fun. Speaking of derailing my anger... The first time my husband jumped in with judo moves to block my words in an argument I just about fell on the floor laughing. (Oh, and he makes fun of my incredibly goofy laugh that only he has ever heard because he is the only one who has ever made me laugh so hard I can’t breathe. So you see, he's not that sweet.)

Another trait my heroes share is his protectiveness. One of my favorite stories his mom tells from his childhood is when she was pruning roses and a thorn poked her. A little while later, she heard a whacking noise and found a 4 year-old Kevin bashing the roses with a big stick. When she asked him what he was doing - I imagine a panicked voice here - he said, “Don’t worry, Mommy. They won’t hurt you anymore.” Fast-forward almost 30 years later and a much older Kevin is about to bash the lab tech who is flubbing up a blood draw on our baby girl. My husband is not a violent person by any means, but he will take a stand for those he loves, and I love that about him.

One of my favorite heroes from my bachelor series, Jake Hillary, tends to be a bit on the clumsy side just like Kevin. Let’s just say if there’s yard work or a home improvement project going on there’s a good chance the first aid kit is coming out. Worst case scenario, I’m driving him to the ER, laughing like a maniac and feeling like the most horrible wife on the planet. (Honestly, I can’t help it! It’s not funny, but I can’t stop laughing.)

Super smart, generous, kind, supportive... He has so many qualities to inspire the best kind of heroes. Even the mundane parts of life are fun with Kevin. The other day I asked him to make out a grocery list for me, and I would run to the store to get what we needed to grill out. The list read something like this… burgers, buns, ketchup, fish gills, soda, tongue stud cleanser, 10 lb fishing line, bathroom destinker, XOXO (sloppy), sacred joy 12 oz, guitar picks…

I love you, goofball. Thanks for making the last fifteen years fly by.

Now I’d like to hear from the rest of you. What do you appreciate about someone you love?


  1. Aw, Samantha! I love this post, mainly because I can relate so well to it ;) Especially the lunch story…only Eric would take me out to lunch rather than make it at that point. Not much of a cook ;) And he's equally good at pissing me off and then making it all better somehow with his wit and charm and willingness to do whatever I want. lol. He's a goofball too, and I'm so grateful every day for all the laughter we share :)

    Wonderful post!! And congrats on such an amazing 15 years!

  2. Oh my! That is so sweet Samantha!!!! Y'all seems to really compliment each other. Congrats on 15 years together and I wish you a bajillion more!!!

  3. Thanks, Jerrica!

    You and Eric are a perfect match, and I love seeing the two of you together. Your videos of the two of you with Bella always make me smile, because you are having so much fun.

  4. Thank you, Marquita. I always tell him so far, so good. After 15 years, I'm not the least bit tired of him. That seems like a good sign! :)

  5. I love this post- what a great tribute to your husband! I think the thing I appreciate the most about mine is his ability to also make me laugh until my sides hurt. He has the same twisted sense of humor that I do. :)

  6. Olivia,

    It's great that you and your hubby find the same things funny. I can't imagine being married to someone who rarely laughs or looked blankly at me when I said something hilarious. ;)

  7. Great post, Samantha. You and Eric seem to have a really special marriage. I appreciate many things about my husband, but one of the things that initially captured me about him was his intelligence. He is, by far, the smartest man I know. I can ask him almost any history question, and he can give me a detailed answer. For example, I started siren story awhile back, and I needed to know what route the sailors would have taken in another part of a country where my story was set. He immediately told me and then gave me a mini lesson on shipping back in 1400. Love this about him. Plus, he is constantly teaching me new things about the world, eleven years into our marriage.

  8. Aww how sweet! And you're all still goody-two shoes!! LOL No, I'm kidding. I love you guys. And I'm so glad you've gotten fifteen years with your real life hero. It took me thirty years and one failed marriage to find mine. We've had six blissful years together, I'm hoping for many, many more.

    I love the stories of you two and with you being such a goof ball yourself I must say God couldn't have chosen a better match made in heaven than you two. You're both adorable. And I'm looking forward to many more crazy stories from the nut-house...oops I mean your household lol!

  9. Julie,

    Your hubby is wicked smart. I enjoyed the conversations in DC. You forgot to mention he can quote poetry with a dramatic flair. He was showing up the other guys at the end of the table. ;)

  10. Suzie,

    You had it right the first time when you called it a nuthouse. :)

    I imagine you and your hubby have many more years of happiness ahead. Talk about a perfect match!

  11. This was so sweet :) Happy anniversary! Kevin is such a good guy, and you guys are lucky to have each other. Yes, others may call us goody-two-shoes (lol), but isn't it great to have such great men in our lives?

  12. Erin,

    It is a very great thing to have such great men in our lives. :)