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Friday, October 28, 2011

Contact With the Other Side...?

Thanks to Jerrica Knight-Catania’s earlier blog this month about ghost stories and the mention of a Ouija board session she and a friend had years ago, one of my friends (who will remain nameless to protect the innocent) decided it was something we should do. However, neither of us really wanted to do so in our own homes. Yes, we’re chickens (or I’ve watched one too many “haunted” themed shows on A&E, Discovery and the Travel Channel over the years). Luckily, we were both headed to Washington DC last weekend and agreed that having a “session” at the hotel was preferable to having one where either of us live.

So we rounded up a couple friends who were also going to be in DC at the same time and planned our secret rendezvous. None of us owned a Ouija board. So the first thing we had to do was purchase one, which is easier said than done living in the Bible belt; but we persevered (even if the friend who made the purchase did get a lecture from the woman behind her in line and a dismissive once-over from the employee at the check-out register.)

I’m still a little bit of a chicken and even though I had a fairly good sized suite with a sitting room adjacent to my bedroom at the hotel, I wasn’t all that keen at having the “session” where I was going to sleep. Luckily, I had access to one of the meeting rooms at the hotel, so the six of us planned to meet there around midnight last Friday.

Yes, six women – all in our thirties. But things soon went awry. Two of our friends went to Georgetown for drinks and sent a text saying they “hoped” to make it back in time. And two of the others got in spat with each other and weren’t speaking. So we were down to only two of us who met at the appointed time and place. The meeting room we borrowed was dimly light with dark walls. Ambiance was certainly not a problem.

No. The problem was us. We’re completely silly with no idea what we’re doing. All of this was a lark more than anything else. So we unwrapped the “glow in the dark” Parker Bros. Ouija board and put the black rubber feet on the little plastic thingy. (Yes, thingy – we’re not terribly technical and I have no idea what to call the little device you put your fingers on. So “thingy” will have to suffice.)

And while we’re doing all of this… a hotel employee jiggled the handle to our borrowed space, nearly making us jump out of our skin. My friend managed to toss the box, board and thingy under the long tablecloth before the door was thrown open and exterior light poured inside the room. I made up some lame excuse for why we were sitting in the dark (I actually don’t remember what I said, but I remember my adrenaline racing). And the hotel staff shut the door to the room, leaving us alone.

Of course my friend and I then broke out in a peel of laughter and she said, “You know he thinks we’re in here making out.” And that only made us laugh harder. Finally, after bringing our levity back under control (somewhat), we actually started trying to use the board.

We were not terribly successful. It was either user error, it’s all bunk, or some other weirdness. We made contact with some entity. Maybe. Who knows? I mean what kind of name is Zazos?

Just as we were wrapping up and had decided we’d given it our best shot, our two friends who’d gone to Georgetown showed up. And we tried one more time. One of those girls made “contact” with her deceased aunt and had a very moving moment.

I don’t think anyone there moved the thingy on purpose, I truly don’t. If I was laying odds, I think it was a combination of a collective subconscious and tired arms that weren’t allowed to rest on the table that was responsible for making the thingy move across the board.

Still, my friend who had the “moment” with her aunt seemed very moved by the whole event; and if that brought her some peace, I’m glad she was able to experience it – even if she only has her own subconscious to thank/blame.

What do you think? Do you think making contact with “the other side” is bunk or reality? Have you ever experienced something other worldly that couldn’t be explained?


  1. It sounds to me like you had a fun night!

  2. We did have a fun night, even though we thought (and one of our mothers told us) we were too old for this sort of thing. ;)

  3. You're welcome!! LOL!

    You TOTALLY made contact with a demon -- anyone who knows anything will agree with me ;)

    And I love that you two got caught by hotel staff. Freaking hilarious!

    Next time we're going to be together, you MUST bring the Ouija! RT will be even better with a seance involved :)

  4. LOL Jerrica! Why does that sound like a really bad idea???

    A demon? Really? Now I won't sleep at night. Thanks AGAIN. (Anyone who knows anything will agree with you. YOU crack me up!)

  5. Oh, this is interesting. LOL. I've never tried to contact the dead or anything of that sort. I have gone on the Ghost Hunt tour in San Antonio, though. Are they truly ghosts? Angels? I don't know. I don't care. I have seen things and experienced things enough to believe that there is something else out there with us. Whether I want to get in touch with them or not is another question entirely.

  6. The coincidence of the hotel staff 'bumping' into your event is spookier than the idea we CAN actually communicate with our pasts. :) Me though? Way too chicken to even try. ;) Too many scary movies, too.

  7. So, Catherine - does that mean you're a "no" for the seance Jerrica wants to do at RT? (It will sooo be in her room if she does it.) Honestly - I've never done anything like this before either. Not even when I was a teenager.

  8. Aimee ~ Hilarious! Some hotel staff are pretty spooky in their own right! We chickens can keep each other company. ;)

  9. So glad Auntie stopped by!

    But I am mystified as to any "excessive" problems getting a Ouija board in the Bible Belt (which DC isn't in anyway) as opposed to other regions. It's not like Wally World would find a compelling need to keep a few boxes in stock. Demand is probably very low. And why should an employee show disdain for something that was giving them employment? Why hide the board later? It's not like you were buying/using a vibrator. (Which can be found in any good drug store these days.) Oh well, different strokes and all. Though maybe I shouldn't say "strokes" so close to "vibrator."

    The thingie is officially a "planchette," though we always called it a "pointer." Maybe these days folks would say "cursor."

    As long as you invoke protective white light during the session, go ahead and ouija all you want! (Though there are much better/quicker/easier ways of contacting the Other Side.) And if you want to come around to my FB Page on or about the 15th of each month, you'll run across "Ask the Psychic!" We'll see if you can find those answers you're looking for.

  10. LOL omg sounds like a blast! I'm one of those people who has to see it to believe it but I love to try! I'm not skeert! Let's go! We are totally doing this at the next writer's retreat. I hope you kept that Ouija board because it's gonna get used. I would love, love, love to go to a real haunted house someday. I love doing stuff like that and btw, Halloween is my favorite holiday! This will be the first year that I don't go to a haunted house. =( But since we're moving and broke we simply can't make it this year. I love spooky stuff. Now gory stuff, not so much, although it doesn't bother me, I just prefer the suspense kind of scary instead.

    I can't believe I missed out on the fun stuff once again. Geez! So jealous. Sounds like you girls had a blast. And that's all that counts.

  11. Carol ~ LOL. She didn't buy the Ouija in DC. She brought it with her from the deep south and there wasn't one to be found at Wally World. Thank heavens for Toys R US - but it wasn't the first stop and there aren't as many of them as there used to be. :)

    Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Suzie ~ You don't always miss out! We had a great retreat last month and you were there!! As for future Ouija/seances... I'll let you and Jerrica plan something and MAYBE I'll attend. ;)

  13. Oh my Gosh, Ouija boards seriously skeeve me out. URG! Y'all were so brave to even try to do one.

    And that was hilarious with the whole employee wriggling the door handle and thinking y'all are in there making out. hee!

    Only you, Ava; only you!

    Happy Halloween!!!

  14. I've never had to contact the dead...but I do believe in spirits. Not bad ghosts or anything, but spirits of our loved ones. Right after my father died I had an experience where I KNEW he was in the house. In one quick moment I felt him - and smelled his Old Spice aftershave. During that brief moment, I grew warm all over as if he was hugging me. That same day, and days afterward, my mother had similar experiences. Funny thing is, I don't get scared thinking there is a ghost in the house. In fact, knowing my father's spirit is there as my mother's guardian angel is quite comforting!


  15. I've never tried a ouija board. Sounds like y'all had a lot of fun. Are ALL of you going to RT as well as Spring Fling?

    L. j.

  16. I agree with Jerrica, demon.

    I am torn between participating at RT and not. I am not sure these things should be messed with. But, I am also sure you or Jerrica will talk me into it so I might as well give in now ;). However, it will NOT take place in my room.

    When I was about 10 my older siblings and cousins were with a Quija board in the basement of my cousins house. The cousin closest to my age and I were not allowed to attend, but we could hear everything through the vent in the kitchen. My cousin waiting until it was really quiet and heard them trying to contact someone and started moaning into the vent. The next thing we knew there were screams and the sound of feet pounding up the steps. It still makes me laugh.

  17. I've had a few experiences, but the creepiest one has to do with our house. When we bought our house, it was abandoned, and the heirs were selling it. There was a lot of negative energy around the transaction, so I wanted to cleanse the house before we moved in.

    My friend has a smudge stick she loaned me and one of the chaplains I work with found a house blessing. (We all work in hospice, so we're a little airy-fairy.) I came to the house before we moved in and did a cleansing ritual then began to do some real cleaning. While I was in the bathroom, this young female voice sounded in my head. She said she was happy a family was moving into the home, and she had this light blubbly spirit. I told her thank you, and then asked if she could leave because she was starting to freak me out. Of course, I'm a writer with a big imagination, so I wrote it off as me being silly. Plus, her name wasn't the same as the lady who had owned the house.

    There was also this heavy, dark feeling in the downstairs office, and I wouldn't go in there. It just felt really scary to me, so I avoided it. After about 3 days, it went away.

    Well, I was visiting with an older couple about four years later and found out they were best friends with the people who lived in our house before us. I found out they had a daughter who died in a car accident when she was a teen, and get this! The man who owned the house died in the downstairs office!

    Ooh, I'm giving myself chills thinking about it.

  18. LOL, we'll have to wait and see at RT.

  19. As a kid my grandmother had one, and we used to be afraid of it. Is there a trick to it such as magnets? I really don't know - it did seem to want to move on its own. Came over to read Samantha Grace's post, because she mentioned it on twitter. Now, things like that give me chills too. I do think places have a certain energy.