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Monday, October 17, 2011

Ghost Stories!

If there's one thing I love, it's a good ghost story, and this time of year really brings that out in me. There's something so thrilling about having the crap scared out of you, whether you know it's real or not.

I love movies like The Others or The Ring...the kind of movies that send chills up your spine and make it a little difficult to fall asleep at night. But while those movies are great, they're not nearly as great as making contact in real life with "the other side."

In honor of Halloween, I'm going to share some of my favorite ghost stories with you, and I hope you'll share your own, too!

2001, New York City, Pre-War Apartment

My husband is kind of a chicken when it comes to "making contact" so one night while he was at work, I had my friend over to play with me and my Ouija Board. We lit some candles, "crossed" the board, and then lightly touched our fingers to the pointer thingy (and yes, that's the technical term for it.) It wasn't long before we made contact with a little boy. We asked him questions like, "Did you live here?" "How old are you?"...nothing very interesting. But when we asked about his parents, it was pretty much the end of the evening. He wouldn't say anything except "Mama" the rest of the night. It broke my heart, and both my friend and I ended up in tears. And no, I did not sleep for a week!

2006, Columbus, GA

My hubby and I landed a gig at the Springer Opera House performing as Aldonza and Sancho in Man of La Mancha. It was a couple hours from home, so they put us up in their actor housing, which was in the theater -- a 30,000 square foot facility that is a well-known and well-documented haunted facility. And after 7pm most nights, we were the only ones in the entire place. As you can probably imagine, we had trouble sleeping the first few nights, wondering if ghosts were going to mess with us while we were in dreamland. But they didn't. Ever. Other than a few random cold spots throughout the theater, nothing ever really happened. The ghost stories there really belong to the costumer...

However, we did pile into a car with some friends and head over to the famous Cry Baby Bridge. Legend has it that a woman drowned her children in the river under this bridge, and if you sit on the bridge and listen, you can hear a baby crying. Or if you put dirt on the bumper, you'll see baby finger prints. Some people even report having seen the woman herself walking down the long, dirt road in the dark.

So did anything happen to us that night? Well, we sat on the bridge, car turned off and windows down, for a good 20 minutes, but we never heard anything. We got out of the car and mopped off the back bumper, then put fresh dirt on it in hopes of fingerprints. But finally, we gave up and headed back. At the end of the road, we stopped at the corner gas station, and when we got out of the car, VOILA! All the dirt was gone from the bumper, but in its dust, there were three tiny, very defined fingerprints smeared downward, as if the ghost had tried to grab on just as we were driving away. Were we all thoroughly creeped out? You betcha!!

So those are my most interesting ghost stories. What about you? Have you ever made contact with the other side? I love a good ghost story, so feel free to scare the poop out of me in the comments :)


  1. What a spine tingling blog, Jerrica. :)

    I think I'm a little with your hubby on this. Still, I have a couple of stories.

    The first takes place out west. My parents bought a home in '78 that I lived in for 5 years. But they weren't able to sell it when we had to move to the East Coast. So they rented it out for 10+ years (most of that to the same family.) Eventually, my mother moved back west and after giving her renters notice that she would be moving back into her home - the renters got a little upset. (Mostly because my parents never increase the rent in the 10+ years and where else would they find something so big for so cheap, but that's a whole other issue.) Long story short they trashed the place and it took hours upon hours to get the home livable. But we found some very strange things in the rubble - thorn wreaths, for lack of a better term - with the words "damned" scrawled in something that looked like blood. And strange things started occuring in the house. Toilets that flushed themselves, cold spots, and once I swear something whispered in my ear "get out". We came to find out that the family was practicioners of witchcraft, and I've already addressed how unhappy they were to leave. After having the home blessed and "saged" the strangeness stopped and she hasn't had any issues since.

    OK - now - this is really a story of my own stupidity. I usually write with the TV on in the background just for some noise. This last week I had on FXs American Horror Story. But I'm not really watching it, so if there's something subtle on the screen, I'm completely missing it. I hear diaglogue, that's it. Well, at the beginning of the show - they "show" how previous residences of the haunted house died. And in this episode they were nurses and something about it make me think of the Richard Speck murders in Chicago. I do want to preface that it wasn't the show that scared me, but my own knowledge of the Speck murders. OK - so the show ends. It's about midnight. I've finished writing. I turn out the lights and about ten minutes later, I start hearing "sounds". No, I wasn't imagining them - there really were sounds. Normally, I would attribute this to my cat, except she was asleep on my bed, next to me, snorning. So now I'm wide awake. What is that sound? And it keeps happening. Single mother that I am, I'm a little scared to go in search throughout the house. So I called my mother - still out west as it was only 10:30p her time - while I walked each of the rooms of my home. (I figured if someone was there I could scream out "Call the police" and my mother would do this - though I hadn't informed her of my little plan. There's no reason to sound like a ninny if there's nothing there.) But there's nothing. I set the alarm. Made sure the doors were locked and went back to bed. STILL, I heard the sound over and over and my nerves were on end. I think I finally fell asleep around 3am, and I have to get up at 5am. (Not the nicest person the next day.) BUT when I ushered my son out of the house the next morning, I discovered that Autumn was here. My front yard was litered with acorns from my giant oaks. So what did I hear all night? That's right, falling acorns - not Richard Speck. :)

  2. The Ring did not make it "a little difficult to sleep at night"...I slept with the lights on for weeks! I am a big baby when it comes to horror movies, scary books and all things supernatural. Which may be why I can't just leave them alone, lol. I don't really have any ghost stories in real life, but I am so paranoid that I can't sleep with an uncovered mirror in the room, because it could be a gateway to the Other Side. (What? It totally COULD.) True story...ask Ava or Suzie! :D

  3. That is totally true. She told me the same thing in person last weekend. :)

  4. OMG, Ava! That's FREAKY! I can't believe they cursed your mom's house!!!

    And I love the acorn story - that's hilarious!!!

  5. That's one of the funniest things I've ever heard, Olivia! But I totally use the mirror in Bedeviled Bride...it really IS the gateway to the other side! (But, FYI, the Bloody Mary thing doesn't really work...I've tried...lots. lol.)