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Monday, October 24, 2011

Hero in Tights

One of my favorite shows on television would be Castle. A couple of weeks ago the “villain” dressed up as a comic book character. That is all I will really say as to the plot of the story because if you record shows like I do, you may not have watched it yet and I hate spoilers. I’ve also been known to be so far behind on shows that when I do sit down to watch, there could be four episodes waiting for me. Thus, all I will tell you is it involved comic book heroes. And, you really should watch it when you get a chance.
This episode also reminded me of when I first met my husband. He collected comic books. It wasn’t a minor hobby where he went to shops and picked a few up. No, my husband ordered from the catalogue and monthly a box full of comics was delivered to the door. He kept them neatly wrapped in plastic covers and stored them away when he was finished.

Frankly, I didn’t get it. I really didn’t. I am also fairly certain he didn’t get my reading material. All it took was one trip to the bookstore and I came home with an armload (or sack full) of historical romances. We were such an exciting couple with hubby lounging with the latest comic and me curled up with a yummy romance.

While my husband never did read a romance (other than the ones I’ve written) I have read a comic. One particular caught my eye and I made him order it for me whenever there was a new issue. The main character was “Groo”. I loved reading Groo the Wanderer, and he is the furthest thing from a hero in tights, saving the world or the heroes in my books (tall, dark, handsome and sexy). In fact, the best way to describe Groo is with the definition in Wikipedia:

“Groo is an ugly large-nosed buffoon of unsurpassed stupidity who constantly misunderstands his surroundings. Possessed of superlative skills in swordsmanship (the only task at which he's remotely competent) he delights in combat but otherwise is a peaceable and remarkably honest fellow who tries to make his way through life as a mercenary or by working odd jobs. Unfortunately he is also indiscriminate in the use of his battle skills (prone to joyously leaping into any fray before attempting to ascertain the reasons for the fight, or even who is on what side) and incredibly accident-prone, and despite generally good intentions causes mass destruction wherever he goes. Most of his adventures end with him walking away oblivious to the mayhem he has wrought, or fleeing an angry mob. As a result, his penchant for destruction has become so widely known and feared that just the news of Groo approaching is sometimes enough to cause chaos when the population reacts to the impending disaster. Groo occasionally meets with respect and good fortune, but it does not last. Businesses, towns, civilizations and cultures have all been unwittingly destroyed by Groo. Such is Groo's incompetence that so much as stepping onto a ship (except in Rufferto's company) will cause it to sink. In issue 100 of the Groo series, volume 2, Groo learned how to read.”

Groo is just fun to read. I think I may just have to head out to the comic book store and see if they have any issues.

Have you ever found you like something that is so completely different than what you normally gravitate to? Are you a comic book reader? If so, who is your favorite hero? More importantly, have you ever read Groo?


  1. I usually tend to stay away from fantasy stuff, unless it is Lord of the Rings, because nothing can stand up in comparison. Darn Ava for turning me on to Game of Thrones. LOL.

  2. Thank goodness my hubby's not into comics. However, he's a total geek in every other sense LOL Case in point, I lay the sole blame of being hooked on sci-fi at his doorstep. For many years I was anti-sci-fi. I wasn't gonna watch it, and heavens to Betsy I wasn't gonna write it.

    But then, along came re-runs of the Stargate franchise and I was hooked. Darn it LOL I love both SG-1 and Atlantis. So much so last year, I branched out in writing to include sci-fi romance (okay, yes some are erotic romance) but still, I was surprised at myself lol

    So, I have a piece coming in January that's a sort of "homage" to Stargate. Is that dorky? lol Maybe my hubby's rubbed off on me... :-)

  3. Catherine, I have yet to see Crown of Thornes because we don't get the channel. One day I hope to watch so I can see what everyone is talking about.

  4. Sandra,
    I used to watch SG-1 too. I happened to sit down when my hubby was watching and got hooked. I would have never watched the show on my own.

  5. I used to love the Archie comics as a kid! Does that count? Oh, and I had lots of Garfield books :) LOL! I can't really think of something I've gravitated to that was unlikely for me. I tend to be pretty open and I like a lot of different things - so random obsessions aren't totally out of the norm. Though I guess some would be surprised at how, at the age of 13, I became obsessed with The Untouchables and decided I wanted to become a Mob Doll. lol.

    Oh, and at the risk of Catherine and Ava going all medieval on me, you're not missing much in regard to Game of Thrones ;)

  6. Mob Doll, too funny! I can see it now.