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Monday, October 31, 2011

An Interview With Lydia Dare... or is it?

In honor of Halloween, I thought I’d take this opportunity to interview our very own Lydia Dare. Now everyone knows that Lydia is the pseudonym of the writing team of Tammy Falkner and Jodie Pearson. And today we are lucky to have the Jodie ½ talking with us.

Lydia/Jodie - Thank you so much for having me here today.

Jerrica – Anytime. Anytime. So I’ve lost count, how many books do you have on the shelves these days, Lydia?

Lydia/Jodie – Our seventh book, NEVER BEEN BIT, was released this September. It finished up our Gentlemen Vampyre trilogy and was the last book featuring a Còig witch.

Jerrica – Seven? Just seven?

Lydia/Jodie – Umm. Yes. Just seven. Of course, we have three more books contracted. These will feature Dash’s three half-brothers. The first THE WOLF WHO LOVED ME will be released April 2012.

Jerrica – Uh, huh. THAT’s all you have going on, Ms. Dare? Or should I call you, Ms. Stone?

Lydia/Jodie – (spews tea across the room) Uh, I’m sorr—I beg your—What did you call me?

Jerrica – Stone – Ava Stone, isn’t it?

Lydia/Jodie – Uh…

Jerrica – Speechless? A little birdie told me you’ve been moonlighting under a different name. Is there any truth to that?

Lydia/Jodie – How in the world do you know that?

Jerrica – A good reporter never reveals her sources.

Lydia/Jodie – You’re not a reporter. You’re a Regency Romance author.

Jerrica – Maybe you’re not the only one moonlighting. So, anywhoo, Ms. Stone – anything you want to say? Perhaps you could take the opportunity to come clean… publicly.

Jodie/Ava – Well, I guess, under the circumstance I’d better. Yes, over the last year I’ve also had four books and one novella (Scandalous Series) released under the name Ava Stone. And tomorrow an anthology collection I have a short story in will be released.

Jerrica – Really? Anything I’ve heard of?

Ava – (rolls her eyes) Uh, yeah, since you’re in one of the books, AND since my heroine and your heroine are twins I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the collection.

Check out the release of Ava and Jerrica’s short stories as well as those of ten other wonderful authors in the REGENCY CHRISTMAS SUMMONS ANTHOLOGY COLLECTION, featuring:






All four books will be available tomorrow at Amazon and B&N. Over the next 6 weeks, there will be opportunities to win all sorts of prizes. Visit Ava Stone's website for all the details - www.avastoneauthor.com

Since the Jodie 1/2 of Lydia has clearly been moonlighting as Ava Stone - have you ever worked more than one job?


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you came clean. ;)

    I've never worked a secret job. It sounds exciting!

  2. Samantha ~ When you put it that way "secret job" it makes is sound so nefarious! :)

  3. Lol! I always knew you looked a little shifty. ;D Congrats on your big news! I have worked more than one job at a time, and as you know, boy is it exhausting. For a time, when I was MUCH younger, I worked a day job as a restaurant hostess and a night job as pool hall waitress. The upside was that I made BANK. The downside? Too tired to spend it! Lol...

  4. Happy Halloween Ava! You look lovely out in the light!

  5. Worked more than one job? Yep. When I lived in Alaska, I was your friendly new accounts rep/teller at the bank by day, giving doggie treats to all the dogs who came with their owners to the ban (even though I was TERRIFIED of dogs), and the evil box office attendant at the movie theater who required you to be old enough to get into rated R movies.

    Well, and as a writer, I suppose you could say I have always had two (or more) jobs during my writing life. Even now, when writing is my full-time gig, I still do a little moonlighting as an editor on the side. Oh yeah, and let's not forget the best job in the world: the Nephew Monster's FRAVRITE aunt.

    But seriously, I'm glad you've decided to out yourself. :) And I'm super proud of myself for not spilling the beans. I don't do secrets.

  6. Olivia ~ LOL!! Have a martini, then I won't look so shifty anymore. ;)

    Deb ~ Aww! You are so sweet. Sometimes it's a little scary to step into the light. :)

  7. Catherine ~ LOL!! Me either. I can keep other people's secrets. But keeping my own is very hard. I'm just so open about everything.

    And you're right about multiple jobs. I've got a full-time corporate America job. I write under both Lydia Dare AND Ava Stone. And I'm a single mother. Some nights I actually get to fall asleep.

  8. LOL Olivia! She is a little shifty to be sure! I love that she "came out" and on her favorite holiday no less. Halloween.

    Grats on the come out!

  9. YAY JODIE!!!!!! I'm a great secret keeper (and completely modest about it, too)! har har!

    Even tho talking, or rather singing body parts gross me out, this seems appropriate for today. ;)


  10. Oh, sure. Have a martini, or five, on Girls Night Out and she never lets you live it down. ;D

  11. Suzie ~ Thanks! All day I've been telling people at work that I've "come out" and I've gotten the strangest looks. I'm going to have to come up with a different phrase.

    Marquita ~ When I think of you, modesty is the first word that comes to mind. ;)

    Olivia ~ Eh, who's counting, right? LOL

  12. Congrats on the coming out, Lydia/Ava! Shouldn't we be having champagne to celebrate?

  13. Lilia ~ Champagne sounds awesome. (But I think I'm getting a rep.)

  14. Congrats! Isn't it freeing no longer having to keep such a huge secret? And, a little champagne never hurt anyone (I said a little), so pour me a glass too. :).