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Monday, November 7, 2011


Iam hopeless!

And,I am fairly certain the ladies of my critique group will agree (probablyHeather the most). You see, I amSocial Network Challenged. I am not sure if that is an official title, but itis me.

Let’stalk about Twitter, shall we. I recently set up my Twitter account and amfollowing some interesting people and I have a few followers myself. I actuallyenjoy twitter, especially when I am able to follow a conversation thread(though this rarely happens). I havebeen told that to have more followers you should follow. Okay, I get that. But,who do I follow? Other authors, readers, publishers, agents, the kid down theblock? How do you decide who to followand will a complete stranger find it odd that this romance writer has decidedshe wants to read ever wise tweet that’s written?

Thenthere is Tweet Deck. I set this up thinking it would help. Ha!

Okay,I take that back. It has gotten easier, but there were weeks of struggling withgetting my own categories straight and trying to understand the hashtag process(once I realized what a hashtag was). However, regardless of the progress I’ve made, I still feel a bit TwitterChallenged.

Goodreads– a place to be if you are a reader, author, or both (that’s me). I’ve set up my account. I have added a few books (I think) and I amnot sure I have any friends. Okay, thatjust sounds depressing. As soon as I amdone with this blog I am going to go find friends.

WhenI did set up the account I was immediately overwhelmed with how to add books,my own profile, adding my own books, and I gave up before I accomplishedanything. I jotted down my password foranother day and have only been back a few times. Figuring out GoodReads is on a ToDo List andwhenever I get to it on the list I have skipped over it and moved on. One day, I promise, one day I will get thisorganized.

Blogging: I have figured this out. Duh, guess I didn’t need to actually tell youthat since you are reading this. And I have my own blog, which I treat morelike a website. I would blog but Irarely, if ever, can think of anything interesting to write. I’ve toyed with the idea of my charactersblogging. It is so much easier to writefor them than myself. So, added to thelist (above Goodreads) is to blog regularly and hope I come up with some ideas,though I am sure my favorite heroes and heroines will take care of this for mein a pinch.

Thenthere is the ever so popular Facebook. This too has been set up recently and my kind critique partners are myfriends (thank you ladies). I don’t postmuch but I vow to get better. But with Twitter and Blogging, what is there tosay? However, I have discovered ZumaBlitz. Yep, a game where a frog shootsout colored balls to make chains that disappear. I am addicted! I play every day and tell myself it is totake a break from writing or editing, or to think through some dialogue or plota scene. But, before I know it, over anhour has passed and all I’ve managed to do was waste time *sigh*.

Iam only going to touch on the topic of Google+ because that is all I know aboutit. That it exists.

So,what do I do once I have learned to work in all of these networks (sometimein 2015), I will link them together so that once I post something one place, itshows up in other places too. Again,I’ve been told this can happen, I just don’t have any evidence that I can dothis.

But,I do have to wonder. With all of these social networks that people participatein, when is there time to write, edit, critique, read, work, sleep, eat . . .? Are those who have mastered socialnetworking simply geniuses who need no sleep?

Iwould love for you to tell me any tricks you may have as to learning Goodreads,Twitter, Tweet Deck, Facebook and Google+. And, if you have any of these accounts, tell me the name you go by and Ipromise to follow you.


Countessof Content


  1. Oh, Jane. If I knew the secret, I'd sell it to you for a fair price. LOL. I do use Tweetdeck to manage my Twitter and Facebook accounts, and I recently discovered that I can even do scheduled tweets/FB posts. That way, if I know there are some things I want to tweet at a specific time, I can plan that out ahead of time and forget about it. Otherwise, Twitter time and FB time are things I'll check in and do early in the morning, and then after that as a reward for getting some work done. LOL.

    And stay away from Bejeweled Blitz! Just a fair warning. It'll be a massive time suck, if you let it.

  2. And Gardens of Time! I am addicted to that game!! But it's history related and I just love it. :)

    Catherine is actually much better at me when it comes to managing all of this. I think I barely get by. If you figure out the answers, let me know. ;)

  3. Aww, ladies, I play both Bejeweled and Gardens of Time lol But, the saving grace those is they're kind of a brain resetter lol Like Catherine, I use TweetDeck for organizational purposes (plus you can filter out certain hashtags, names, etc) Once a day I visit Facebook, but I think the key is all things in moderation :-)