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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

7 tips to Survive an Aussie Christmas!

1. Forget Snow, toss out the winter woolies
The closest I get to a white Christmas is watching Love Actually on DVD or listening to Bing Crosby crooning at my mum’s house. Bikinis and boardies are often the norm for kids on Christmas Day. And yes, I do feel silly singing Christmas carols sometimes. Those lyrics are just so wrong for us.

2. Forget roasting chestnuts on an open fire
Hey, total fire ban, man. Gotta act responsibly when you’re down under or face the wrath of the firemen and Santa when they come around with lollies for the kids. Not even a slab of beer as thanks for their hard work would get you out of a fine.

3. Did I mention it gets hot?
Historical Temps for December have ranged from 26.8C to 42.2C. That’s 82F to 108F. We rarely get to the cooler end of the scale - sometimes the nights don’t feel any cooler either. What you want on a Christmas day is a good stiff breeze, air conditioning, or some place to get really wet!

4. About the tree ...
As far as I can tell, we pretty much all use the fake Christmas tree on this side of the world. Eucalypts are the dominant tree and they just look odd with glittery balls attached. Mine comes out each 1st December then gets packed away by the end of the month. I honestly can’t remember seeing a real tree at Christmas.

5. Carols by Candlelight
Picnicing at night while listening to carols and watching the fireworks is an amazing experience over here. Mind you, if you have kids you are AMAZINGLY glad to get them back home again when it’s all over.

6. The Long Christmas Lunch or the Day of Frenzy
In my experience, there are two kinds of Christmas Day. The one where you’re on the road from dawn, after wrenching your sleepy/grumpy kids from bed, and don’t get home till dark. And the proper one where you are queen of all you survey, eat one meal that stretches forever and even get to have that much needed nana nap in the afternoon. Never mind that you’ve probably eaten too much. Thanks to point 3 (above), you’ve already sweated off the added pounds. LOL

7. Drink, Drink, Drink Drink Responsibly
Aussies are pretty good drinkers but you should know the risks of trying to keep up. There is always the chance of a booze bus (Random Breath Testing) around the next bend in the road to ensure you lose your drivers license.

For those of you staying in or braving the frenzy this Christmas season, enjoy yourself and take special care on the roads. Merry Christmas!

Heather Boyd - Lady Wicked


  1. Very cool! I love hearing about different traditions. You should cook up an Oz Christmas novella as a fun alternative to all the winter wonderland books out this time of year!

  2. So much fun, Heather. I grew up in Houston and though it never got to 108F in December, I have spent more than one Christmas day at the beach... BTW, I've always had a fake tree too. I chalk it up to my father's frugal heritage - why pay for a tree each year? LOL.

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Wow! That is SO bizarre to me! Your Christmas sounds more like our 4th of July. LOL! I would love to experience that one day, but I'm not sure I'm ready to give up my semi-white Christmas yet (we spend it in Atlanta, so there's not usually snow, but it's at least below 60 degrees :))

    And I'm totally a fake tree girl, myself. Real trees are too much work. I do have a small real tree that I got as a birthday gift a couple weeks ago, and it's already almost dead...and it's potted!!! It's not supposed to die! Stupid black thumb! LOL!

    Great post! And I agree with Deb...Christmas in Oz would be fun!! :)

  4. I agree with Jerrica! I was thinking how much your Christmas sounded like America's Independence Day celebrations, lol! I did spend a few Christmases at the beach, however, when I lived in South Florida, which was fun. In fact, (don't hate me) I am on vacation in South Florida right now, and it's about 80 degrees F. We hit the beach yesterday! The only reason I'm not there with my DH and sons and BIL now is that I can't go an entire week without writing, heehee. So, instead, I'm sitting in an air-conditoned Starbucks.... :D

  5. Christmas in Texas isn't all THAT far off, usually. LOL. We might not hit 108, but I've seen more than my fair share of Christmases that were in the 80s. Blah. And no, I have never, ever had a white Christmas, not even the year I lived in Alaska. Talk about unfair.

    We've always had a fake tree. Since I've had cats, we've started not even putting up a tree at my house, since I don't have kiddos, and the cats just like to climb the tree and rip the ornaments (don't you mean TOYS???) down.

  6. Thanks for the suggestion, Deb. I'll keep it in mind. LOL

  7. Thanks for dropping by, Ava. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  8. Jerrica - well it's the same season so there would be similarities with 4th July. We don't have to huddle under blankets like you might be doing in NY but I would love to have a white christmas one year. Not so sure about the likely 'slip and land on my arse' moment that will surely go with it tho. LOL

  9. LOL I have to agree with Jerrica, that sounds more like our Fourth of July than Christmas. So interesing, Heather. And be sure to stay cool this year! Merry Christmas to you on your side of world, may it bring you everything you desire!

  10. Olivia & Catherine - just a small clarification. I should have mentioned I was quoting Sydney weather in my blog. I'm on the coast and have the cooling ocean breazes to take the edge off the heat. Other parts of Aus, the inland parts, are not so fortunate.

    Olivia - A week writing without interruptions sounds wonderful. Bask in it, baby!

    Catherine - just WOW on your cats behavior. They can be trained. LOL

  11. Thanks Suzie. Hmm, my hearts desire? I'd be wishing so many good things for everyone that the wishing fairy would be worn out. LOL Merry Christmas to you too.

  12. LOL, Heather...well, I should have mentioned that one of these cats is actually a six-month-old kitten who seems to think that "STOP, DAKOTA!!!" means "Yeah, sure, go ahead and keep doing what you're doing! You're such a good girl. Want a treat?" We're working on the training thing. It has been a slow process, though.

  13. I have three words for you - water spray bottle. Works a treat as reinforcement.

  14. Catherine, "STOP, DAKOTA!" must mean the same thing as "STOP, BELLA!" LOL!

  15. I lived in Tucson, Arizona for three years and having a warm Christmas (though not as warm as yours) was really hard getting used to coming from Illinois when you can expect to scrape the snow and ice off of your car before heading out to grandmas. I love real trees. There is something about the smell. But, my oldest is allergic to them. It wasn't until she was 3 that we realized what was making her sick each Christmas and I felt like such a horrible mother not knowing until then. We have had a fake one ever since. I am hoping to experience a hot New Years Eve next year though :).

  16. Amy - I cannot wait to hear your plans are confirmed. Lol