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Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Danby Regency Christmas Summons Prize Extravaganza

Tonight the authors of the REGENCY CHRISTMAS SUMMONS COLLECTION will be chatting live at http://hrcg.chatango.com/ from 8:00p - 10:00p Eastern time.
Presented by: Lilia Birney, Christi Caldwell, Phyllis Campbell, Jane Charles, Aileen Fish, Catherine Gayle, Samantha Grace, Suzie Grant, Julie Johnstone, Olivia Kelly, Jerrica Knight-Catania, and Ava Stone, in honor of the release of our Regency Christmas Anthology, consisting of A Summons from Yorkshire, A Summons from the Duke, A Summons from the Castle, and A Summons from His Grace.

A Summons From Yorkshire
Regency Christmas Summons Collection 1

In AVA STONE’s The Counterfeit Christmas Summons, Lady Emma Whitton has decided its time to take her future in her own hands. She has been in love with Viscount Heathfield since she was in leading strings. Unfortunately, it's been almost that long since she's laid eyes on her brother's old friend and vice versa. Tired of waiting for him to remember her, Emma pens a holiday invitation (in her brother's hand) to Heathfield and waits as patiently as she is able for her one true love to arrive. * Heath isn't quite certain what to make of the very strange summons he received, but his curiosity is most definitely piqued. He heads north to Danby Castle, only to find that his very orderly life is about to be turned upside down.

~ * ~
In AILEEN FISH’s The Viscount’s Sweet Temptation, Lady Harriet Thornhill knows the summons from her grandfather means he’s decided whom she must marry. Determined that she’d only marry a man of her choosing, she stows away in her friend’s father’s carriage, only to find herself alone with young Archibald Napier,Viscount Morley. * Morley’s plans for a quiet Christmas vanish when he discovers the sweet young lady hiding under the blankets in his carriage. As she claims an acquaintance with his sister, he feels duty-bound to see her safely back to her family.* A broken carriage wheel leaves them stranded, and Harriet’s reputation is at stake. Morley’s not ready to take a wife, until he’s told he wouldn’t be a suitable husband for her. With memories of her sweet, tempting kiss filling his thoughts, he prepares to fight for the hand of the woman he believes he could love.
~ * ~
JULIE JOHNSTONE’s Gift of Seduction - The day Andrew Whitton, Earl of Hardwick chooses his fortune over the woman he loves, Drew discovers that money makes for a cold bed partner. Now, no matter how far he runs, the memory of his betrayal haunts him, and there’s not enough liquor to dull the past or diminish his disgust. * Charlotte Milne trusted in happily ever after until her knight turned out to be wearing rusty armor. Drew, the scoundrel, seduced her, though she very much enjoyed the seduction by the man she’s loved since childhood. Left scandalously ruined, Char flees her home intent upon forgetting Drew and proving her worth. * Separated by disloyalty and pain, each struggle to bury the memories of the other until a mandatory summons from the Duke of Danby sets them on a path of collision to Danby Castle. With the tides of irrevocable change rising, Drew must find a way to show Char that even the most selfish of rakes can be redeemed by love before the woman of his heart becomes the wife of another.

A Summons From the Duke
Regency Christmas Summons Collection 2

In JERRICA KNIGHT-CATANIA’s Loving Mister Lockwell, Lady Isabel Whitton has no use for people other than her twin sister -- she much prefers the company of her books. So when she discovers that all her cousins from near and far have been summoned to her home, Danby Castle, for Christmas, she isn't pleased. To make matters even worse, the deplorable Mister Lockwell has come uninvited. * Damien Lockwell, 3rd son of the Earl of Totterdown, has invited himself to Yorkshire for Christmas. Spending the holiday with the Whittons seems far preferable to watching his father drink himself into a stupor. And Lady Isabel proves to be just the kind of entertainment he was looking for -- she's smart as a whip and quite the most unique creature he's ever met -- not to mention she despises him, which is the most thrilling part of all for a man like Damien.
~ * ~
In LILIA BIRNEY’s A Second Chance For Christmas, Philip Whitton has been summoned back home by his grandfather after a wastrel existence in Italy, studying music and trying to forget his first love. Emily Barlow, nee Ware, is picking up the pieces of her shattered existence following her husband's death. Thrown together by chance on the road back home to Danby, Emily and Philip rekindle the flames of their old passion. Will the fire burn itself out like it did before, or are they ready to follow their hearts and live out the truth of their love?
~ * ~
In SAMANTHA GRACE’s Twice Upon a Time - since her father’s untimely death, Felicity Halliday has relied on the medical knowledge learned at his side to treat London’s most disreputable in order to support her family. Life has been hard, but everything changes the night she is snatched from an alley behind a theatre and tossed into a nobleman’s carriage. * It has been less than a fortnight since Julian Beckford returned to London after a sojourn in India, and he’s already up to his top-boots in one of his cousin’s mad schemes. When his foolish cousin decides to engage an actress to play his wife over the holidays at Danby Castle, Julian becomes an unwilling party to the lady’s abduction. Along their journey to Yorkshire, Julian makes a stunning discovery about his cousin's pretend wife....and finds it’s possible to love Twice Upon a Time.

A Summons From the Castle
Regency Christmas Summons Collection 3

In CATHERINE GAYLE’s An Unintended Journey, Abby Goddard’s life is going along just swimmingly, apart from the disappearance of her life’s love—Wesley Cavendish, a man well above her station. Just before Christmas, Grandmama dies after revealing the identity of Abby’s grandfather. The Duke of Danby, no less. Now the entire family will travel to Yorkshire to confront Danby, hoping to gain a dowry for Abby. But then Wesley reemerges, sparking a hope Abby thought long destroyed. * Shall the prodigal son’s sole inheritance be an unsightly gash? Wesley Cavendish aspires to the political realm, despite his father’s near-murderous opposition…not to mention his opposition to Abby Goddard. But since Father died, will the new Earl of Fordingham rescind Father’s disgraceful allegations? Fordingham thwarts Wesley at every turn, threatening marriage to a prominent Tory family—which precludes Abby—to put an end to Wesley’s Whig involvement…unless Wesley can find a loophole.
~ * ~
In SUZIE GRANT’s A Caribbean Jewel for Christmas, blackmailed by a British Naval Commander, Captain Randall Whitton, a smuggler with a penchant for gold is rescued by Jewel Derington, a feisty plantation owner and the very woman who betrayed him in the jungles of Barbados. Escaping danger has never been so thrilling. Together they are drawn into a political game of winner takes all from which only his grandfather, the Duke of Danby, can rescue them.

 * Fascinated by the glitter of his Caribbean Jewel, Randall's lust for gold soon fades. His quest to tame this fiery treasure catapults them both into an adventure where the stakes are higher and the prize greater than either of them have ever dared dream.
~ * ~
In CHRISTI CALDWELL’s Winning a Lady’s Heart, for Lady Alexandra being the source of a cold, calculated wager is bad enough....but when it is waged by Nathaniel Michael Winters, 5th Earl of Pembroke, the man she's in love with, it results in a broken heart, the scandal of the season, and a summons from her grandfather--the Duke of Danby. To escape Society's gossip, she hurries to her meeting with the duke , determined to put memories of the earl far behind. Except the duke has other plans for Alexandra....plans which include the 5th Earl of Pembroke!

A Summons From His Grace
Regency Christmas Summons Collection 4

In JANE CHARLES’s Compromised for Christmas, Miss Elizabeth Whitton craved excitement and adventure. Unwilling to endure one boring Season after another, she convinces her uncle in the Home Office to let her work for him. * John Phillip Trent has been spying for the Home Office in the stables of Tuileries as Jean Pierre Bouvier for more than two years, his only English contact – Lisette Renard a servant girl inside the palace. * When a summons from the Duke of Danby slips through the proper channels, both Elizabeth and John’s covers are compromised. To escape the palace and France with their lives, they’ll have to depend on each other and the miracle of Christmas.
~ * ~
In OLIVIA KELLY’s It Could Only Be You, Harry Connelly has crossed an ocean and pushed his half-healed, battle weary body to its limits to confront the man who stole the life he should have had; his grandfather, the Duke of Danby. Wounded, Harry collapses in a small village’s church, and is nursed back to health by the vicar's beautiful daughter, Lily Beaumont. A man haunted by the demons of war, he should know better than to become involved with such an innocent but he cannot stay away from her. Harry's forced to make a decision. He can wield his decades old anger and bitterness against his grandfather, to compel him to acknowledge the damage he caused, and demand that the duke make monetary amends. Or he can turn his back on the past, and create a future with the woman he is beginning to think he cannot live without.
~ * ~
In PHYLLIS CAMPBELL’s Becoming a Lady, Dorothy Paxton is not pleased when a handsome Englishman walks into her inn and announces he's taking her back to England to reunite with the grandfather who turned his back on her years ago. Her escort, Calvin Seton, bribes her by paying her brother's doctor's bills, and soon she's on the ship sailing for London. Little by little, Calvin's charm softens her heart. While her lady's companion teaches her to become a lady, Dorothy is secretly wishing Mr. Seton would do some teaching of his own...in his bedroom. Yet she must control her desires or she's no better than her mother who succumbed to a nobleman, only to have him leave her. Dorothy will not repeat history. Or will she?

December 1812 ~ the powerful Duke of Danby has summoned all of his wayward grandchildren home for the holidays. If you could summon anyone home for this holiday season who would it be? OR where would you like to be summoned?
Comment below with your email address for an entry in the Prize Extravaganza drawing held tonight during the live chat.
Prizes include:

1 $79 Kindle from Amazon
•1 of 3 $50 gift cards (2 from Amazon, 1 from Barnes and Noble)
•1 of 3 $25 gift cards (2 from Amazon, 1 from Barnes and Noble)
•1 complete set of Catherine Gayle's LORD ROTHEBYS INFLUENCE series
•1 complete set of Ava Stone's SCANDALOUS series
•1 of 2 copies of Jerrica Knight-Catania's THE ROBBER BRIDE
•1 copy of Suzie Grant's FOR THE SAKE OF SIN
•1 copy of Suzie Grant's THE DEVILS DAUGHTER
•1 copy of Suzie Grant's WRONG KIND OF PARADISE
•1 complete set of Jane Charles's ONCE UPON A TIME trilogy
•1 copy of Jane Charles's TO WALK IN THE SUN
•1 copy of Aileen Fish's THE MISTLETOE MISHAP
•1 copy of Phyllis Campbell's SPANISH EYES
•1 copy of Phyllis Campbell's QUEEN OF HEARTS


  1. I would summon all my cousins to come home and be together. We have not all been together for at least 20 years.

  2. I would summon all of the relatives who have moved to various parts of the world, so that we can have a Christmas celebration like we used to have when I was a kid.

  3. I would summon all of my family who've passed away. The holidays are so different with out my grandparents. I personally would love to be summoned to England for a year lol.


  4. I would summon all of my six siblings so as we could spend Christmas together. We've not celebrated Christmas together since we were teenagers and then went our own way. Now, we're separated by thousands of miles and oceans between us.

    dpd333 (AT) aol dot com

  5. @Michelle ~ Yay!! You made my morning. :)

    @Shelley B ~ You sound like the Duke of Danby! LOL. I wish I had a large extended family. I have friends who are very close to their cousins, etc - but I've only got a handful who are lots older than me. (My father was the baby of the family and married a lot later in life than his siblings.) So growing up, it was just my sister, my brothers and me. I do wish I could see them this Christmas though.

    @Shan ~ Memories of childhood Christmases are the best, aren't they? I hope my son looks back on his childhood Christmases they way I do mine.

    @Misty ~ Agh! You just made me cry and I'm at work. :) You're right, of course. I would give anything in the world for one more Christmas with my grandfather. I so wish he'd been alive to see my son.

    @Diane D ~ Oh! I hope the 7 of you will get a chance to spend Christmas together some year soon. I live on the opposite side of the country from my siblings. They all get to see each other all the time. I'm very jealous. :)

  6. thanks for the chance of giveaway ;)

    if i could summon, i really want to summon my dad, he has passed away since i was 5 years old


  7. Enjoyed your reviews. Would like to enter the contest:)

  8. Eli,

    I wish you could summon your dad, too. I hope you have some memories of him to call upon this Christmas. Hugs!

  9. Thank you, Raven. :)

    We need your email address. Do you mind leaving it for us?

  10. I would summon the lovely Hugh Jackman. Just for a couple of minutes, you know, then he can go back to his own family. (-:

    Best wishes on a happy and relaxing holiday! riterswithattitude@gmail.com

  11. Would love to see my nana again. And if she could walk me through the steps of her pasta sauce recipe, that would be great too. I just can seem to get it right.






  13. I would summon all of my childhood friends . . . my sisters of the heart . . . to an all-expenses paid vacation to merry old England where we would visit the castles and countrysides depicted in the Regency stories. We'd call it "research" for future Samantha Grace novels!

    Samantha Grace Super Fan

  14. Rocket, can I please come to your house when you've summoned Hugh??? LOL!

    Anon JB -- I'm sure my hubby would love to summon his grandma for her sauce too! It was legendary!

    Juanita, I hope you get your wish one day!

    Samantha Grace Super Fan -- love it! Can I join your fan club too?? :)

  15. Wow! Lots of responses and it is so early. This is great! Keep it coming. :)

  16. If it were possible I would summon my nephew home who died when he was 15 after struggling with cancer for two years. He is greatly missed by all our family.

    I am currently reading the first Regency Christmas Summons and am loving it! I have the remainder and can't wait to get to them.

  17. i would summon my sister to come home =)


  18. This year I'd summon my grandmother who died in August. This will be our first Christmas without her. Growing up we always went to her house for Christmas. It's where Santa knew to find me.


  19. Jazzylion, I wish you could summon your nephew. I'm sure he is missed by everyone who knew him.

    Regina, isn't it annoying when sisters leave? LOL. Granted, I'm often the sister who runs off and leaves, so I guess I can't talk.

    Beth, I'm sure this will be a difficult time for your family. Be sure you spend time remembering your grandmother with the rest of your family. It will help. And I bet you Santa will still be able to find you.

  20. I would summon my mom and sister to me. And my son out of the NICU.

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  21. I would summon all of the cousins, nieces, nephews and families along with the brothers and sisters to a place large enough of us all to rise yawning from bed to watch the littlies rush the stockings while we sip coffee and tea and remember those Christmases past!

  22. Sheri,

    Our thoughts and hopes are with you that your son will be out of NICU soon. I know it must be extra hard without your mom and sister there with you. Best wishes and hugs!

  23. Anonymous,

    That sounds like a lovely Christmas! :)

  24. WOWEE! That'a ton of great prizes!!!!!

    I would summon my great-grandparents and grandparents who have passed just so they could meet Hot Builder and our children.

  25. Wow you ladies are awesome!! Love the holiday look on the site!!! Happy Holidays to all of you!!!

  26. Thanks so much for stopping in everyone! I'm loving the comments btw!

    I would love to summon each of the men and women serving in our military home, who are stationed overseas with children, so they can spend their holidays with their families. And to take a moment to thank each of them for their sacrifice.

    Happy holidays everyone, may you all get on the nice list this year lol!

  27. BeckyFoxT, isn't it gorgeous! We have to give credit to our own wonderful Ava Stone. She did a fabulous job on the site. Thanks so much for stopping by and good luck!

  28. LOL Marquita you crack me up calling your hubby hot builder. I get a chuckle everytime you say that on twitter! And may you and the hot builder have a Happy Holiday as well!

  29. What a lovely selection of prizes. The blurbs for the books sound great. Please enter me in the contest.

    Geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

  30. Of course I forgot to answer the question. I would summon myself to Oklahoma where my entire family lives. I'm the only one who resides out of state. Unfortunately I can't fly to OK this year.

    Geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

  31. I love some of the ideas you all have. Would love to visit Regency England, but the ones about family you haven;t seen in forever, or loved ones who passed on really hit me. I'd love to be able to summons my dad, who died before his grandchildren were born, but I'd wait until next year to do t so he could meet his first great-grandchild!

  32. Stacie, I went through a few Christmases like that, far away from family. Thank goodness for telephones.

  33. Hey, Super Fan!

    I'd looooove to visit England. We should bring Jerrica, too. She's a blast! I can find no fault with a lady that's always laughing, smiling, and filling the world with rainbows and sunshine.

    How wonderful it would be to have your dad meet his first great-grandchild.

  34. Samantha, stop it! I'm blushing now!! LOL!

  35. Sheri, sending so many healing thoughts and positive energy for your son! I hope he gets to come home for Christmas!

  36. I get to see most of my family for Christmas so thats good :) If I could summon anyone I would love to bring back my husbands dad. He passed away unexpectedly and I only have a few memories of him but he is greatly missed by everyone.
    On a more fun note, it would be awesome to round up a bunch of authors and have a fun night :)
    tigger_time2 at yahoo dot com

  37. I love these books! Especially Aileen's.



  38. Wow. So many comments :). Like so many of you, I wish I could have the family back who passed away - especially my dad. He never met two of his grandchildren and my eldest was 18 mo when he passed. Would love for him to have seen how they turned out. I wish everyone could get their wish and be with everyone they want, or be home and everyone healthy, or able to travel to that special place for the holidays.

  39. Lisa, hopefully you'll get your wish tonight at the live chat...if you can join us :) We'd love to have you!

    Yvonne, so glad you love the books!

  40. I would summon my dad. He's been gone for 12 years now.

    I love these types of books. I sometimes wish it were possible to travel back to that time, even if just for a little while. I guess the books do help to take me there though. :)


  41. Pam,

    I would also love to travel back in time for a short visit. I bet it would be fascinating. I'm always intrigued by how people used to live. I'd probably be hanging out with the servants, maybe in the kitchen, to see how they cooked.

  42. @Pam ~ The books help take me there too. It's my favorite time period and I'm often told that I live there in my mind. :)

  43. Wow, that is fantastic! I'm lucky I have my family and therefore I would summon anyone to be welcomed into it. Someone who is lonely but has a heart always has a place at out table :) It's a time to spread love and show the meaning of it.


  44. Pam, I love your handle! Vanilla Orchids sounds so beautiful!

    Samantha, could you sneak some sweet biscuits for me while you're in there. I'll be the one lounging on the settee in the rose drawing room :)

  45. Na S, how lovely! Show me the love!! :)

  46. I would love to be summoned to London! There is nothing like a Christmas in Great Britain! Such a feeling in the air..... :) I was there until Christmas Eve in 2007 and it was so much fun! I will never forget the feeling which swept the streets of London with the excitement of the Christmas season! :) (I know Jerrica will agree with me about London!) Merry Christmas, ladies and congrats on your anthology! amyshoremount@hotmail.com

  47. Sorry I'm so late to the party, everyone! :D What a great turnout for the last day of the Prize Extravaganza. Thank you to everyone who has commented so far- I've been reading the comments and they are lovely and inspiring. Good luck this evening to you all!

  48. Ha! Don't let Ava fool you! She really believes she lives in the regency world! She once told me "When we went to war with America" referring to the war of 1812 between England and America. I laughed so hard! Silly girl, doesn't she know she's an American too! She is too cute, I'll tell ya. But I also think that's why her stories are so good BECAUSE she immerses herself in that time period.

    Anonymous that is on my bucket list actually. I want to travel before I take a dirt nap and that's one of the many places on my list. London during the holidays would be fantastic!

    Thanks for stopping in!

  49. I am all for a trip to London for the holidays, or any other time of year for that matter. Wish I could hop a flight and take my wonderful family too. Maybe we could even find a castle and celebrate Christmas Regency style, but I don't think they would appreciate it as much as I. Okay, I am dreaming. Back to reality. I am really looking forward to the chat tonight.

    Back to reality.

  50. Hi Yvonne! Good to see you here! Pam, have you seen Lost in Austen? A Jane Austen fan ends up in Pride and Prejudice. It's a crack up. The realities of plumbing and cooking differences would have me begging to come home I think.

  51. Jennifer VillanuevaDecember 15, 2011 at 4:39 PM

    Cool contest, thanks guys!


  52. Jer,

    I think these are just Australian, but I thought of you last night when I saw Tim Tams at our grocery store. In the Midwest!!! Weren't you the one asking Heather to bring some to you?


  53. What a lovely looking collection of books!

  54. Forgot my email address above: beca0606@stcloudstate.edu and it wouldn't let me post a second time.

  55. Carrie ~ Thanks! They were so much fun to write!!

  56. I would summon my best friends that live back east home for Christmas or us back there to them. We haven't seen them in years so it would be great to spend the holidays with them again especially back east in the snow!

    cochina1414 at yahoo dot com

  57. AndiMac ~ Ah, a "white Christmas". :) I'm sure your best friends wish you were there with them too.

  58. All entries through this point have been accounted for. This is the end of the entries.

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    We are experiencing technical difficulties. I am sooooooo sorry. As soon as we have something sorted out, we'll post here to let you know.

  60. CHAT ALERT! Due to technical difficulties, we are in a different location.


    Please join us. :)

  61. New chat link is here: http://hrcg.chatango.com/

    Please join us here!

  62. @Samantha Grace - I think I would just love to observe everything. But yeah, I'd probably feel more comfortable around the servants myself. :)

    @Ava Stone - It must be nice though. I certainly wouldn't mind it.

    @AvonLadyJerrica - Thanks! I chose the username after watching the movie Simply Irresistible with Sarah Michelle Gellar. She plays a chef trying to save her mother's failing restaurant and one of the things she makes is these pastries that when she adds vanilla orchid petals to the mix makes people fall in love. With a touch of magic too. I thought it was cute. :) I'm a hopeless romantic, I think.

    @Aileen Fish - Actually, I have! I was just watching Lost in Austen yesterday in fact. I'd only briefly seen a little before that and truthfully, I thought it was a movie at first. Now I want to find out when it's on again.

    I've actually been to England a few times because a friend I met online flew me there. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see a whole lot but I'm very grateful I had the chance because I'd always wanted to visit!


  63. I am not having any luck getting connected to the chat. I've tried a couple different browsers too. :( Sorry!

  64. I am having the same problem as VanillaOrchids and can't get connected to the chat. Giving up now :(

  65. Prize Announcement:

    Congratulations to all of our winners. We'll be contacting you by email or Twitter to work out getting your prizes to you.

    Kathryn Anne Merkel - Suzie Grant's For the Sake of Sin
    Carol M - Aileen Fish's The Mistletoe Mishap
    Eli Yanti - Jerrica Knight-Catania's The Robber Bride
    Kaylee Ruddle - Phyllis Campbell's Spanish Eyes
    Rita Dozier - Jane Charles's To Walk in the Sun
    Michelle (booksandboston) - Suzie Grant's The Devil's Daughter
    Mary Martinez - Aileen Fish's The Christmas Dragon Scheme
    Joanne Reynolds - $25 GC to Barnes and Noble
    Nancy Minchew - $25 GC to Amazon
    Sue (Katsrus) - $25 GC to Amazon
    Dolly Sickles - Suzie Grant's Wrong Kind of Paradise
    Amy Shoremount - Phyllis Campbell's Queen of Hearts
    Debra G - Jerrica Knight-Catania's The Robber Bride
    Lisa W - Jane Charles's Once Upon a Time series
    Colleen47 - Catherine Gayle's Lord Rotheby's Influence series
    Sandra Sookoo - Ava Stone's Scandalous Series
    Gabriella Hewitt - $50 Barnes and Noble GC
    Regina Ross - $50 Amazon GC
    Sandy Wolters - $50 Amazon GC
    Diane D. - a KINDLE!!!

    Again, look for an email from me or one of the other authors involved tomorrow, if you're a winner.

  66. I just wanted to pop in and congratulate all of the winner and say thank you to the wonderful authors for hosting this chat and contest. Thank you again and Happy Holidays to you all...

  67. Misty ~ Aww! That's so sweet of you. It was nice chatting with you this evening. :)

  68. Oh, yeah, thank you! Congrats to everyone! :)
    Sorry I missed the chat though, my kids needed attention lol darn them :)

  69. Thanks again to everyone for participating! It's been a blast.

  70. Cool! So excited that I won a prize! Thank you!!
    Amy Shoremount-Obra

  71. Thank you so much, I've over the moon about this and doing a "happy dance". Seasons greetings to you all.

  72. I want to echo Catherine! It was so much fun. Thank you all!!

  73. congrats all winners

    thank you ;)

  74. I would love to summons all of my siblings to be together, but unfortunately, one of them was lost a few years back.